B2B Wholesale Marketplace
B2B Wholesale Marketplace – A Unique and Scalable Platform 

B2B Wholesale Marketplace – A Unique and Scalable Platform 


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The growth of the eCommerce business has side-by-side paced up another business – distribution or wholesale business. According to Statista, in the last quarter of the 2021 calendar year, US wholesalers’ monthly sales reached $634.62 billion. This is 21.8% higher compared to the closing of 2020. Not just that, wholesalers in the US have sold goods worth a total of $8 trillion so far. Along with this impressive growth, in the last few years, wholesalers are shifting towards B2B Marketplaces for long-term growth and better returns. Magento is one of the most successful platforms for hosting a B2B Marketplace for wholesale. Through this article, we will discover how the B2B marketplace benefits the wholesale business. Also, we will find out whether it is really worth investing in B2B wholesale websites. 

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Table of Content

  1. Wholesale Business In a Nutshell
  2. Entry of Magento B2B Marketplace
  3. Features of Magento B2B Marketplace and its Benefits for Wholesalers
  4. Best B2B Wholesaling Marketplace Platforms

wholesale business graph

Source: Statista

Wholesale Business In a Nutshell – Pillars and Workflow

Before diving into B2B and its impact on wholesale, it is essential to understand the basics of wholesaling business first. So, let’s start with “what is wholesaling?”

Wholesaling is the process of purchasing merchandise from manufacturers at low prices and selling these at higher prices to retailers. Now, you may question, “what about the customers?” 

Well, wholesalers don’t always sell to end-users. Instead, they mostly sell to retailers from where customers will purchase the products. 

Next, moving on to its pillars, manufacturers, and retailers are the two most critical pillars here because manufacturers are the suppliers of wholesalers, and retailers are the buyers of wholesalers.

Pillars of Wholesaling BusinessApart from these, some other important pillars of wholesaling are:

  • Relevant B2B technology because wholesalers sell their products to retailers who run a business
  • Competition analysis, since the distribution business is highly competitive
  • Cost management because merchandise needs to be repriced carefully before selling to retailers
  • Branding and marketing because the wholesalers have to be impressive enough to get noticed by retailers
  • Supply chain control to ensure on-time delivery of products in large quantities
  • Online and offline collaboration so that flawless integration and inventory management can be ensured

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Next, comes the workflow of wholesale business, which is simplified with the following picture

How Do Wholesaling Businesses workIn short, wholesalers are the bridge between manufacturers and retailers. Their strategic connections help to build a reliable relationship between the two entities. This forms the key benefit of B2B marketplaces and helps wholesalers earn more.

The Entry of Magento B2B Marketplace

The wholesaling model is close enough to the B2B model as wholesalers sell their products to retail business owners instead of buyers. This is exactly how B2B operates. In other words, B2B marketplaces are like the pre-curated market for wholesale business companies where they find other companies to sell their products. 

Some reports conclude that:

At present, there are different platforms for hosting a B2B marketplace platform. However, Magento has created popularity among the merchants. 

  • Magento hosts near about 160,000 companies 
  • Magento is used in different countries (US, UK, Germany, Italy, etc.) across the globe 

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Due to its features and scalability, it has become not just the most popular platform but also an accessible one. There are two different versions of Magento – Magento community edition (Also known as Magento Open source) and Magento enterprise edition (now known as Adobe Commerce and acquired by Adobe), and the online B2B marketplace solution on enterprise edition is simply a paradise for the wholesalers. 

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Features of Magento B2B Marketplace and its Benefits for Wholesale Business

What Do Magento B2B Marketplaces Offer

Time to move on to the features of the B2B Magento wholesale marketplace – let’s find out:

1. Buyer-centric Experience 

B2B wholesale marketplace solutions based on Magento are mobile-friendly and dynamic. This Marketplace platform is carefully designed to respond to the buyers’ varying needs. Also, it allows the business to create customized blocks for different products from the “My Account” page. It’s an excellent option for wholesalers since it makes product discovery easier for retailers. As a result, the buyers can get what they need easily, which enhances the user experience.

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How Does It Benefit the Wholesalers? 

By using the buyer-centric experience of the B2B marketplace, wholesalers can offer a better user experience to their buyers. As a result, retailers can easily pick what they want from the wholesalers without any hustle. 

