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Magento Marketplace Extension | CedCommerce Marketplace -Features :

Vendor Account Management

Easy Vendor Sign-Up & Secured Login

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension is provided with Easy to Create Vendor Account by providing basic customer account details along-with vendor's Public Name and Shop Url. Each Vendor Login Session runs in separate space with secured connection.

Vendor Approval/Disapproval System

After Vendor Account Creation, the request will be sent to the website admin for approval. Website Admin can review the details of the vendor and choose to approve the request accordingly. Upon his approval only, the user will be able to see the vendor panel and perform other operations on his store.

Vendor Profile View and Edit

From Vendor profile Panel, vendor can view and edit their details. Form here Vendor can edit Public name, Company logo, Support information, Return policy, Shipping policy, Facebook, Twitter Profile Urls, etc.

Vendor Specific Shop URL and SEO Management

Shop Url is used by vendors specifically to boost their sales. It is used to open vendor shop page having all the products. It is given in the address bar.

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace is provided with SEO meta description, meta tags for vendors and SEF urls. Public name is also used for searching purposes, for instance, whenever the user will enter this name in the search bar, the details of this shop and its products will be visible to the user. It is the name of the Shop which will be visible where all the shops will be listed and also on the vendor shop pages.

Profile Completion Progress bar & Notifications

Vendor Panel is provided with Notification Section, which will guide the Vendor to complete Profile and add products with the help of progress bar and notifications.

Responsive Vendor Panel and Shop Pages

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace comes with a full responsive Vendor Panel having proper layout and standard design and is compatible for viewing in all types of browsers, mobiles and tablets.

Vendor Dashboard

From Dashboard, Vendor can see their recent Orders, Total Earning, Pending Transfers, Product Approvals, Product Sales and Performance of Shop by Sales Analytic Graph, Country wise (Map)Sales Report.

Vendor Product Management

Vendor Products Panel

Here vendors have the ability to view, add, update, delete products. Vendor can filter products store wise with product attributes and can also take Quick Preview for selected Store. In the Product edit form, Vendor can fill products data like Name, Websites, Categories etc.

Popular Products Types as supported in Default Magento (Simple, Downloadable, Virtual)

The admin panel of CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace has been configured to include a setting for Allowed Product Types, by using which the admin can control which type of product should be made available to the vendor. Three types of products can be provided to the vendor

  • Simple Product-->Mostly used product type.
  • Virtual Product-->for only display in website.
  • Downloadable Product-->for downloadable files.

Store Wise Product Editing

Vendor can edit product store wise for supporting multiple websites and currencies. Whenever the vendor switches the store, the products grid will display the products of that particular store only. Choosing to edit those products will restrict the edited information only to that store.

Category and Product Creation Limit

Admin can limit the categories for vendors and their product creation. Settings are available for these in the admin panel from where Product Creation Limit and Allowed Categories for the vendor can be set.

Store Wise Grouped Categories with Tree

Categories in product creation are shown in hierarchical tree structure. Common categories will be grouped store wise to help vendors to easily add products to various categories from different websites.

Two types of Pricing is supported (Price and Special Price)

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace supports two types of pricing

  • Price-->It is the regular price of the product i.e. its original price.
  • Special Price-->It can be any kind of discounted price valid only within the defined period.

Live SKU Validation

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace provides a unique feature of SKU validation, for validating already existing SKUs, so as to fasten product creation process and also to keep the SKUs of every product different.

Multiple Websites and Currencies Supported

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension gives enormous features for the vendors to login from multiple websites and create products for multiple websites. Admin can choose to allow vendors to login from multiple websites or from single website. If admin has allowed for single website, then vendors can only create product for that website and vice-versa. Moreover, the admin can set different Base currencies for different websites as well.

Vendor Products Approval/Disapproval System

The admin has the facility to decide whether the products created by vendor require admin approval or not. For this purpose, configuration setting has been provided. Admin can Approve/Disapprove and Preview any product just by a single click.

Vendor Purchase Order Management

Single Checkout for Multiple Vendors Products

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace allows customers to purchase multiple vendors products in a single order. After the order is placed, each of the associated vendors will get their own product's details only.

Automatically Placed Purchase Orders for Vendor's Products

Whenever multiple vendors' orders are placed, the distribution of orders is such that every vendor gets to see his/her own products only. Every product for which the order has been placed gets listed in the Order's List, of that particular vendor whose product it was, both at frontend and admin panel.

Separate Order totals with Tax, Discount, Grand Total (Earned), Commission Fee and Net Earned

The calculation of CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension is so accurate that every vendor gets to see the tax, discount, Grand Total or Net Earned, that is applicable only on his/her own products. The Order summary of every vendor shows the report of all the products that have been purchased in a single order.

