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Excel cross-border eCommerce, sell on fruugo this holiday season

Excel cross-border eCommerce, sell on fruugo this holiday season


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Holiday seasons are approaching, buyers all around the globe are ready with their list of items they wish to purchase this holiday season.

And the very first platform they will look for is global marketplaces, As a seller, you should awaken yourself now in order to attain the maximum profit.

To gain profit, you should go for a global marketplace that has a giant customer base, give additional perks to its sellers and customers, should allow cross-border eCommerce and most importantly it should be easy to use, and these benefits are widely depicted by Fruugo Marketplace.

Selling on Fruugo is an entirely different experience for its sellers as their fee structure and features are different from the rest of the leading global marketplaces. 

What is Fruugo?

Fruugo is an online shopping platform where you can discover and buy all kinds of products sold by best online retailers. Above all, Fruugo makes shopping simple for both-sellers and buyers.

They are available in your language, show prices in your currency, and also offer the payment methods you’re used to.

Fruugo is among the fastest-growing open marketplaces of the world has more than 1,500,000 customers worldwide, is now available in 46 countries with over more than 1000 featured brands.

You will be amazed after knowing what Fruugo brings to the sellers this holiday season and the perks of selling on it.

Let’s have a look at these features of Fruugo which will amaze you

1- No listing fee- Yes you read it correctly, One of the fastest-growing global marketplaces, Fruugo takes no listing fee from its sellers, this attracts sellers from different marketplaces to shift, and integrate their online store on fruugo.

However, Fruugo charges only 15% of the total transaction per sale.

2- Fruugo now expanded to 46 countries- Earlier, Fruugo was available in 32 countries, but now they are expanding their location to 14 more countries which simply means more customers, more products, more exposure. The countries are-

Ireland; France; Germany; Spain; Portugal; Belgium; Netherlands; Luxembourg; Poland; Austria; Italy; Denmark; Sweden; Finland; Czechia; Estonia; Greece; Hungary; Latvia; Lithuania; Romania & Slovakia, Norway; Switzerland & Russia, South Africa; United States; Canada; Australia; New Zealand; China; Japan; India; Saudi Arabia; Qatar; Bahrain; United Arab Emirates; Egypt; Kuwait; Israel; Turkey; Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore & South-Korea.

The official date of expanding location was somewhere around mid-September, but as per our research and data, they will implement it on 1st October 2019.

3- Number of languages and currencies Fruugo supports- You will be surprised to know that Fruugo supports 28 languages which cancels all the linguistic barriers among the sellers and buyers community. In addition, they also supports 31 currencies for ease in the process of buying and selling.

4- Automatic language and currency conversion- Enhance the efficiency of your cross-border trade by automatic language and currency conversion of your products. You only have to upload your product in the language you desire, and your product language will transform according to the country. In conclusion, You don’t have to perform manual modifications also you don’t have to pay any extra charges for this service.

Benefits of  Fruugo’s expansion in 14 more countries

1- eCommerce sales of those 14 countries-

All those 14 countries who have acquired fruugo have seen a great rise in eCommerce sales

sell on fruugo

( source: )

2- Their eCommerce ecosystem-

Most of their eCommerce ecosystem contains the categories which are generally favorable to what Fruugo sells.


Scope of Fruugo in upcoming years

As per Alexa traffic graph (12 months period), fruugo sales have a great hike-

alexa traffic graph

(source: )

We can expect even more rise in the upcoming years because fruugo provides benefits different from other global leading marketplaces.

Sales on Fruugo

Fruugo shows a massive increase in sales for the last few years. Therefore, This growth helped it to rank among the top Europian and global marketplaces. Fruugo has grown its annual sales by 116% for the last three years.

  • Fruugo was ranked 24 on the annual Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 league table, which lists private technology, media and telecoms companies with the fastest-growing sales.
  • They also also ranked 79 among the top leading global eCommerce giants, having annual visits about 4.6 M which is increasing day by day.

How Fruugo can benefit you this Holiday Season

Due to its regular popularity in sellers and customer community, and its rise among the top Europian as well as among the global level marketplaces, a very high scope of sales can be expected from this B2B marketplace this holiday season. Because it provides crazy perks to its sellers as well as to the customer community, Fruugo is expanding globally.

In the following ways, Fruugo can accelerate your sales this holiday season-

  • According to the data, Fruggo’s annual sale has increased by 116%, and as a seller, it is a better move to stabilize on a marketplace which is growing, as it will be quite difficult to stabilize on grown-up marketplaces like- Amazon, Walmart, etc. and this holiday season is a good way to kick start your selling journey on Fruugo.
  • You will get more exposure to customers because now Fruugo has expanded to 46 countries. Similarly, Customers will also be benefited, as they will be able to discover more and buy unique products from different regions. Top-selling categories on Fruugo are- Electronics, Fashion, Home and living, Shoes, Fitness, and Kids.
  • Moreover, inconvenience related to the currencies or payment related issues will not be there as Fruugo enables sellers to process their work in 31 currencies. In addition, there is an option for the sellers to accept the payment methods according to their convenience.
    sell on fruugo

    (source: )

  • The ‘No listing and registration fee’ feature of Fruugo is more excites more customers to sell on fruugo and also likely to help and benefit them as they don’t have to pay even a single penny before selling.
  • Fruugo features more than 1000 brands and deals with approx 100,000 customers, and their two-third of all the sales are cross-border. In conclusion, Their customers will be double after the extension to 14 new countries.

How Fruugo can escalate your Cross-border eCommerce

Cross-border eCommerce refers to selling irrespective of geographical boundaries.

  • Most of the merchants are now practicing Cross-border eCommerce, as it gives more profit and also creates an international brand reputation.sell-on-fruugo
  • Fruugo is the best option in order to attain profitable Cross-border eCommerce because Fruugo is Europe based, and as we know Europe is the epicenter of Cross-border eCommerce. Therefore, we can expect remarkable cross-border sales this holiday season if you sell on fruugo.
  • Fruugo allows Cross-border to 46 countries, the language conversion of all your product details will be done automatically by fruugo for your seamless cross-border eCommerce. In addition, fruugo also takes care of your international shipping and cost.
  • The system of multicurrency, multi-language and multi-country helps buyers and sellers to contact and transact in a better way.

In addition, visit this link to sell on fruugo seamlessly-  How to sell on Fruugo


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