Sync Shopify inventory with Amazon
Helping businesses like Artiphany, win online: Amazon by CedCommerce app

Helping businesses like Artiphany, win online: Amazon by CedCommerce app


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Short Summary


Does Shopify integrate with Amazon? Rather, if it’s easier to run a Shopify-Amazon business. A question that’s normally on sellers’ minds, can be answered best through Walid, of the Shopify store, Artiphany! Operating for more than a decade now, the business knows its way around the market and its target audience. Artiphany wants to “create in a spirit of visual delight and playful surprise”

As of February 25, 2023, the New and Improved version of Amazon by CedCommerce is now known as “CedCommerce Amazon Channel”.

Amazon by CedCommerce

This boutique gift company works to deliver “a variety of optic confections with which you can allow your heart or hand to have their say”. The store scales different product genres like table art, tableware, home decor, games, ceramics, and paper art. therefore, the artistic presentation of such products and related themes, makes Artiphany a refreshing choice to shop from, online. The store’s ingenious approach towards creative personalization is commendable!


When it came down to inventory hiccups, Artiphany wasn’t the only one! There are many other CedCommerce’s Shopify sellers facing the same problem. As for Walid, he majorly wanted to overcome challenges related to time and errors. Manual entries to sync Shopify inventory with Amazon took a lot of time and effort. Furthermore, it gave rise to other underlying limitations like:

  • Difficult inventory management
  • Complicated shipment tracking
  • Poor product organization
  • Inevitable ‘out-of-stock’ visibility
  • Delay in data sync on single or multiple sales channels


Does Shopify integrate with Amazon? When Walid connected with CedCommerce for a resolution, he wasn’t disappointed! CedCommerce’s best industry experts and account managers got straight to work! Artiphany is also, partially, a seasonal store so it needed quick solutions to avoid any operational delay or loss of orders.
Hence, CedCommerce allocated its native Amazon integration app, Amazon by CedCommerce, to the store. This app turned out to be an eligible solution that eliminated both of Walid’s concerns i.e. time consumption and error detection. The app easily migrated with his Shopify business and was successfully onboarded.

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After complete app configuration and understanding, Artiphany was ready to experience a revolutionized selling! Does Shopify integrate with Amazon? Get this question answered here! The business showed relatively an easier selling structure. It received major assistance in syncing orders and products. With a near-real-time sync between inventories and data, the app boar other benefits too:

  • Smooth daily business operations
  • Reasonable app for small businesses
  • Updated notifications and alerts
  • Easier tracking
  • Simple product data distribution

Therefore, for Artiphany, the integration app made its day-to-day operations simple and quick! It reduced double entries, miscalculated data, and also induced effortless selling!

As for more merits, CedCommerce’s support gained a separate spotlight for its enthralling performance. To quote Walid, the team was “helpful when a problem occurred, reactive, easy to communicate with, friendly” With app facilities, the team too, helped and connected Artisphany with CedCommerce, to create a mutual business understanding!

Amazon by CedCommerce: A Rundown

This integration app was developed and came in handy, for Shopify sellers at the time of a retail emergency! It saved them from losing the ‘holiday traffic’ to their competitors. The app’s quality performance and data presentation attract targeted buyers. Moreover, it is also reasonable enough to manage any business and inventory costs with a minimal approach against various expenses. In 2021, Amazon by CedCommerce app assisted many such ventures, like Artiphany, to manage that ‘holiday rush’ (specifically in Q3 and Q4), when Shopify discontinued its native Amazon integration app.

Ever since then, CedCommerce’s integration solution has been widely appreciated for its simple in-app operations, personalized customer support, and accessibility for all types of Shopify businesses.

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Amazon by CedCommerce app allows the selection of suitable promotions, pricing, range of products, and categories to sell. In addition, the choice of fulfillment model is also is one of the many other app’s functional benefits.

Below are the app features that define its core nature of process and operations, specific to Amazon as a marketplace:

  • Connect more than two local Amazon accounts to enhance and retain control over Shopify and Amazon
  • Create listings, scale any product category and apply predefined templates
  • Sync, track, and manage (in near-real-time) business inventory and shipment
  • Broadcast offers and deals right from the integration app and directly upload Product feed from Shopify to Amazon Seller Account.

The Amazon by CedCommerce app offers a multitude of pricing plans, tailored specifically to meet the unique demands of merchants of all sizes selling on Amazon via their Shopify stores. Also available is a FREE Plan for merchants to try out various features of the app and ace their selling game on Amazon.

Our Industry-leading pricing plan lets you select the plan according to your business needs. For more details on the various features and prices of the plans in the Amazon by CedCommerce app, click here.

Overcome (Shopify-Amazon) Seller Challenges

A Shopify business, like any other, might like to expand its target groups and bring in more buyers. Hence, better brand recognition leads to global selling.

But, there’s a downside to it! Seller challenges.

Integration and data syncing aren’t the only challenges to deal with. Discover below some of the Shopify-Amazon online retail limitations faced:

Heavy (Marketplace) Competition

Amazon is by far, the most accessible e-commerce platform, globally. With visits in billions, it’s a great medium to find more buyers. Hence, the marketplace also witnesses cut-throat competition every day.

A clean product information presentation, easy-to-understand visuals, and specific descriptions would help sellers stand out in the market.

Error Detection

Any business, old or new, faces all sorts of errors and ecosystem fallacies while selling online. For instance, unclaimed inventory might be notified as,

{“errors”:”Unclaimed inventory”}

Such an inventory stock error goes undetected if the Shopify store has a slow or faulty marketplace integration solution. Unlike CedCommerce’s native app solution, Amazon by CedCommerce, which supports near-real-time updates and data sync.


Amazon sellers can either opt for in-house shipment services managed by Amazon (Fulfilled by Amazon) itself or choose to do it themselves. However, such sellers are just one ‘wrong decision’ away from a total business failure!

For instance, a home decor Shopify business (like Artisphany above) might make a mistake if it decides to use FBA services. A business type that deals with large product items might find it difficult to deliver such items, within a time frame of 2-3 days, as is claimed by Amazon. Hence, the venture might just bear extra expenses for late deliveries.

Does Shopify integrate with Amazon? Amazon by CedCommerce app supports all kinds of fulfillment models. Moreover, CedCommerce’s best industry experts with exceptional account managers, share practical and decisive strategies for a successful business.


Artiphany chose CedCommerce as its integration support, to bring in an advanced and unique app structure, for better sales. And also, to understand ‘the era of automation’.

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