Easy To Manage and Print Orders

Vendor can view or print orders with detailed report including tax, discounts and multiple currencies support. The vendor can easily manage orders from his vendor panel from Manage Orders page which displays the list of all the vendor's orders.


Admin also has the facility to view the list of orders and its details from Manage Vendor Orders page and can choose to pay to Vendor either order wise or vendor wise. For order wise payment admin will have to select an order to be paid. While in vendor wise payment, Admin can choose a vendor and choose orders for which payment has to be done.

2-Step Mass Payment Support

The whole transaction process is divided into two steps. First to choose any number of vendor orders and after that provide transaction details to complete the transaction.

Vendor Orders Refund Support

For refunded orders, CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace provides Admin to debit the refunded order amount form Vendor Credits. Image has been shown above.


Vendor Transaction Management

Admin Can Credit/Debit Amount

The admin can Credit/Debit amount to the vendor for his/her orders that have been placed. Credit Amount and Debit Amount buttons have been provided on the "Manage Vendor Transactions" page in the admin panel for crediting or debiting amount to the vendor's account.

Purchase Order-wise Credit/Debit Amount

The admin can also make order-wise payments by choosing the orders, one by one, for which payment has to be done from, "Manage Vendor Orders" grid

Vendor-wise Credit/Debit Amount

The admin can also make vendor-wise payments apart from order-wise payments. While paying for a single order, the admin has also been given the oportunity to pay for all the orders of that respective vendor at once by making use of 2-Step Mass Vendor Transaction

Adjustment Fee(+/-)

Whenever the admin has to pay some extra amount to the vendor or deduct some sort of charges from his/her account, then Adjusment Fee can be used. This can also be used to pay some left over amount which wasn't paid earlier due to some reason.

Offline Payment Methods (like Cheque/Money Orders, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Other) Supported

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace currently provides support for three Offline Payment Methods

  • Cheque/Money Order-->Cheque number and other related details can be given; likewise for Money Order also.
  • Bank Transfer-->It will display the bank details that have been set by the vendor and payment will be done to the given Bank Account only.
  • Paypal-->Paypal id of the vendor will be displayed utilising which the payment can be done to the vendor's paypal account.

Transaction Details View

The admin can view the details of the transaction from "Transaction Details" page which displays the Beneficiary Details, Payment Method, Transaction Type, etc.

Vendor can also view the details of all of his/her transactions from the "Transactions" page in the Vendor Panel

Export/Print Transaction Details

The vendor has the facility to Export the transaction details or to generate the hard copy of the transaction details by viewing the transaction details and printing it thereafter.

Advanced Report System

Orders Report

Vendor can filter reports by day, month, year and Vendor Payment Status. Filtered Report will display Total Sales, Net Earned, Total commission, Total Products Count in each date, month and year

Products Report

Vendor can also see Products Sales report between dates which will show total sales amount and quantity sold.

Vendor Payment Methods

Vendor can decide active Payment Methods and its details for All Admin-Vendor Transactions. The methods activated by the vendor will be visible to the admin on Credit/Debit Account page. CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace provides support for upcoming online/offline payment methods.

Marketplace Page

This page displays the list of all the approved vendors with their public shop names and their Company Logo/Image, Customizable Banner Image, Customizable Grid Image/Logo, Meta Information. Admin can also customize banner, Company Logo Size for Grid/List Layouts.

Vendor Shop Page OR Micro site

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace provides dedicated shop page for every vendor which contains Profile Information and Product Collection. Shop logo and Banner will also be visible on this page alongwith Meta Information, Find us on Facebook link and Follow us on Twitter link. In other words, all the information that is being entered by the vendor at the time of account creation will be displayed on the Vendor Shop Page.

Notification/Mail System

The Notification System of CedCommerce Marketplace is quite strong. Admin will be notified via proper notification messages in the admin panel's Notification Area for every Vendor Approval Request and Vendor Product Approval Request with exact count. For some events or activities, mails are generated such as On Account Creation, Account Approval/Disapproval, Account Deletion, Product Approval/Disapproval, Product Deletion, New Orders, On Cancellation of Orders, Vendor Sharing Option Rebuilding and change of Customer Sharing Option. The settings have been provided for each of the events, which result in email generation, in the admin panel from where the admin can select customizable templates for email.

Vendor Commission Management

Global Commission rate settings have been provided in CedCommerce Marketplace which means they will be applicable everywhere(website, store) and support has been provided for two popular types of commission rates "Fixed Rate" and "Percentage Rate".

