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Why Sell on Trendyol?

Sell to young fashion-forward German shoppers on this fastest-growing marketplace backed by the Alibaba Group.

Prerequisites for Selling on Trendyol

You must sell in Europe and have an EU VAT ID Copy of Document of Incorporation Copy of your EPR Details (EPR number & Certificate) Copy of your Bank Statement Your products must belong to the Fashion, Beauty, or Home categories

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Frequently Asked Questions

To upload products, you can follow these steps:
  • Navigate to the product section on the app.
  • Look for the “Bulk Upload” button and click on it. This action will open a dropdown containing a list of various category templates created within the app.
  • Choose the relevant category template from the dropdown to initiate the product upload process.
By following these steps, you can easily upload products from a specific category template to Trendyol.

“CedCommerce’s Trendyol connector allows for one-click bulk upload, offers advanced inventory management, automated listing process, and product profiling for better efficiency.”

Enjoy Trendyol’s efficient shipping to 27 European countries, offering 7-day delivery service for €4.99 for guest users and for FREE for registered users.

Access a vast customer base on this rapidly growing marketplace and benefit from its trusted expertise, including their R&D center and logistics services, for a smooth selling experience

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