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HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge Integration - CedCommerce :

hubspot ecommerce bridge
HubSpot Ecommerce Bridge

All data syncing will be through the new Ecommerce Bridge API.

deal sync
Deal Sync

Sync all the orders from your magento store with HubSpot as Deals.

product Sync
Product Syncs

Sync the product data of your magento store with HubSpot.

customer sync
Customer Sync

Sync all the customer details from your store to HubSpot.

order item sync
Line Item Sync

Sync the Order Items of your order to HubSpot as Line Item.

switching between account
Switching between Accounts

You can be connected to new HubSpot account anytime, you want.

We are official Beta-Integration Partner of HubSpot

recover my online store cart
Abandoned Cart Recovery

HubSpot E-Commerce Integration enables you to send emails to the customers from your HubSpot panel in the case of Abandoned Shopping Cart, to procure the recovery. After a specific time period, communicate with the shoppers through an email to persuade them to take the desired action.

RFM Segmentation

Segmentize your customers on the basis of RFM(Recency, Frequency, and Monetary). Determine how recently a customer purchases, how frequent the purchase is, and how much a consumer is spending, and depending on it, focus on those who are most interested in your business.

customer field details
Field-to-Field Customer Details

You can synchronize the HubSpot contact properties with that of Magento fields which consequently helps you know more about your customers.

marketing automation
Workflow for Automation

On the basis of RFM segmentation, Field-Field Customer Details, and other information, you can use workflows. We will automatically create ready-to-use workflows like Customer Nurturing workflow, Order Related workflow, ROI Calculation and Order Recency workflow, and so on.

smart dynamic list
Smart List

On the basis of your customers’ activity and the order activity, you may distinguish your target audiences with our HubSpot E-Commerce Integration.

track return of investment
ROI Tracking

You may keep a track on your campaigns easily, track how much revenue your campaigns are generating, what is the ROI(Return on Investment), and what is the conversions rate.

How to connect your Magento Store with HubSpot

To integrate your Magento store with HubSpot, we have created a SaaS (Software as a Service) system which will be centrally hosted on SellerNext. Since our extension is a SaaS-based one which will forward the Magento store data to HubSpot via SellerNext, you just need to set-up a ‘Free of Cost’ account on SellerNext HERE. After the integration is done, your Magento store will be linked to HubSpot via SellerNext. It has two plans:


Free Forever

Customer Group Creation

Customer Property Creation

Smart List Creation

WorkFlow Creation

Customer Syncing

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$19.00 / Month OR $189.00 / Year

Customer Group Creation

Customer Property Creation

Smart List Creation

WorkFlow Creation

Customer Syncing

Order Syncing

Product Syncing

Line-Item Syncing

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