Amazon halloween 2021 banner.
Amazon halloween 2021 : Double ‘toil’ with your sales ‘cauldron’

Amazon halloween 2021 : Double ‘toil’ with your sales ‘cauldron’


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Amazon Halloween 2021

Amazon Halloween 2021? Did you hear that? That whooshing?. It’s like there’s something mystical in the air! Need a ‘spell’ to catch it? What a ‘spooky’ coincidence. As a result, CedCommerce has just the right retailer ‘potion’ for you!

Halloween is one of the most-awaited holidays, globally. Sellers can sell products like fun costumes and new recipes. In addition, ‘wicked’ makeup or ‘haunting’ decorations.

As a seller, you might be ‘new’ to Amazon. Or are just looking for tips and tricks to outwit your competitors. Either way, this blog will help you find answers to such questions. Therefore, let’s now unravel and explore the ‘sinister’ truth!

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E-halloween 2021 on Amazon

One of the busiest holidays, Halloween opens up many gates of retailer potential, unexplored. In addition, eCommerce witnessed an instant boom during the pandemic.

Buyers’ intent and behaviour have changed as well. Simple access, near-time delivery estimates and hassle-free. Such purchasing process are one of the many factors, which help to ‘make the cut’ (for products). For instance, Amazon’s FBA just might be the ‘perfect option’. Hence, a ‘fulfilment service’ that aims for quick and safe post-order experience.

Retailer benefits: ‘Spooky’ Amazon edition

Amazon is great to sell on, right? In order words, If you don’t agree, let’s attempt to change your perspective. Below are a few retailer benefits that you just might find useful. Check them out:

  • ‘E.T.’ traffic base

    As a retailer, your products will be exposed to a large number of buyers. As per Amazon’s algorithm. Irrespective of buyer’s search query, items just appear before them! The bigger a product exposure is, the more likely it’ll get purchased. For Amazon halloween 2021, locals can easily find the business or products they are looking for.

  • ‘Infamous’ backend support

    Amazon’s seller support services are simple to understand and easier to execute. Hence, it has detailed FAQs and quick resolvement processmakes for seamless onboarding.
    Therefore, from issues related to SKUs, listing and multi-account connectivity, Amazon will help retailers with every intricacy.

  • ‘Mystery’ of shipment

    Amazon halloween 2021 wouldn’t make much sense! If items don’t maintain their delivery time. As a result, an outsourced delivery service has its perks.
    But with fulfillment services and permitted third-party shipment assistance. Retailers have it fairly easy to decide and choose the best for their business.

  • ‘Hypnotic’ customer relationship

    Amazon is widely known for its prompt and simple customer services. A great segment to consider, quick redressals create trust.
    Such customer ‘faith’ in this marketplace subliminally helps the sellers on it too. Amazon’s retailer guidelines, customers believe beforehand in sellers’ credibility and product quality.

What product niches (to sell) are popular on Amazon?

Amazon’s latest update is on lines of ‘niche categories and their performance’.

This update will roll out in 2022. Customers will easily locate the ‘best’ niches, popular on Amazon. Therefore, this will make more purchases.

Amazon halloween 2021 amazon bestsellers

Let’s go through some ‘top and trendy’ product niches on Amazon. Hence, the ones popular on Amazon and make quite a sale:

    • Custom goodies

      Sell on Amazon with customized goodies like edible baskets and gift hampers. In other words, a pre-festive door-to-door distribution. So, it’s one of those small gestures retailers could make. Similarly, it just might longify their relationship.

    • Makeup, masks and ‘fangs’

      Amazon Halloween 2021, just like any year’s Halloween, is incomplete without cosplay! For instance, loud makeup, ‘evil masks’ and ‘vampire’ fangs!

Amazon halloween 2021 masks and fangs

  • Yard decorations and more

    A ‘gory’ display of houses creates a sense of vicarious competition, among customers. Therefore, it will create more chances for sellers to make ‘sales of their lives’!

  • Multi-use fog machine (upsell with fog liquid!)

    Holiday season doesn’t wait!
    Retailers are kept busy with finding out that ‘artistic’ product category. As a result, that would take less investment and more output!
    A fog-machine can be upsold with fog liquid, throughout the year.

  • Unique/untapped ‘items’

    Amazon halloween 2021 brings you a chance to introduce new products. A chance to interact with untapped product categories. For instance, LED wreaths. A Christmas-original spangle. It can be re-used for both such holidays.

  • ‘Scary’ portraits

    Portraits of pet animals and families together. It might be in a funny or ‘scary’ costume. Hence, near-dear ones might get their portraits customized too. With a humorous or ‘scary’ outlook.

    Amazon halloween 2021 pet portraits

How to increase venture revenue: The ‘Amazon by CedCommerce’ app?

There’s an increase from a mere $8.05 billion in 2020 to $10.14 billion in 2021. As a result, NRF predicts the hike as a severe impact of COVID pandemic.

In the wake of ceasement of services for Amazon by Shopify. CedCommerce takes pride in aiding retailers in such distress!

The’Amazon by CedCommerce’ app will assist and handle retailer operations. In addition, it’s right from the scratch! The app will help you:

  • List new or link existing Amazon inventory with Shopify
  • Simplified order flow from Amazon to Shopify
  • Near real-time product data syncing
  • Smart bulk editing with predefined templates
  • Steady multi-account connectivity

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End of October? Don’t rest, prepare now!

Few holidays lined up, right after Halloween 2021!

Melbourne Cup (November 2)

It is a prized cup for a famous annual horse race in Australia. Hence, its an ‘event of celebration’ that gives sellers (like of marquees) a chance to make sales.

Diwali (November 4)

This holiday is famous in Southeast Asia, it marks the festival of lights.

Veterans Day (November 11)

Veterans day is a holiday that pays tribute to U.S. military officials.

International Men’s day (November 19)

International Men’s day celebrates and creates men’s rights’ awareness.

As a result, retailers can find their suitable choice of product categories or populssr on Amazon, to sell.

Excited to start? CedCommerce will manage and configure everything for you.

Talk to us here!

Beware of ‘trick-or-treaters’ and happy selling!

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