Customer Service


Terms & Conditions

In the event of you purchasing/availing a product/service from us you are required to adhere to following terms & conditions:

  • Purchase or availing of the software by you implies that the Licensor's listed terms and conditions of agreement will be abided by the licensee. The agreement is active, once the source code of software is legally given to you via email or data medium.
  • CedCommerce reserves the exclusive copyrights of the software, so in no way, the derivative work or any other activity should conflict with our copyrightable matter of the software or even a portion of it. Copyright infringement is liable for cancellation/termination of license, further, if required strict step might be taken too.
  • Any legal action regarding license conflict shall be bought in courts of jurisdiction, where the licensor resides or disposes primary business.
  • With the applicable agreement, you are not allowed to use more than one copy of the Software on one installation for personal or business purpose, provided all the listed terms are fulfilled. For each software installation, a separate license is enforced on licensee.
  • Effective license shall legally allow CedCommerce to add you in our software user list.
  • All copyright and permission Notice has to be retained at its original place.
  • You are not allowed to sell and distribute a part or whole of software/source code/documentation to anyone. Also, putting the software on internet for distribution purposes is denied to users.
  • Sublicense, an act of modification to the Agreement's terms and conditions, is prohibited.
  • You are prevented from reproducing a part or whole of our copyrighted source code in any other software or product.
  • For any damages occurred due to improper use of the software or whatsoever reasons, CedCommerce offers no warrant to licensee. Thus, we do not bear any kind of liability for prosecution faced under warranty rights.
  • The license or any of clauses can only be tweaked by CedCommerce. The same can be imposed by us without seeking prior permission or discussion for it.
  • CedCommerce is solely responsible for deciding the discount (rate/amount) and the products to be offered at a discounted rate.
  • You are also free to terminate the license from your end at any given time by destroying all copies of the Software. However, in such cases, amount paid by you for software, will not be refunded.
  • Terminated licensee, on found using the software in any one or other way, is bounded by legal framework to pay the attorney fees to CedCommerce for recovering of damages.
  • The licensee understands and accepts that the licensor can use the licensee’s logo for promotional activity. However, if licensee finds out that it violates or harm their personal branding, then the licensee may request to remove the logo and the licensor will abide by it.
  • By accepting Terms and Condition you are not allowed to produce copies of your purchased software from CedCommerce or can not reproduce the same work and resell it.
  • In case of the licensor has any kind of doubt in the licensee’s profile or business, the licensee will not be provided the extension until and unless the licensee has signed the NDA.
  • In case we need you to sign the NDA then, you need to provide us the NDA signed & stamped by the highest authority of your organization alongwith a government authorized/recognized Id Proof with your photo affixed on it.
  • If you purchase the source code of any of the apps then, you are required to sign an NDA prior to receiving the app source code, in order to prevent any kind of misuse of our source code of app.
  • The licensee cannot copy the licensor’s ideas, concepts, visual screens / layouts, or process, and reproduce it, or resell it under the licensee’s name.

Free Upgrades

CedCommerce provides totally free upgrades to its customers for the version they are using which means, that if the customer is buying a product version X.m then he/she will be liable to receive free updates for the version branch X. (X.m, X.m.m). The free upgrade version can be downloaded from "Downloadable products" area after logging in. Besides this, an email notification will also be sent to the customer mentioning the new version availability.

Free Installation

Installation can be done from the installation guides that will be available to you after purchasing the product. CedCommerce Installation guides are simple to understand and all the installation processes are easy. We provide free installation for Paid extensions with one-time installation service. Thus, in “no” case another installation of the same extension will be provided. Second installation will be paid. Even the installation from Test server to Live server will also be paid.

Theme Conflicts

Our extensions are designed as per default Magento architecture. Thus, they are compatible with default Magento theme. If some 3rd party theme is being used on the site then, we will not be responsible for resolving theme related conflicts. It will be chargeable.


In case the customer makes some changes in our extensions installed on his site & then comes to us to resolve those, then we shall not be responsible for rectifying those customizations. If the customer tries to modify the customizations done by us on his site & then some issues start appearing, we shall NOT be responsible for rectifying it as well. It will be chargeable. For Magento 2, customization charges are $25/hr.

CedCommerce offers you 1-hour of pro bono UX consultation. Following the complimentary hour, you can get further UX work done by hiring our team of veteran designers and coders for highly affordable rates ranging between $10 to $15, depending upon the complexity of the task at hand.

Support Services

We provide free support services 24*7 for any of the queries related with the module that you have purchased. For any issues or confusions you can contact us at or you can also visit our website Our support team will reply all your queries with well-explained answers and our response will be quick for the convenience of our customers.

Support Period

With paid extensions we provide FREE support for 3 months. Support requested after 3 months from the Date of Purchase of the product will be charged. With our Free extensions, support service will be paid covering 3 months support for a charge that would be quoted post requirement discussion.

Support can be renewed by paying just 30% of the original cost of the purchased extension which will include 30 hours of support from which would be valid for 3 months.

No Encryption

All the modules of CedCommerce follow No Encryption policy i.e. our code is quite standardized and it doesn't contains any encryption in its code so that all its customers can easily understand the flow of the code.

Affiliate Program Terms And Conditions

1. The commission will be billed annually and all the transactions will be reset every year.

2. Commission cannot be withdrawn or claimed until it reaches the defined ceiling of $100.

3. If under any circumstances, you are unable to reach the minimum defined commission limit of $100 within a year even then you can rest assured of receiving your amount after the completion of 1 year.

4. All govt. taxes will be applicable as the per the legal framework for redeeming the commission.

5. CedCommerce will transfer your funds either through PayPal or Net Banking (for which you need to share the required net banking details) whichever is suitable.

Return & Refund

After purchasing our product you will get entire source code of our extension. So that's why we don't have refund policy. We will provide refund only in case we are not able to provide the feature which we mentioned in our user manuals.

We would recommend that before purchasing our Extension, you can check the demo of our products, indulge in discussions with our support team or our development team if required, and clarify all your doubts and requirements by generating tickets on support, sending queries on online chat or email.

If you get completely satisfied with our product after going through all the background analysis that is required for you to understand our product and see that if it suits your requirements, only then you should purchase our product. Having said this, we won't entertain any refund, return or exchange request from your side after you purchase our product.

Moreover, if you install any other extension and it conflicts with our extension then in that case we will not provide free support as that will be a part of customization. We guarantee bug free extension from our side but cannot assure any other third party extension. For that purpose, you need to contact the support team of the concerned extension provider.

We will provide all kind of support to you to resolve out the issues that you are facing if it is with our extension as we want to make sure that none of our customers get unsatisfied. We believe in Customer Satisfaction and therefore make every possible effort to keep our customers happy.

Prior to purchasing any of our products, you should read the details of the product, thoroughly go through the user manuals that are provided for every product and carefully check the DEMO. After purchasing if you demand for something that we never promised then either it will be a part of customization or we won't be liable for it. No refund will be offered in any case.

If the module is not working on your site then we will need access to FTP details, Admin details (user id and password) and Database details etc so as to debug the issue.

For solving any of the issues completely, FTP and admin panel details are mandatory. If it is not possible for you to share these details with us then we would highly recommend not purchasing of our module. We will not entertain any kind of refund in this case.

We will provide refund only if we will be unable to resolve the issues in our extension. If you still have any more queries then please contact us at support (online chat) or generate a support ticket at -

Moreover, if some 3rd party extensions are being used on your site and conflicts arise with our extensions due to that then, we shall NOT be responsible to resolve it, if the issue does not belong to us.