BFCM on Amazon 2021
Black Friday deals on Amazon: Why to sell in 2021

Black Friday deals on Amazon: Why to sell in 2021


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Black Friday on Amazon marks the beginning of the holiday season. In just two or less months, we’ll be heading to the next year. As for retailers, ‘selling’ season doesn’t really end for them!

Black Friday precedes seller-specific holidays like Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. One after another, holiday-centric selling requires a proactive approach towards such preparation.

A shopper-specific holiday, Black Friday, is supposed to be one of the most ‘sold-out’ days of the year! Right after Thanksgiving, sellers provide ‘heavy’ discounts and ‘attractive’ deals to segment in more sales and profits.

Following the Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday is a standard week’s monday, but is celebrated as the biggest day for online sales. It is also considered the second biggest shopping day after Black Friday!

The blog talks about the sellers benefits of this ‘combined’ holiday season, popular items to sell and an app to do it all!

The Profit Twins of Sales

As stated, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) are one of the biggest selling days for retailers. There are ample niches and selling strategies one can use to generate better revenues. Below discussed, are few of the many reasons one should sell during this holiday season:

Season of ‘impulsive’ shopping

Black Friday on Amazon, with Cyber Monday, creates a ‘season of holidays’ for shoppers. With other holidays like Christmas following BFCM, shoppers might broadcast erratic buying behaviour. Including last-minute and casual shoppers, sellers can focus on such a strategy!

Collective selling opportunities

Like shoppers, sellers also have a good scope for selling during these holidays. Instead of genre-specific selling, a collective selling approach might save time, resources and seller efforts to focus on other important business operations.

Chance to increase brand awareness

Once sellers start selling over this holiday season, they might be able to increase brand awareness. Now celebrated worldwide, Black Friday on Amazon might attract various sects of audiences. Hence, an addition of other holidays just increases the possibility of more visitors-turned-buyers.

Chance to sell numerous product categories

Black Friday is all about deals, discounts and offers. Unlike most other holidays, rather than being a niche-centric celebration, it’s more of a general POV of retail. Hence, sellers can sell as many (discounted) product niches as they want!

Find out more about seller strategies for holidays, here!

One app, multiple seller benefits: An Amazon integration

‘Amazon by CedCommerce’ app integrates the seller’s Shopify store with Amazon to provide a centralized control platform. They can now sync product and inventory data, handle multiple Amazon accounts connectivity and manage bulk edits and modifications.

BFCM on Amazon 2021 internal

The app is not only reasonable but also simple to use. From onboarding to operating, this integration app works smoothly! With 24×7 customer support, many sellers have appreciated and continued to use the integration app.

Learn more about this app here.

Looking for an Amazon integration for your Shopify store? Check this out now!

Popular niches to retail on BFCM

Black Friday on Amazon brings a lot of sellers to the platform in expectation of profits. As for the item niches to sell, electronics can top the list of ‘best sellers’.

Below is a list of one of the most popular products/niches that can be sold during this holiday season.

  • Electronic items

    Items like computers, television and kitchen appliances are one of the many that go on ‘heavy’ discounts and deals. Shoppers might incline towards electronics, during holiday shopping, due to their (items) everyday expensive prices.

  • Wellness items

    Health should be prioritized more! Sellers can involve themselves in the trillion-dollar wellness industry as shoppers are changing their lifestyles and getting healthier, especially after the 2019 pandemic

  • Books/Kindles

    Another active item category, Black Friday and Cyber Monday also brings in the opportunity to sell books on discounts. Among the best sellers on Amazon, kindles showcase reasonable offers and deals.

  • Customized tools and accessories

    This item category includes gizmos like LED keyboards, sky drones and customized desktops. With the holiday season on and these items being expensive, shoppers might make these ‘gadgets’, the ‘most bought items’ during BFCM sales!

  • Tripods for influencers

    Influencer marketing is expected to grow to be worth $13.8 billion in 2021. During this BFCM holiday season, sellers can involve retailing this product category. From selfie sticks to camera tripods, such items have gained fine popularity over the last few years.

Seal the deal…

Black Friday on Amazon, when further merged with Cyber Monday, might expand sellers’ horizon of buyers and increase their products’ demands. Along with CedCommerce’s integration app, you can make this hypothesis your reality!

Amazon’s competitive market nature makes room for creativity, with quality. Hence, such exposure might help sellers to improve and expand their business.

Learn how to sell on Amazon here.

Learn how to integrate your Shopify store with Amazon here!

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Happy holidays, happy selling!

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