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Why Sell On Amazon

Access Amazon’s vast global audience of 310 million active users across 200+ countries. With 7,500 products sold every minute, Amazon stands as an eCommerce giant empowering sellers worldwide to thrive.

Prerequisites for selling on Amazon

Signing up as an Amazon seller is free. Visit this link to register and ensure these essentials are ready before you begin your selling journey.

Amazon Seller Account Fulfillment method Bank account details Product barcodes Legal business name, address, and tax ID

Supported Integration

How do I start selling in Amazon stores?

Getting started on Amazon Seller Central hasn’t been any easier. To start the process, you must first create an Amazon Seller account by clicking on this link here.

You’ll then have to select a plan as per your business needs. You can change this plan at any time you want as well.
Next, you can start creating Product Listings and Product details pages and more.
Setup: As soon as you have completed registration for your Amazon Seller account, visit/login here.

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CedCommerce can help you sell successfully on Amazon. Select your eCommerce platform and discover our Amazon integration tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The feature box on Amazon highlights specific products considering relevance, customer reviews, and sales performance. It aims to boost visibility, helping you capture customer attention.

Prime Badge is offered to Prime Sellers who enjoy special services by subscribing to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Local Shops on Amazon, or Seller Flex.

Selling on Amazon requires no registration fee. However, sellers have to pay other fees, such as referral fees. Additionally, subscription fees are based on your chosen selling plan.

CedCommerce enables sellers on Amazon by providing tools for streamlined selling, integration solutions, and support. Our services enhance efficiency, offering you opportunities to optimize your Amazon selling experience.

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