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Why waste your time on bulky manual product upload when you can automate the whole process. No need to keep regular tabs on inventory and products.

Switch to Easy and Automated product uploads, inventory management, and much more...All on a single Centralized platform.

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We provide a much needed boost for new sellers who wish to start selling on Cdiscount. We offer the first 3-month free seller subscription for seller onboarding through us.

Experience fast and hassle-free onboarding with bulk product uploading and automated order management.

Automate your selling experience


Experience the fastest product uploading on Cdiscount by just selecting the products and uploading in a single go.


Stay updated with all the activities involved through email notification of new orders, stock, and inventory status.


Save hours of time by managing your whole business at a single centralized platform.


Establish an automated synchronization of product listing, order, pricing, and inventory.

What Makes Cdiscount So Special for Sellers?

  • 19 orders are placed in every 10 seconds on Cdiscount.
  • Over 16 million customers and enjoys over 11 million unique visitors per month.
  • 900 unique visitors per day.
  • More than 9,000 sellers and makes up as much as 27.5% of the gross sales volume of Cdiscount.com.
  • No registration fee or listing fees.
  • Sell in 40 various categories.
  • Total turnover of 1.6 billion euros.
  • Impressive Average basket size of €110.

Sell and Upsell on Cdiscount

Upgrade to an efficacious way of selling on Cdiscount with features like:

WatchDog 360 Management

Keep an eye on every minute or big activity going around your Cdiscount Store with CedCommere’s Automated and Centralized Integration Dashboard.

Ingenious Inventory Management

No need to worry about updating your inventory every while and then. With Cdiscount Integration, establish synchronization between your store and inventory.

Monitorized Order Management

Witness the most innovative order management with CedCommerce’s centralized order management where you can get it all at a single place.

Effortless Bulk Product Upload

Avoid the ponderous product uploading process and perform hours of work in just a single click with bulk product uploading on Cdiscount.

Live Order Notification

Stay up to date with each and every activity on your Cdiscount store with live order notification feature, through which you receive a mail as soon as you receive new or rejected orders.

24*7 Customer Support

After purchasing our Cdiscount Integration you become eligible for our highly efficient customer support. No matter what day, date or time, we are happily available to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cdiscount sellers often come around a few complications that arise various doubts and questions in their mind.

So that you don’t feel troubled we have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions that Cdiscount Sellers seek for!!

The monthly subscription is as follows:

  • *39,99 € (excl.VAT) for a store hosted on www.cdiscount.com or on www.cdiscountpro.com
  • *59,99 € (excl.VAT) for a store hosted both on www.cdiscount.com and on www.cdiscountpro.com.
  • Cdiscount also charges a commission on each sale made to the site, the rate of which depends on the category of the product concerned.
  • Cdiscount offers its “Premium Pack” allowing access to additional services.

When a customer places an order on one of your products, you are informed of such by email, and you must then process it within 2 working days, confirming the availability of the product. You can easily manage your orders (accept or reject an order, manage refunds, confirm the shipment of products, process customer requests and complaints, etc.) via your Order Management Interface in your Seller Shop, or via the API.

Customers are strongly encouraged to leave ratings and comments after placing an order with partner sellers. This is the best way for buyers to know if you are worthy of their trust and encourage them to buy from you. The higher your rating, the more likely customers will buy from you. Your Cdiscount average sales score is one of the key statistics used on Cdiscount.com to evaluate your performance for both customers and Cdiscount.

Cdiscount debits the customer account once the order has been validated by you, and you get paid for your earnings every 15 days, once the sale is completed (do not forget to confirm the shipping of your orders to allow the payment of your earnings) and the maximum delivery time announced by you has expired after 7 calendar days.

In order to receive the payment for your sales, you must:

  • have a positive or zero balance on your seller account on Cdiscount, knowing that customer claims and the refunds you make on these claims affect your balance.
  • have entered a valid bank account number in your seller account.

Almost all categories of products can be sold on Cdiscount Marketplace! You will find this link. Attention! Certain categories of products are prohibited for commercialization on our Marketplace. You will find these products on the Chart of Good Practices.

The delivery methods available to you are those of the Cdiscount website, namely:

  • for products of less than 66 pounds, and 2m of development: delivery in pick-up points, at the client´s address and «express»,
  • for products of more than 66 pounds and 2m of development: delivery in pick-up points for big parcels and home delivery are available (at the bottom of the building / at home / at home + installation).

Delivery times will be those corresponding to the delivery method chosen by your customer.

For an order placed on an external Marketplace or on your site, the delivery is done at the customer’s address within 5 working days.

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