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2. Advanced Analytics 

With B2B wholesale website on Magento, reports, and dashboards are available to track the overall business performance. Magento comes with google analytics support which makes the reports flawless. Magento enterprise edition includes a more detailed view of the reports, namely: 

  1. Abandoned cart report
  2. Best purchased items report
  3. Coupon usage report
  4. Low inventory in stock report
  5. Product reviews report
  6. Sales report
  7. Search terms report
  8. Total sales invoice
  9. Tax report
  10. Viewed products report

The precision of these reports is extremely helpful for wholesalers in selling bulk products to retailers. This is also a major reason for a massive shift toward B2B wholesale platforms. 

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How Does It Benefit the Wholesalers? 

With the B2B marketplace’s advanced analytics, wholesale businesses can automate their business operations. So, wholesalers can reduce manual efforts while making the business processes streamlined and organized. 

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3. Inventory Management 

B2B solution resolves the issue of overstocking and understocking through hassle-free inventory management. In addition, B2B marketplaces offer real-time integration that helps update the stocks and prices instantly. 

How Does It Benefit the Wholesalers? 

With this feature on B2B wholesale marketplaces, the management of A-Z becomes super-easy. Also, they can easily decide the number of goods to be delivered and their commission amount. 

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4. Order Tracking

B2B wholesale platforms come with real-time order tracking. Be it any order fulfillment, any update from the warehouse, or any live update from logistics – these can be tracked very easily on B2B marketplaces. 

How Does It Benefit the Wholesalers? 

With this, wholesalers can prevent unnecessary delays in deliveries with faster order fulfillment and smarter shipment tracking. The wholesalers can also deal with supply and demand fluctuations with this as they get a clear picture of the market. 

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5. Omnichannel Experience

Magento B2B wholesale platform is all you need if you struggle to get customers from different platforms. Its omnichannel facility will host your product catalogs on different platforms. 

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How Does It Benefit the Wholesalers? 

B2B marketplaces bring more selling opportunities to the wholesalers because they get pre-built markets, and the omnichannel facility opens an even wider market of retailers

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6. Customer Segmentation

B2B Marketplaces allow sellers to set different sets of customers. So, specific product catalogs and pricing can be shown to a specific group of customers.

How Does It Benefit the Wholesalers? 

In B2B wholesale marketplaces, the number of buyers is constantly increasing, and different buyers have different types of product requirements. So, by segregating customers, wholesalers can ensure a satisfactory buying experience for the retailers. It results in a decent amount of profit for the wholesalers. 

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Benefits of B2B Wholesale Marketplace

7. Attractive Discounts

In B2B wholesale marketplace platforms, customer and product segmentation is followed by price segmentation. So, wholesalers can add attractive discounts and offers to retailers for bulk orders

How Does It Benefit the Wholesalers? 

Discount has always been a gluey element in any business and in B2B wholesale marketplaces it helps to reach more retailers with less effort for more sales

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8. Easy and Secure Payments 

B2B wholesale websites include different types of payment options (online and offline) to resolve the security concerns of the buyers. 

How Does It Benefit the Wholesalers? 

Due to the security and ease of payments, B2B wholesale marketplaces have a higher average order value (AOV), which results in more conversions

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9. High-end Security with Cloud Support

In B2B marketplace websites, buyers only with passwords can access specific sections which makes it very secure. Besides, Adobe cloud (exclusively given in the enterprise edition) brings advanced features like live search, Advanced SEO, site management, marketing tools, ERP integration, content management, etc. 

How Does It Benefit the Wholesalers?

With this, wholesalers can control their fluctuating brand awareness and customer retention rate by gaining users’ trust. Also, more buyers know about the site because of its SEO, enhancing brand awareness

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10. 24×7 Complete Support

In the Magento community version, store owners get community support. However, the enterprise version offers complete support to the users, which is very helpful to the store owners.  

How Does It Benefit the Wholesalers? 

B2B wholesale website streamlines the customer service where purchasers get the details of their order section too. Also, they can get live chat support which directs the wholesale business towards more profitability. Also, the wholesalers will get the necessary technical help anytime they need it. 

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B2B marketplace platforms simplify wholesale business and ensure maximum profit with many advantages. Why don’t you get one for your own business? 

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B2B Wholesaling Marketplace Platforms which are Ruling The World

At present, the most popular B2B wholesale marketplaces which are operating on wholesaling models are: 

Most Popular B2B Wholesale Marketplaces and-their Annual revenue

*Statistics credit for the image: Owler.com

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Wrapping Up – B2B Marketplace is A Newer Dimension and Future in Wholesale

Wholesalers work on a very large scale, so they often need automated processes to streamline their operations. Also, B2B wholesale website fulfills this exact need of the wholesalers and offers more scalability to their business. So, there is no second thought that B2B wholesale platform has the potential to transform wholesale business with its cutting-edge attributes, and it is rightly the future of wholesaling business. 

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