The Countdown is Over: Etsy Open API v3 has Officially Replaced v2 version

The Countdown is Over: Etsy Open API v3 has Officially Replaced v2 version


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As announced last year, Etsy has now officially depreciated its Open API v2 version on 3rd April 2023. Now, the sellers using 3rd party extensions have no other option than to update their plugin to the new Etsy v3 API. Not doing so will affect their current selling campaigns on Etsy. So, let’s learn more about the Etsy Rest API!

What is Etsy v3 API update? Which version is ending?

Etsy’s Open API provides a simple RESTful interface for various features. To keep up with the current technologies, Etsy has ended all the support for API v2 and has updated it to v3 API.

However, this is not a sudden change. Since Q3 of 2022, Etsy has restricted the use of v2 apps to existing users. This means users who have been using the app since before only can continue using v2, and all newly created apps must use Etsy REST API v3.

Etsy api V3 update timeline

Since when will these changes be effective?

Open API v2 has already been deprecated on April 3, 2023.

How will API update affect sellers using Etsy Integration or other 3p extensions?

In the words of Etsy – “Requests to v2 endpoints after the sunset date will start to fail, which could disrupt your application and users.”

In simple words, post-sunset date, requests made to v2 endpoints will fail. It will further have a direct impact on your sales and selling campaign if you are using an outdated v2-based Etsy extension for selling.

The new v3 API is only using OAuth 2.0 tokens; as of now, there is no way to convert an OAuth 1.0 token into an OAuth 2.0 token.
Ultimately, moving to the v3 API is the only course of action left.

Major differences between the v2 and v3 API

Summary of changes:

  • Making endpoint requests – Every request to a v3 endpoint must include an x-api-key header, with your Etsy App API Key keystring
  • Authentication process – The Open API v3 supports authentication via OAuth 2.0 ONLY
  • Standard request – no longer support the fields query parameter to return partial resources
  • Responses – Responses are no longer universally wrapped in the same v2 standard structure.
  • Parameter/data types – The parameter types supported will often offer more specificity for their validation criteria.
  • Retired Resources – Over 40+ v2 resources and endpoints are removed or retired in v3. Check out the full list of retired resources.
  • Rate Limits – The API rate limits for v3 remain unchanged from v2. Additionally, if you continue to use the same Etsy App API Key as you did in v2, the negotiated rate limits from v2 will carry over to v3.

Why must sellers move to Etsy API v3 now?

The reason why sellers must make a move to V3 API are:

  • All access to v2 endpoints has ended.
  • Calls made for the v2 endpoint will fail (including calls made by API integrations).
  • V2 API will not receive all new feature upgrades.
  • Users cannot create new apps on v2.
  • Newly created apps will only support v3.

How to Migrate to Etsy’s Open API v3?

There are two basic cases:

  • If you are using an in-built app based on v2: Follow this API development guide which contains information such as migration steps, essential endpoints, and tutorials on certain use cases.
  • If you are using a 3p extension based on v2: Request for an updated v3 based extension from your provider. Or, book a migration slot to upgrade your plugin to the new v3 API version.

How can Magento Etsy Integration users upgrade from v2 API to v3 API?

For those using Etsy Magento 2 Integration by CedCommerce, follow these steps:

  • Make a backup of all customizations
  • Un-install the outdated extension
  • Install the new extension
  • Authenticate & Validate the extension
  • Configure basic seller details and preferences
  • Include customizations
  • Start using the fully functional extension

CTA Box: Schedule a meeting with experts to switch from Etsy v2 API to v3 API [calandly]

Since Etsy is now only supporting OAuth2.0, there’s one question that’s been widely asked by most current Etsy users these days:

How to make Exchange OAuth 1.0 Token for OAuth 2.0 Token?

Etsy now supports OAuth 2.0. So, existing Open API v3 applications that use OAuth 1.0 must either exchange their OAuth 1.0 access tokens for OAuth 2.0 access tokens. Alternatively, sellers can generate OAuth 2.0 access tokens using the OAuth 2.0 Authentication Code flow to use Open API v3 endpoints.

To exchange an OAuth 1.0 token for a new OAuth 2.0 token, make a POST request to with the following parameters in the request body in application/x-www-form-urlencoded format:


Image Source: Etsy

Final Words

Etsy has already ended the old v2 API version on April 3, 2023. Presently, sellers using the 3p plugins must switch to the all new Etsy v3 API, as it promises improved performance and security. The task of migrating to the new Etsy rest API may seem daunting. But if done under the guidance and support of experts, the process will become smooth and straightforward.

So, schedule a call with the development expert team at CedCommerce and unlock the full potential of your store with Etsy v3 API Integration.

Disclaimer– Etsy is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. This content is not created or endorsed by Etsy, Inc.

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