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Marketplace Platinum Package [M2]
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Marketplace Platinum Package for Magento 2 provides the complete ecommerce marketplace software package consisting of Marketplace Basic extension along with 9 other necessary add-ons at an affordable prices.

Enhance your store with the new and advanced functionalities and make it more automated and convenient for your vendors to use.


The admin will also be able to create the vendors in bulk from his panel via CSV.

Key features:

  • Manage Orders: enables the vendors to completely manage their product orders, create invoice, shipment, and so on.

  • Advance Product Creation: enables the creation of Configurable, Bundle and Grouped products.

  • Miscellaneous Commission: helps to impose extra commission on vendors to generate profit.

  • Rate Vendors: helps to rate the performance and the seller products for the benefit of other customers.

  • Social Sites Login: helps to log in the vendor panel using the accounts on the social sites.


Regular Price: $789.00

Special Price $299.00

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
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Regular Price: $789.00

Special Price $299.00


Marketplace Platinum Package

CedCommerce Marketplace Platinum Package is a one-stop solution for aspiring entrepreneurs to build a Multi Vendor Marketplace website. This would enable the coming together of vendors on a common platform to market their products, showcase their vendor profile, manage orders from their dedicated vendor dashboard and view sales reports. The Multi Vendor Marketplace platinum package offers a multitude of features for transforming your Magento ecommerce website into a workable and feature rich multi vendor stores such as Amazon and eBay. With the help of various Magento multi vendor modules and Marketplace Basic extension features, vendors owning Magento 2 stores can create a website tailor-made to their specific business requirements.

Give your Sellers the Complete Order Management Capabilities on the Multi Vendor Marketplace

Allow the vendors/sellers on your Magento multi vendor ecommerce website to exercise complete control over managing their orders, generating invoices, and shipping their products. Vendor Order Addon enables the admin to reduce the task of managing all the orders for different vendors by alternatively giving complete control of the orders to the vendors. Sellers are enabled to Invoice their orders, create Shipment for them (if Vendor Multi-Shipping addon is installed). Vendors can also create Credit Memos for their orders, in case a refund request is generated.

Vendors/Sellers can have a separate order section in the seller dashboard of the multi vendor ecommerce website and can view only the orders corresponding to their products. For instance, if a customer purchases multiple sellers products, then each and every vendor can view the orders of their own products separately.

Facilitates Vendors to Create All Types of Products available in Magento

Vendor Product Addon provides the seller on your Magento Marketplace the facility to create Configurable, Bundled, and Grouped products in addition to the Simple, Downloadable, and Virtual products. This feature facilitates the addition of custom options easier for the vendors. It provides sellers with all default Magento features to manage their products.

Vendors can easily add the product variants and differentiate them on the basis of their attributes. Thus, it enables the vendors on the Magento Marketplace to categorize the products, place them with similar products on sale and also sell a bundle of multiple products which are dependent on each other as a single product.

Reviews and Ratings for Vendors on the Magento Multi Vendor Ecommerce Platform

The Vendor review and rating addon enable the customers shopping from your marketplace to freely rate the vendors for their performance based on their products. If the customers are unsatisfied or appreciative of the products of any vendor, then they can rate that vendor and add reviews for the same.

The Reviews by customers who have availed the service help other customers on the ecommerce platform in taking informed decisions and also give an opportunity to the vendor for improving the quality of services and attract more customers to the Marketplace.

Apply Miscellaneous Commission Rates on Vendor's Product Sale

The vendor commission addon enables the admin to add extra commission rates to increase revenue from transactions that take place over the Magento eCommerce Marketplace. The criteria for adding commission from the admin panel could be based on Product Type or Category. This commission works on the min or max rule: if both the commission rates are applied, i.e., based on Product Type and Category and the max rule are set, then the rate with the larger amount between the two is applicable.

Fixed and Percentage rates are also applicable on the transactions over the Marketplace, where fixed rate calculates the flat amount, percentage rate calculates the percent amount and then applies the commission. Vendor Commission add-on together with Vendor Group add-on introduces an extra functionality where the commission rates are added based on the group, that is, separate commission for separate groups of vendors your Marketplace.

Login with social sites on the Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace

Vendors can avoid the process of filling up the entire registration form while registering on the your Marketplace website with the help of Vendor Social Login add-on. Vendors can log in to their vendor panel through four social networking sites, namely Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn.

