how to top the amazon search ranking
How to be on top of Amazon Search Ranking!

How to be on top of Amazon Search Ranking!


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Which seller doesn’t want to do great selling on Amazon? But is listing products on Amazon everything for sellers? Definitely not. That is the reason that sellers want to be on top of the Amazon search ranking page. But is that easy? The answer is yes. The difficult part is to know HOW to get on the top, or at least on the first three pages of the Amazon search ranking. But it is not an issue to get worried about. We will tell you everything you need to know about how to rank high on Amazon.

Before knowing how to have great selling on Amazon, or how to rank high on Amazon search ranking, a seller must know about the Amazon A9 Algorithm and how it works. If you’re selling on Amazon and haven’t been aware of it hitherto, let us explain you about it because this is the very catalyst that works behind the perfect Amazon ranking.


Amazon A9 Algorithm (A9)

Amazon A9 Algorithm is a search algorithm of Amazon. In simpler words, Amazon A9 Algorithm is Amazon’s search engine. As compared to Google, Amazon A9 Algorithm works differently. How they work can be understood by below-mentioned tactic they follow,

GoogleWhat results most accurately answer the searcher’s query?

Amazon A9 AlgorithmWhat products is the searcher most likely to buy?

“Once we determine which items are good matches to the customer’s query, our ranking algorithms score them to present the most relevant results to the user.” – Amazon

So you understand from here that Amazon measures the relevancy differently as compared to Google, and it is more straightforward.

In answer to why Amazon A9 Algorithm works this way and what could be its result, a seller who’s selling on Amazon must keep in the mind the below-mentioned points so that the ranking process can be comprehended in a better way.

  1. Amazon always focuses on maximizing Revenue Per Customer (RPC).

  2. Amazon tracks every action that a customer takes.

  3. The Amazon A9 Algorithm works in order to connect the tracked data in point 2 for the goal mentioned in the first one.

Now once you know the Amazon A9 Algorithm, you need to move a step ahead to know how to rank high on Amazon search ranking by knowing about the 3 pillars of the A9 and we will be talking about it in our next segment.

3 Pillars of Amazon A9 Algorithm for High Amazon search ranking

1. Relevancy

2. Conversion Rate

3. Product Authority

Let’s understand each of these 3 terms!


1. Relevancy, to increase the relevance of the product page

It is a factor that tells Amazon A9 Algorithm how relevant is your product with what is being searched by the users. The product you’re selling on Amazon must be relevant enough to be ranked higher in Amazon search ranking. It is the first answer to how to rank high on Amazon search ranking. The points that must be kept in consideration are:

  1. Title: A relevant title always results in a good sale and as a result, in High Amazon Search Ranking. Unlike Google, Amazon lays more emphasis on keywords. You may use as many keywords in the title as you can, BUT under the limit of 200 Characters only.

amazon product title-amazon search ranking

  1. Bullet Points: Usage of bullet points while writing the description of the product you’re selling on Amazon helps in better conversion rates. You may enter the relevant keywords in these bullet points and make it easier for buyers to understand the product well.

  1. Description: The elaborated version of the bullet points for the product you’re selling on Amazon, is the description. Write in a relevant detail about the product in this section and include the keywords. It will not only generate the conversion but will also help in far better customer engagement.

  1. Brand and Manufacturing Number: There are thousands of buyers who are brand conscious and use a specific brand only. For grabbing the attention of such customers, it is always good to mention the Brand Name in your title. Similarly, you can enter the Manufacturing Number of the product you’re selling on Amazon, to reach out to your target customers more easily.

  1. Category & Sub-Category: Very Important! Always choose the aptest category and sub-category for products you’re selling on Amazon, to rank high on Amazon search ranking. Not only because many users search products by category and sub-category, but also because Amazon also displays the search results in accordance with the category and sub-category range.

  1. Search Term: Amazon offers 5 fields to mention the search terms that you want your product to be associated with. Use the best keywords and select the most appropriate search term for which you want your product to be displayed.

