Expand your online presence in Europe with WooCommerce.

Europe has an appeal for International eCommerce and provides a vast opportunity for business expansion. Soar high in the sky with WooCommerce by making the selling process smooth and effective.

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    Why to expand your online business to European Marketplace?

    $363 Billion

    eCommerce market revenue in Europe is worth $363 billion, with an expected annual growth of 7.3%.

    $465 Billion

    The eCommerce market is expected to hit US $465 bn this year.

    $425.2 Billion

    European revenues hit US $425.2 bn last year, an US $71 bn increase YOY.

    96% Consumers

    96% of consumers in Europe shopped online during the lockdown last year.

    European Marketplaces

    In our 10 years journey, we developed a strong confederation with European eCommerce conglomerates. We are proud partners with:

    Our Features

    Product Upload/Update

    Upload/update your products hassle-free.

    Order Management

    Experience centralized order management between the stores.

    Stock & Price Syncing

    Sync your item stock and product prices easily.

    Field Mapping

    Map detailed product fields such as- Description, Brand, SKU, width, etc, to WooCommerce fields via the plugin.

    Category Mapping

    Map your store categories to WooCommerce categories to create a quality listing and ease the product uploading.

    Bulk Uploading

    Upload products in bulk with just a few clicks.

    Why WooCommerce for European Marketplaces?

    5 million active installations Globally

    A free Open - Souce platform

    Multiple payment gateways

    Easily accessible to Everyone

    Easy translation language packs

    BENEFITS of selling on European marketplace from WooCommerce

    Reach millions of additional customers

    With Amazon Europe, you can sell across 28 countries

    Reinforce your cash flow

    Easily customize your stores, with countless themes you can change the store’s look and feel as per your needs

    It is an open-source eCommerce platform

    Sell physical and digital products via WooCommerce

    Integrate your stores with WooCommerce to manage your orders and inventory smoothly

    Leverage the mobile-friendly platform to ensure that your products look good on both desktop and mobile phones

    It offers both paid and free extensions

    Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us



    Anuradha was during the integration phase always available. Good direct communication. The Zalando plugin is running smoothly and we are looking into some new plugins as well.


    Wenning zhang

    We use Cedcommerce plugins for woocommerce. At the time of installing Cedcommerce they gave us a lot of help. They have done professional jobs and fast and excellent service. We strongly recommended Reccommerce to all.



    I made it clear that Edward is a great help to us. And as the work continues he will become more and more attentive and address the problem more correctly. As for now he responds and chats and contacts me now and then. He is a very big help in general. We may be more patient. It won't reply to you directly because he has so much work to do., The product itself is working properly now and it syncs into my Amazon well. GOOD JOB GUYS


    GW Brands

    Great developers! Support very helpful and responsive via Skype for queries and improvements.



    I have manually been managing the stock in Etsy and at busy times this caused me no end of stress with fear of losing sales or selling stock I didn't have. We've had to make some tweaks to get the two to talk to each other and I've had to pay to have some customization done but the time this will save me in the long run, especially at Christmas, will be amazing. The guys are really patient especially with someone who is not completely tech-savvy.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I upload my variable products on the marketplace from the WooCommerce store?

    Yes, you can list variable products on the marketplace without any limitations. In addition, you can upload unlimited products on the marketplace and sync them easily.

    Best Marketplace to sell my products in European region?

    Amazon is one of the biggest marketplaces in Europe. It lets you offer products to all Amazon Europe marketplaces using a single unified seller account.

    Can I sync my existing products from marketplaces to my WooCommerce website?

    Yes, you can synchronize your existing products to WooCommerce, Amazon, or eBay with no duplicity errors. Also your SKU and EAN should be the same.

    How frequently inventory gets synced if I am selling via WooCommerce?

    The inventory gets synced every 5 or 10 minutes between WooCommerce store and the marketplace.

    Are European marketplaces a good platform to expand your business?

    Sellers need to understand the opportunity that Europe as a Continent offers. You can work with local partners for shipping and packaging while taking advantage of the top European marketplaces.