Providing the same information repeatedly appears repetitive and boring. Therefore, the Vendor Social Login Addon on your Magento Multi Vendor ecommerce platform can enable the sellers to directly log in using their social media accounts.

Their details are automatically fetched and accounts are created. Hence this social media account login feature speeds up the registration/login process for the seller on the Multi Vendor ecommerce platform.

Choose your own shipping methods for your Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform

CedCommerce Marketplace Platinum Package gives you the freedom to choose your own shipping method depending upon your needs. If the Vendor UPS Shipping add-on, which is provided with the Platinum package, does not meet your requirement, then you can replace it by another shipping add-on of your choice having the same price as of the Vendor UPS Shipping add-on. You can select your required shipping add-on while adding Marketplace Platinum Package to cart.

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User guide

These Documents will Explain Everything.....!!

  • Vendor Product Attribute Addon User Manual.pdf

  • CedCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Admin User Manual.pdf

  • CedCommerce Module Installation Guide.pdf

  • Vendor Review And Rating Addon User Manual.pdf

  • Vendor Product Addon User Manual.pdf

  • Vendor Product Assignment Addon User Manual.pdf

  • Vendor Ups Shipping Addon User Manual.pdf

  • CedCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Vendor User Manual.pdf

  • cedcommerce vendor multi shipping addon user manual m2.pdf

  • VendorCommission User Manual.pdf

  • Vendor Order Addon User Manual.pdf

  • Vendor Social Login Addon User Manual.pdf



Stable Release with Bug Fixes and Enhancement

  • added feature at admin to import vendors in bulk through csv
  • updated email on shipment and invoice creation from vendor
  • fixed vendor status update issue through mass action from admin
  • fixed per pager issue at vendor shop page
  • fixed product count at vendor shop page
  • fixed print package slip to show vendor order details

Stable Release with Bug Fixes

  • Fully Compatible with Magento latest 2.3.x and 2.2.x versions.
  • Now admin can add disapproval reason while disapproving and vendor and it's products.
  • Vendors will be get notified for the disapproval reasons in emails.
  • Now Admin can export their vendors records and it's payment records in CSV and XML formats.
  • Admin will get configuration to allow approval for each product update also.
  • Customer Can review Vendor only if they have purchased the vendor's product
  • Admin can decided whether customer can review vendor only if the purchased product
  • Compatible with Magento latest 2.3.x and 2.2.x versions.

Stable Release With Bug Fixes

  • updated commission calcucation to exclude tax
  • added validation for store URL in vendor sign up
  • fixed issue while creating invoice from admin
  • added vendor name filter for vendor's product
  • minor bug and design fixes

Stable release with added features and bug fixes

  • Added notification email to admin on vendor registration
  • Added notification email to admin on product listing by vendor
  • Added customer grid for creating a vendor account from backend
  • Added custom vendor password reset page
  • Updated font awesome class to 4.7
  • Fixed dimension issue of banner
  • Fixed responsive design issues
  • Fixed issue during vendor signup by a registered customer
  • Fixed compatibility issue with vendor attribute addon

Stable Release with Minor Bug Fixes

  • compatibility issue fixed with all previous magento 2 versions
  • fixed compatibility issue with vendor attribute addon
  • store-wise product updation issue fixed
  • design issue fixed
  • feature added in vendor order addon to add tracking number at vendor panel
  • fixed gift message issue in vendor product addon
  • fixed backward compatibility issue in commission addon

Stable Release with Bug Fixes

  • Fixed compatibility issues with Magento v2.2.3
  • New Ced2K18 vendor panel theme for Platinum package
  • Feature added to change password in Vendor Panel
  • Feature added to enable header and footer on vendor login page
  • Feature added to update footer content on vendor login page
  • Enhanced UI and UX
  • Minor bug fixes

Stable Release with Bug Fixes

  • Magento versions compatibility issues resolved
  • Added compatibility for Multi Currency.
  • Added new design in Order section at Vendor Panel
  • Designing issues solved.