Advance Debugging System

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension provides a unique feature of Reporting Bugs where the user can report bugs any time whenever a bug is encountered, thereafter making it robust.

Multi Lingual Support

Multiple languages are also supported on CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace. According to different countries different languages can be set and all the frontend text will appear in that language which has been set from the admin panel

Advanced Product Management

Enhanced Grid with Mass Action

All the grids of Vendor Product Addon provide mass Action for Deletion and Changing Status of the product. Moreover, all the grids are filterable with accurate results always.

Enhanced Product Creation Form

Vendor Product Addon provides Native Magento like Product Form on the frontend with uniquely designed interface for the ease of vendor.

All Products Types of Default Magento Supported

Vendor Product Addon Extension supports All Product Types of Magento which includes Simple, Virtual, Downloadable, Configurable, Grouped and Bundle Product as it is an enhanced version of CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

Meta Information

Meta Information is helpful in boosting vendor products sales by providing Meta keywords and Meta descriptions which is utilised for searching purposes.

Multiple Image Uploads

Vendor Product Addon provides support to upload multiple images for a product all at the same time. This is a unique feature provided by Vendor Product Addon for the convenience of the vendor so that they don't have to upload the image again and again.

Design Layout and Theme

The vendor can also change the layout and theme of his/her products and choose the one in which he/she wants his/her products to appear by providing custom HTML.

Gift Messages

The vendor can also set the gift message option so as to allow the customer to provide gift message for the vendor's products.

Product Custom Options

Enhanced Product Creation Form with Custom Options

Product Custom Options provides a convenient way for the vendor to add different options available for a product like colors, sizes etc. All the custom option types are supported in Default Magento. Website Admin can Enable/Disable this feature from the Configuration Settings in the admin panel.

Related Products, Up-sells Products and Cross-sells Products

Vendors can add their products in cross sells, upsells and related sections of Magento to increase their sales and provide options for customers to look for other products from the same Vendor. Website Admin has the authority to enable/disable these features from the Admin Panel.

Advanced Pricing & Inventory Management

Advanced Pricing Feature

All types of pricing of Default Magento are supported in Vendor Product Addon like Price, Special Price, Special Price From Date, Special Price To Date, Group Price, Tier Price, Tax classes and Apply Map etc.

Supports All kinds of Default Inventory Settings

All kinds of inventory settings are supported in Vendor Product Addon like Manage Stocks, Qty, Qty for Item's Status to become Out of Stock, Minimum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart, MaximumQty Allowed in Shopping Cart, Qty Uses Decimals, Backorders, Notify for Quantity Below, Enable QtyIncrements and Stock Availability.

Vendor Attribute Extension

Add/Edit/Delete Vendor Attributes

The admin can Add new vendor attributes, Edit already added attributes and Delete them. All this can be done from "Add Vendor Attribute" page and "Edit Vendor Attribute" page.

Visibility Settings for Vendor Attributes

The website admin can choose to display the attribute at frontend in Vendor Edit form. This will display the attribute along-with its group at frontend in Vendor Profile View and in admin panel Edit Vendor page also.

Vendor Attribute Group Functionality

The attribute groups can also be created for keeping all the attributes of specific type into a single entity to identify the attributes and their properties according to their group.

Vendor Group Extension


The Group-related configurations are easy to manage and all the settings of a group can be adjusted from "Group Configurations" tab on "Add Vendor Group" page. If no configurations are set for a group then default configurations, as set by CedCommerce Marketplace, will be applied otherwise, the ones selected will be applicable.

Accessibility Rules

The website admin can decide which resources to provide to the vendor to be shown in the vendor panel. "All the Resources" can be used if the accessibility of all the vendor panel features has to be given to the vendor. To provide limited resources to the vendor "Custom Resources" can be opted for, which displays the tree of all the available vendor panel resources, thereafter the resources to be shown at frontend can be chosen.

Commission Management

The Commission rate can be variable for groups. The website admin can set different Commission rates for different groups as per the need to meet out the conditions and demands of the group.

Vendor Order Addon

Our Vendor Order Addon allows Vendors to manage their Orders, Invoices, Shipments, Credit Memos and facilitates Split Order during checkout.

Vendor Commission Addon

Vendor Commission addon is a miscellaneous commission rate module which facilitates admin to set miscellaneous conditional rates for every purchase of their vendors' products.

Vendor UPS Shipping Addon

Our Vendor UPS Shipping Addon allows vendors to integrate United Parcel Service Shipping method for their products.

Vendor Review And Rating Addon

Vendor Review And Rating addon will allow the customers to rate the vendors for their services at marketplace page. Customers can see the ratings and reviews of each vendor. Admin can create the vendor's rating items and manage all the reviews.