CedCommerce Affiliate Program : Connect, Refer, Earn and Grow


If you are a tech blogger, developer, or even an e-commerce web development company, this is your real chance to monetize your influence and earn easy money.

Just refer people to us and earn a substantial commission as per slab. Besides referral, we encourage any project related suggestion that benefits both ends. Moreover, this is the opportunity for us to start a healthy business partnership. We at CedCommerce are known for going all ends to fulfill the business needs of our partners.

How it Works?

How it Works

You whisper our name to the buyer

place the order

And hearing from you, they place the order

provide security

You provide us their e-mail Id and Domain name, or Order ID, we will verify

add money to account

And money gets added to your account - as per slab

Commission Slab

(Order wise)


$ 0-1000


$1001 – 3000


$3001- 5000


$5001 and, above

  • Commission
  • Amount


You can claim your commission whenever it reaches the minimum defined ceiling of $100*.

CedCommerce will transfer the funds either through the Paypal or through the net banking for which you need to provide the net banking details.

Why Cedcommerce ?

most popular e-commerce frameworks

Diverse Product Portfolio

CedCommerce has a diverse product portfolio. We have the tools for almost all of the most popular e-commerce frameworks such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, WordPress, and so on.

cedcommerce ecommerce Trending Products

Trending Products

CedCommerce offers all the Products that are trending and need of the hour. Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace, B2B, and B2B marketplace are the ones to name a few.

cedcommerce official channel integration partner

OFFICIAL Integration Partner

We are also an OFFICIAL channel integration partner of Walmart.com, Newegg.com, Sears.com, and provide multi-channeling solutions - both SaaS based and plugins or extensions based. Our solutions enable online sellers to list their products at these marketplaces.

highly affordable ecommerce solution

Highly Affordable Solution

We are a force to reckon with, when it comes to build low cost and robust e-commerce solutions. Some of them such as Multi-Vendor Marketplace has gone truly viral.

Technology Fast 50 Winners

Technology Fast 50 Winners

Also, CedCommerce is among the declared winners of the Technology Fast 50 India organized by Deloitte to commemorate the efforts of companies using technology to make a difference.