  2. Product Specification: Mention ALL the physical and technical details of the product you’re selling on Amazon. Do not forget it and remember, it doesn’t only help the users to understand your product well but also shows it to Amazon how specific and focused you are towards selling online and customers’ convenience.

amazon product description-amazon search ranking

Source: Repricer Express

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2. Conversion Rate

Always remember that Amazon’s main focus is to satisfy its customers. No matter what other steps you’ve taken, if your product has low conversion rates because of the reason that you haven’t been able to satisfy the customers, it will not rank your product. That’s the second pillar of Amazon A9 Algorithm and also a point to tell you how to rank high on Amazon search ranking. Better conversion rate depends on the following points and you may improve it by considering the following points:

  1. Sales: If you have good selling record i.e., your product is being sold well on Amazon and it is in demand, your ranking would go higher in Amazon search ranking.

  1. Questions and Answers: If the questions have been answered by you, it creates an impact on the buyers’ philosophy. Seeing the answers, users get to know that the seller is not only reachable but cares about its users. It also indicates that the seller is professional and is very much aware of the product specifications.

  1. Product Image: Buyers’ interest gets diminished if the image of the product they are viewing is small or unclear. It is always a plus point to use an image that is good in quality, clear, appropriate, and big enough in size to be seen, for better customer engagement.

  1. Pricing: Be careful while you decide the price of the product. If the product has a competitive price (keeping in mind the other parameters for the buying decision of buyers), it will generate more sales. And more sales results in better Amazon search ranking. For a better pricing, you may opt for Amazon Buy Box. You may use the Amazon Repricer for the most competitive and apt pricing of your product.

  1. Variant Products’ Placement: Instead of creating a separate page for the variant attributes of a product, use Amazon’s multi-attribute variant function. Create a listing using this and provide your customers what they want on one page. It will not only help in users’ convenience but will also increase the buyers on one page and their reviews as well.

  1. Bounce Rate: If users stay for a considerable amount of time on one page, the chances get high that they will buy the product. To reduce the bounce rate, sellers must strategize their plans and make users stay for a longer time.

  1. Customer Review: Reviews may affect the Amazon search ranking to a great extent. More reviews, more credibility, more sales. It is a fact that when users see more reviews for a product on its page, they believe that the product is being bought by other users. As a result, they are likely to buy the product themselves. Negative as well as positive reviews – in apt amalgamation – works a lot in the world of e-commerce.

amazon customer reviews- amazon search ranking

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3. Performance, for customer satisfaction and retention

There are multiple factors that affect the users’ buying behavior and to make it positive, there are points that a seller must be keeping in the mind. This is the third pillar of Amazon A9 Algorithm and the points that need to be kept in mind are:

  1. Order Processing Speed: A slow, delayed order shipment process may prove to be fatal and cost you the business. To be ranked higher on Amazon search ranking, you must bring the speed and accuracy to your shipment process. If the shipment is efficient, you get more chances to be ranked higher on the Amazon search ranking. You may also use FBA(Fulfillment by Amazon) service by Amazon for faster Order Processing Speed.

  1. In-Stock Rate: Amazon will not recommend you to the buyers if you don’t have enough stock of a product that you’re selling on Amazon, let alone be the good ranking. So always keep enough inventory of your product to be sold on Amazon for a high Amazon search ranking.

  1. Order Defect Rate (ODR): If buyers aren’t happy with the product you’re selling on Amazon, they may make a claim against their order. It may include the negative buyer feedback, A-to-Z Guarantee claim, shipment problems, and charge-backs. As a result, it may affect your Amazon search ranking. Always try to avoid these defects as it harms your ranking and makes you incompetent in Amazon’s viewpoint. Also remember that if a negative review has been removed by the buyer, it will not be taken into consideration.

  1. Perfect Order Percentage (POP): If a seller achieves higher Perfect Order Percentage, the chances increase for the seller to be ranked higher by Amazon on its search ranking, as compared to those having higher defect rate.

  1. Exit Rate: It is the calculation of time for which a buyer comes and sees a product listing on Amazon and then exits the Amazon. If the exit rate is low, your chance increases to be ranked higher on Amazon search ranking page.

Summing it up, we can say that all the above pillars of Amazon’s A9 Algorithm are extremely vital to be kept in mind if a seller wants to know how to rank high on Amazon search ranking. Leaving any of the above three pillars may shake the foundation of your selling on Amazon. So now when you know how to rank high on Amazon search ranking, keep them in mind next time you make changes in your product on Amazon or when you’re uploading a product on Amazon.

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