Skyrocket your Cdiscount sales with Cdiscount integration for WooCommerce
Sell on Cdiscount marketplace and win a chance to standout in France

Sell on Cdiscount marketplace and win a chance to standout in France


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Win eCommerce in France by bringing your products to the Cdiscount marketplace. It is one of the most prominent marketplaces of the European region and provides ample opportunities for business expansion. The Cdiscount marketplace allows professional sellers to sell their new or used products to professional or private buyers on the Cdiscount website.

CedCommerce has made selling on Cdiscount more accessible with numerous features provided in their solution. The European eCommerce market has seen robust growth over the past few years, thereby offering online retailers vast opportunities. France is one of the prominent consumer markets in Europe and is a primary market for eCommerce. Subsequently, the French eCommerce market is expected to reach USD 203.57 billion by 2026.

Wondering how to sell on the Cdiscount marketplace and the requirements for becoming a seller on Cdiscount? Here is a comprehensive guide to all the information you need to know about Cdiscount.

However, Cdiscount has 10 million active customers and is the second most visited eCommerce site in France. Thus launching your store on Cdiscount is a four-step easy process.

How to Launch a store on Cdiscount Marketplace?

The steps that you need to follow to launch a store includes-

  • Firstly, fill in the registration form and provide the necessary documents.
  • Secondly, create a product catalog either individually, in bulk, or via API and receive your first orders.
  • Thirdly, send orders to your customers via Octopia’s logistics expertise.
  • Finally, receive payments every 10 days for your sales.

You can have your store on the Cdiscount marketplace by following these simple steps. But why should you, as a merchant choose Cdiscount to sell your products is the primary concern.

Reasons to sell on Cdiscount

The top five reasons will convince you to choose Cdiscount over any other marketplace in the European region.

Reasons to sell on Cdiscount

The most visited eCommerce sites in France

Cdiscount is one of the most famous European markets in France and offers an excellent opportunity to bring your products to a broad audience of the European region. The global net sales of Cdiscount were recorded to the U.S. $2,324.8m in 2020. The marketplace, therefore offers products in over 40 broad categories, including household appliances, technology, clothing, and more!

Lucrative Payment options and Competitive rates

The marketplace ensures that all customer payments are secured and guaranteed through FIA-net and 3d secure. Additionally, it also offers competitive commission rates.

Cdiscount Fulfillment

As a seller, you can use the Cdiscount fulfillment services, which allow you to hand over the entire fulfillment process, including storage, packaging, and shipping. Cdiscount also handles any customer queries that relate to delivery or returns.
The logistics expertise is more fruitful for the sellers, particularly from international markets who don’t have much experience in the French market or are not familiar with the French language.

Enhanced Media Exposure

You can enjoy the enhanced online visibility and media exposure as Cdiscount has a substantial social media presence, and they regularly invest in newspapers, T.V. radio to boost visibility.

Pole Position Program

Cdiscount’s Pole Position program is a promotional service offered to sellers to increase their communication on site. You can certainly set up different campaigns to gain more visibility and customer reviews. Make your international expansion a seamless experience with Cdiscount.

Now that you have strong reasons to sell on Cdiscount let us talk about the seller program and Cdiscount fulfillment services.

Cdiscount Express Seller and Cdiscount Octopia Fulfillment

Cdiscount offers Octopia fulfillment which helps you accelerate your sales and helps in managing your sales and stock, thereby improving your profitability. Increase customer satisfaction by dispatching products to more than 20 European countries with competitive prices.

Cdiscount express seller lets you make offers to Cdiscount a Volonte (CDAV) customers, Cdiscount’s loyalty program. The program offers free delivery to the customer’s home address within 2 days all year round.

Benefits of Cdiscount a Volonte Program

  • Members of the loyalty program tend to order 3 times as much as those who are not subscribed.
  • The offers having Cdiscount a Volonte tag will have more reach and visibility in the search results.
  • Since you are delivering quickly, your offers will be more competitive on Buy Box.
  • You can reach an enhanced audience, and the number of subscribers will keep increasing.
  • Your products will be under the spotlight during commercial events.
  • You will witness a significant increase in sales volume.

After getting well acquainted with the Cdiscount marketplace, how does WooCommerce fit into the picture? CedCommerce has launched Cdiscount integration for WooCommerce, enabling the merchants to sell their products in the European region efficiently and smoothly from their WooCommerce Store.

Why CedCommerce’s Cdiscount Integration for WooCommerce?

The plugin, Cdiscount Integration for WooCommerce, enables you to sell seamlessly via the automated features of the WooCommerce plugin. The features include-

  • Bulk Upload Products
  • Automatic inventory synchronization
  • Order Shipment
  • Product Data Validation
  • Product category mapping
  • Profile-based Product Upload
  • WooCommerce Order Creation

Thus enhance and grow your business in the French market by setting your foot on the Cdiscount marketplaces. Automate your Cdiscount store with WooCommerce and enjoy seamless sales.

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