Stable Release

  • Minor Bug Fixes


  • Can a vendor create his products?
  • Does a Vendor is allowed to create custom attribute for his products ?
  • Can a vendor add his FB and Twitter link to his profile ?
  • Does a vendor/customer can register using social login ?
  • Can a customer give feedback, review and rate a Vendor ?
  • Is it possible to reduce commission for a specific vendor ?
  • Is it possible to generate separate invoices for a single order having products with different sellers ?
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    Technical Support


    Constant Technical Support and Services

    We provide a pack of profound advisory services, resolving technical queries, and providing constant sales and after-sales expertise solutions over multiple mediums.

    Industrial Expert


    Industrial Expertise

    Our extensions stand up with the Magento standards and are developed by our Magento Certified Experts, who even belong to the contribution team at Magento.

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    One Stop Solution

    We provide Complete eCommerce Marketplace Solutions, Extensions, Integrations, Mobile app development, Importers, Marketing automation, Digital marketing services, Drop shipping and Much more.

    Review and Rating

    After-sale service is really GOOD

    After-sale service is really GOOD and…
    I have purchased magneto2 marketplace platinum. It works well.
    And the after-sale service is really GOOD.

    by Sarawoot on 4/9/2019
    <a href="" Target="Blank">Mallikarjun <i class="fa fa-facebook-square" aria-hidden="true"></i></a>
    Great extension and Technical Support By CedCommerce
    Ek Price

    We have purchased Magento 2 marketplace extension from CED commerce for our brand Ekprice. The product works smooth and looks beautiful. The product is priced at a reasonable cost compared to other players in the market with all "The Most Used" functionalities included in it.
    Another important thing which i would love to mention here is, the support which CED commerce gives is top-notch. I have purchased extensions from other vendors also who don't respond to emails or messages after 7.00 PM, but with CED commerce, its an assured 24/7 support which is very important after you purchase a product. Especially, Jessica & team are very proactive in understanding the client needs and giving solutions as per need.

    We definitely recommend CED commerce to other business owners.

    by Mallikarjun on 4/28/2018
    <a href="" Target="Blank">Benu Dutta <i class="fa fa-facebook-square" aria-hidden="true"></i></a>
    CedCommerce is the best !!

    I am based in Canada and worked with this Team and feel they are the best. They helped me a lot and saved my reputation. If I get another project I will come back to them only.

    Thanks, team.

    Benu Dutta
    CEO Skytek Consultancy Inc, Canada

    by Benu Dutta on 4/24/2018
    <a href="" Target="Blank">Ritu Devi <i class="fa fa-facebook-square" aria-hidden="true"></i>
    Excellent Support

    Excellent support by Cedcommerce team. I have purchased M2 extensions(Marketplace pakage ,Mazenative apps,Reward System, Wallet and Pincode checker) from cedcommerce. I enjoyed my experience with team and they did free installation of all extensions.The teams at Cedcommerce are extremely knowledgeable and act quickly to any questions and i am extremely happy with services provided by Jessica Watson(one of Cedcommerce team member) who was dedicated and fast to resolve website problems to my full satisfaction.Thank you very much. I will recommend CedCommerce and it's product to everyone.

    by Ritu Devi on 3/30/2018
    <a href="" Target="Blank">Akarach Pramojnaayudhya <i class="fa fa-linkedin-square" aria-hidden="true"></i></a>
    Solid Product with good support!!
    Baby Kids Best Buy Online

    I use the Magento2 marketplace extensions. Solid product offering Support is good. CED fixes problems and bugs with an acceptable response time. But I feel that it would be better if you share more technical details with the customers (when asked). This will only help build CED knowledge within the user's community. Like how Magento became so successful, we need an open community of developers to make it easier to implement and customise.

    by Akarach Pramojnaayudhya on 8/1/2017
    Wonderful Extension , Friendly Support Team.

    Works perfect, Many Key features available, Thank you.

    by Andro Shon on 8/30/2016

    Got what I was looking forward. Some features were missing which I found through the addons. Great Support provided by the team and must say they are highly dedicated professionals.

    by JOE on 8/25/2016

    The extension matched my requirement perfectly and support was customer friendly as well. Great & knowledgeable technical support team. I recommended this software if you are planning get your own marketplace.

    by Edwards on 7/26/2016

    I must say this extension has loads of features. Frankly speaking I was confused by the price since I found it cheaper than some of the best in this business. But I did a thorough research on the features and found this extension worthy of starting my marketplace. The support staff was always available to answer my queries and I would seriously recommend to all.

    by STEVE ANDERSON on 7/1/2016

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