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Provide your store a multi-supplier experience by converting it into a multi-vendor marketplace similar to Amazon, Etsy, eBay and so on.

Key features :

  • Analytical Dashboard: provides a complete statistical view for one place visualization.

  • Specific Shop-URLs: a dedicated and separate shop page of every vendor.

  • Easy Management: provides ability to conveniently handle products, orders, and transactions.

  • Refund Feature: provides ability to easily debit amount from vendor account.

  • Multi-Lingual Support: displays the vendor panel and the shop pages in multiple languages.


Regular Price: $199.00

Special Price $60.00

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x
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Regular Price: $199.00

Special Price $60.00


vendor configurations

Fully Organized Dashboard

The Dashboard of the vendor panel covers all the activities that have recently taken place in the vendor panel. In other words, the summary of the entire vendor panel appears at a single page. The vendor can easily view the number of orders placed, the products created, pending products, approved products, disapproved products, total products sold, pending amount, sales analytics, orders based on country, and recently placed orders.

The vendor panel dashboard keeps you updated about your current status of the shop and lets you quickly review your latest activities that happened to accompany with a graphical depiction of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales. To analyze the country from where the orders have been placed for the vendor’s products.

Easy Refunds

If a customer requests for a refund, then after generating the credit memo of that particular order, the admin can refund the amount from the vendor account that has been credited while the order has been placed.

The admin can easily debit the vendor account for a refund by using the “Refund Now” option that appears on the “Vendor Orders” page where all the orders are listed based on vendors.

Multiple Languages Supported

The entire vendor panel and shop pages are available in your native language. You just need to upload your translation.csv file at the respective location and the vendor panel along with the shop pages will all be translated in your desired language.

Moreover, we also provide support for Right to Left languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, and so on. You need to set up the language pack related to these languages, and then the translation works.

Separate Shop Page

Every vendor has a specific shop page that lists the products of that particular vendor only. The Public Name of the vendor, that is, the shop name appears on the shop page along with the details, which the vendor has entered at the time of profile creation. These details include the name of the vendor, the company address of the vendor, Twitter and Facebook URL, contact details, and so on.

The shop URL of every vendor is unique as every vendor has a separate shop page, where the vendor can list all the products and profile information.

Management of Orders, Products, and Transactions

Vendors can easily manage their products, orders, and transactions. They can add a new product, edit or delete an already existing product, view their respective orders, check the transaction processed by the admin and review the amount is received.

The vendor can also set up the offline payment modes to receive the payment. The payment methods activated by the vendor are only visible to the admin for the transaction.

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User guide

These Documents will Explain Everything.....!!


Stable Release with Bug Fixes

  • Compatibility with m2.2.6
  • Minor issues resolved.
  • Added Password indicator in vendor registration form.
  • Added Terms & Condition in vendor registration form.

Stable release with added features and bug fixes

  • Added notification email to admin on vendor registration
  • Added notification email to admin on product listing by vendor
  • Added customer grid for creating a vendor account from backend
  • Added custom vendor password reset page
  • Updated font awesome class to 4.7
  • Fixed dimension issue of banner
  • Fixed responsive design issues
  • Fixed issue during vendor signup by a registered customer
  • Fixed compatibility issue with vendor attribute addon

Stable Release with Minor Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue while uploading and deleting images from vendor profile
  • Added forgot password feature for vendors on vendor panel
  • Optimised code on vendor actions on Admin Panel
  • Added Banner Image Upload validation
  • Added Remember Me feature at vendor panel
  • Made vendor Shop page and vendor Listing pages compatible for RTL view
  • Fixed editor related issue on vendor panel
  • Fixed vendor creation issue from admin panel
  • Updated design of vendor shop page
  • Minor design fixes
  • Minor bug fixes

Stable Release with Minor Bug Fixes

  • compatibility with all magento versions
  • vendor attribute addon compatibility issues solved
  • multistore wise product updation issue solved
  • design related issues solved

Stable Release with Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues related to RTL
  • Minor bug fixes

Stable Release with Bug Fixes

  • Fixed compatibility issues with Magento v2.2.3
  • New Ced2K18 vendor panel theme for Platinum package
  • Feature added to change password in Vendor Panel
  • Feature added to enable header and footer on vendor login page
  • Feature added to update footer content on vendor login page
  • Enhanced UI and UX
  • Minor bug fixes

Stable Release with New Features

  • Fast theme loading process for vendor panel
  • Vendor image caching functionality
  • Faster vendor panel
  • New responsive vendor panel theme
  • Optimizes the query on the vendor panel pages
  • Email related issues resolved
  • Added new notification functionality
  • In the vendor panel, Knockout is implemented to make it faster
  • Optimized code
  • Cache enabled feature is implemented on the vendor panel
  • 6 different color variation which is managed by admin panel
  • Optimized UI elements in the theme
  • Admin can select two themes from the vendor configuration
  • Admin can update logo from admin panel
  • RTL feature added for desktop and mobile as well

Stable Release with Bug Fixes

  • Magento versions compatibility issues resolved
  • Order Placing issue Resolved
  • Table prefixes issues resolved
  • General designing issues resolved at vendor panel

Stable Release with Bug Fixes

  • Filters in " Manage Product" in vendor panel
  • Filters in " Manage Transaction" in vendor panel

Stable Release with Minor Bug Fixes

  • New Vendor Profile View
  • Enhanced Vendor Panel Responsive
  • FIxed Minor Design Issues

Stable Release with Bug Fixes

  • Sort functionality at Marketplace Page
  • "Remember Me" functionality for vendor login
  • Filters in "Manage Order" section in vendor panel
  • "Save and Duplicate" functionality in product creation page
  • Vendor product creation limit functionality
  • Sort functionality at vendor shop page
  • Mass action functionality in "Manage Product" section in vendor panel
  • Vendor creation from admin panel
  • Vendor order creation from admin panel
  • Filters in "Requested Transaction" section at vendor panel
  • Vendor pending profile notification
  • Vendor information edit from admin panel
  • CSV export functionality in "Transactions" section at vendor panel
  • CSV export functionality in "Order" section at vendor panel
  • Vendor left profile information at shop page
  • Pagination on vendor shop page
  • Vendor and customer order email content

Review and Rating

Great Experience!!
DL Mart

Had gr8 experience with ced commerce support team .

by DLMart on 4/24/2018

I have gone through this extension and I can tell you that is very great. Cedcommerce did a great job. This is one of the best marketplace extension base ever

by Calpic Logistics on 1/16/2017
Excellent product with great technical support

This extension is great for basic marketplace needs and is well integrated with the Magento 2 admin panel.
The technical support is fast and helpful . This extension has all the functionality which is required for starting the marketplace. All those who are looking to start the Magento 2 ecommerce site and want to enhance their service,this is the best extension for them

by Akrisht on 5/30/2016
Typical but useful for new aspirants who want to set there site over Magento 2.

A very useful extension, for New Magento 2 users. I have found this only extension after a lot of search that fulfilled my requirements of making a marketplace.
Support also helped me a lot to set and customize there extension according to my requirements.

by Anna on 5/21/2016

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