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Cdiscount is first French e-commerce website with a broad offer: a wide range of products including, among others, cultural goods, high-tech, IT, household appliances, personal appliances and food. It also operates in Brazil, Belgium, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Colombia. In 2015, Cdiscount employed 1,400 people and had a turnover of 1.764 billion euros.

What is Cdiscount Integration from CedCommerce?

Cdiscount Integration offers Management of your products on a centralized platform, wherein one can easily list your products on Cdiscount directly from existing marketplace such as on Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop etc.. Management of inventory and price is synchronous and gets updated followed by any activity; furthermore tracking and order fulfillment can be achieved through CedCommerce integration.

Integration also offers management of inventory, with greater flexibility, providing you with several ways to manage it at discrete levels with Order cancellations from the customer end are retrieved simultaneously to cancel the order ensuring that you don´t ship out items that were canceled.

What all can be done and managed through Cdiscount Integration By Cedcommerce ?

The multifarious Cdiscount Integration extension encompasses every element that facilitates selling. :

Easy Product Export

cdiscount import product

Synchronize Inventory

cdiscount sync product

Automated orders

cdiscount automate order

Benefits associated with Cdiscount Integration Extension By CedCommerce

cdiscount integration benefits

Product Listing

Saves your precious time.

cdiscount integration benefits

Bulk Upload

Store owners with massive inventory may upload quickly.

cdiscount integration benefits

Update Status

Tracks your product status being live or pending.

cdiscount integration benefits

Flawless Integration

The complete integration is well tested and technically approved.

cdiscount integration benefits

Manage Orders

Avoids order delay and checks fulfillment.

cdiscount integration benefits

Inventory Update

Inventory gets auto-updated as per any alteration and modification made.

cdiscount integration benefits

Flourishing Business

Integrating with fastest growing marketplaces ensure's high revenue generation.

cdiscount integration benefits

Friendly Support

Dedicated support to assist you, whenever required.

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Why CedCommerce Cdiscount Integration?

In order to gain massive sales of your retail store product with one of the flourishing, marketplaces Cedcommerce offers absolutely FREE technical support from API activation to the listing of the products on Cdiscount store.

Soon after your purchase CedCommerce will assign one of the best developers for technical assistance to automate Cdiscount integration process for an e-commerce store.