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Why Sell On Fruugo

Sell across 46 countries, in 31 currencies and 28 languages, in the fastest-growing markets worldwide. Utilize Fruugo's foreign market insights to create effective strategies for global business expansion.

Prerequisites for selling on Fruugo

To first start selling on Fruugo, you need to meet the requirements of the marketplace. This is determined once you provide the following details:

Name and active email Compliance with Tax/VAT norms Product Details (Universal GTIN, title, images) Global shipping costs below 10% of the product price Company information (trading name, website, annual sales, current marketplace)

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CedCommerce can help you sell successfully on Fruugo. Select your eCommerce platform and discover our Fruugo integration tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Listing your products on Fruugo costs absolutely nothing. Fruugo only charges sale commissions at 15% of the shopper’s cart value, and processing fees at 2.35% of the transaction value.

Any business that is registered in one of Fruugo’s 46 countries can sell on Fruugo. Please be aware some products are prohibited from sale on Fruugo, which can be seen on their website.

Customers can contact you directly by raising an inquiry through Fruugo’s included Retailer Portal messaging system. Their dedicated customer care team supports both you and your customers. You will be contacted directly regarding any inquiries they receive.

CedCommerce enables sellers on Fruugo by providing tools for streamlined selling, integration solutions, and support. Our services enhance efficiency, offering you opportunities to optimize your Fruugo selling experience.