Multichannel Selling: Here’s Our FREE Fruugo Shopify Integration

Multichannel Selling: Here’s Our FREE Fruugo Shopify Integration


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With its steady growth over the years, Fruugo has been helping online sellers to reach newer audience groups, seamlessly. We thought of adding to the scope of eCommerce merchants by providing them with excellent exposure to an eCommerce marketplace that has taken the multichannel selling experience to an all-new level. Thus, we are excited to announce that we are offering our Fruugo-Shopify Integration app for FREE for all you sellers out there.

This is an excellent opportunity for merchants who want to expand their operations internationally, as cross-border eCommerce is at an all-time rise. Both conventional and D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) sellers are seeking newer ways to reach out to global shoppers.

With the pandemic, consumers have evolved the patterns in which they shop. It is estimated that almost 40 percent of retail sales in the UK will occur online in 2022. While boosting its own operations, Fruugo has reported a whopping 57 percent growth in revenue and a massive hike in its EBITDA with 231 percent YoY growth in 2021. The best part of this data being, more than 90 percent of the revenue generations came from shoppers outside the UK.

Why is CedCommerce offering the Fruugo-Shopify Integration for FREE?

Our mission is to help out businesses (both large and small) to cash in on possible eCommerce opportunities across countries and continents to cater to new audiences and boost their sales. We are looking to help all merchants to overcome any price barrier and list and sell their products on the Fruugo marketplace.

This ‘Free’ campaign will be available for merchants of all sizes. The only requirement for the sellers would be to have a pre-approved seller account on Fruugo. For those, who aren’t registered to sell on the marketplace, get your approval from here.

The partnership between CedCommerce and Fruugo was established with an aim to readily connect stores of sellers to the Fruugo marketplace. The primary benefit for sellers from this ‘Free’ campaign is to list n-number of products on the Fruugo marketplace from their Shopify store without any overhead costs. With this campaign, the Fruugo marketplace will be opening its doors to merchants of all sizes (small-scale retailers, SMBs, and even large enterprises) to join this community and display their array of products to customers from 46 different countries.

The Partnership between CedCommerce and Fruugo

Commenting on this relationship between the two companies, Phil Booker, Head of Partnerships,, stated, “Fruugo has been working closely with CedCommerce since 2017 when we launched our first plugin through them for Shopify. This has led to multiple further plugins to cover Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Opencart, and Prestashop.

The impact that this partnership had on Fruugo is immense. By the start of 2022, over 20% of all Fruugo sellers were using a CedCommerce plugin. And revenues generated through these sellers have increased by over 50% year on year since 2017. We also see a migration of existing sellers moving to CedCommerce, particularly for order management. All of this has given the Fruugo sales team complete confidence in referring any new sellers to CedCommerce that require their services.

CedCommerce’s ambitious growth plans completely match Fruugo’s own. And with new processes now available to make it easier for existing CedCommerce sellers to start selling on Fruugo, we anticipate this important partnership to grow from strength to strength.

Words of Commitment from the CEO!

Talking about the decision to offer the Fruugo-Shopify Integration app for FREE, CEO and Co-founder of CedCommerce, Abhishek Jaiswal mentioned, “More than selling services or products, your business must be aiming at offering ‘Experiences’. Subsequently, Shopify has been a platform over the years that has been assisting entrepreneurs with pathways that are easy to implement to scale your business.

With the amount of confidence in our services, the best promise that we can make is about having the greatest experience in shaping your eCommerce business. The Fruugo Shopify app is now FREE to allow business owners of all scales to come and experience the multichannel expansion opportunities through their cross-border selling network of 46 countries.

Why Should You Sell on the Fruugo Marketplace?

Starting out in 2006, Fruugo, as an eCommerce platform has come leaps and bounds ahead to be catering to customers from 46 different nations, available in 28 different languages, and dealing in 31 different currencies. This massive network of international sellers and shoppers makes this platform an ideal resolute for merchants, looking to go global with their inventory of products.

Alongside multiple awards and accolades, Fruugo has been welcoming more retailers joining its community every single day. This marketplace is known to present customers with exciting products in categories like clothing, accessories, home decor, furnishings, gadgets, and a lot more.

To boost the eCommerce game, Fruugo even offers a ‘No-sale, no-fee’ policy to encourage sellers of all sizes to be a part of this platform and scale their multichannel operations.

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How CedCommerce can Help?

CedCommerce is one among the leading providers of eCommerce solutions in the market. It has been serving merchants from all around the globe across various marketplaces for more than a decade. The offerings have extended to over 30,000 clients in more than 25 countries, laying out partnerships – more than 50 in number.

CedCommerce even offers comprehensive after-sales support that’s available 24*7/365. Come join this exciting community of CedCommerce and say hello to unparalleled services.

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