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How Cdiscount Express Seller Boosts Product Visibility

How Cdiscount Express Seller Boosts Product Visibility


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Customer Express Seller is a surefire way to ensure high sales for Cdiscount sellers. Cdiscount is a famous French marketplace for affordable technology, appliances, and furniture items.

French consumers have a massive appetite for shopping, irrespective of the time of year. Monthly 41.8 million french shopping enthusiasts visit the Cdiscount marketplace monthly. Cdiscount is among France’s top three favorite e-commerce marketplaces

Undoubtedly, It is an enormous opportunity for Cdiscount sellers eager to boost business profitability. And the Cdiscount Express Seller program has the potential to increase product visibility among potential customers.

Cdiscount Express Seller Program

Cdiscount Express Seller program is intended to help Cdiscount sellers grow the visibility of their products by allowing products (of sellers who opt for the program) to be presented to “Cdiscount à Volonté” (CDAV) customers, the Cdiscount’s loyalty program.

As a result, your product becomes popular among loyal shoppers of Cdiscount.

Prerequisites to Participate in Cdiscount Express Seller Program

prerequisites to avail cdiscount seller express

But first, know the nitty gritty of French customers’ shopping behavior and pattern. It will help make the right decisions and take advantage of what matters most for finalizing the purchase.

Understand Your French Customers’ Likes & Dislikes

  • Trust is a crucial element in making a purchase. 60% of French shoppers prefer not to shop on websites that are not in French.
  • Eighty-five percent of French customers are excited about tracking orders. They also are big fans of responsive after-sales customer service.
  • To the point product information that justifies the value of the product is highly appreciated by customers.
  • The bank card is the most preferred payment mode, followed by online banking, and the bank transfer method is hardly used for 1% of the transactions.
  • They will pay some extra bucks for high-quality products with unique perceived value.
  • Aggressive CTA (Call To Action) like Buy Now or Click Here are perceived as pushy. It is better to replace it with a more kind CTA like How to get in touch and Get in touch.
  • French customers love to know their data is safeguarded with the highest industry standards. It gives them peace of mind and a solid reason for trust.

The Pro Tip –Products imported from China raise customers’ eyebrows. They consider such items as counterfeit and not worth buying. By adding information that claims the product is 100% genuine, you can justify your product’s authenticity.

As a result, customers’ trust is won by selling genuine products. You can expect more future visits.

Benefits of Cdiscount Express Seller Program

steps to enroll for cdiscount seller express

Customer Loyalty

The customer loyalty you earn with the Cdiscount Express Seller Program is your biggest asset. These customers are likely to spend 31% morethan new customers.

High Sales

Sellers opting for the Cdiscount express seller program get highlighted during big events. As a result, your product will be displayed in front of potential audiences before other sellers.

“Cdiscount à Volonté” tag

Another advantage of the Cdiscount express seller program is “Cdiscount à Volonté” tag on your product. Having the tag makes your product eligible to gain extra visibility for products in the search results.

Fast Delivery

The program makes possible delivery of orders in less than expected. Hence, customers will consider you over other sellers for speedier order delivery.

How To Enroll in Cdiscount Seller Express Program

#1 -The seller will register in the Cdiscount Express Seller program.

#2 -Cdiscount examines the seller’s past 30 days’ order delivery performance.

#3 -Registration is completed, and the seller can start with the offer configuration

#4 -The seller express program orders are prepared on the same day for next-day delivery.

Most Popular Product in France


37 percent of French people prefer buying clothes online to brick-and-mortar stores. French are very fashion-conscious.

Home Appliances

4 in every 10 home appliances items bought online takes place on Cdiscount. French people’s reliance on buying appliances online has increased in recent years.

Health and Beauty

It is among the most popular product categories due to the wide variety of available online at a reasonable rate.

Furniture and Home Decor

Buying furniture online in France is double the rate in the rest of Europe. Small furniture, decor items, and accessories are most popular among furniture buyers.

These are the most sought-after items in France. Listing products on your Cdiscount store from these categorieswill help you get comparatively higher traffic. Hence you will get more opportunities to engage with shoppers. As a result, achieving a higher conversion rate gets easier.

Summing It Up – Get Products in the Spotlight with Cdiscount Express Seller

Cdiscount express seller program highlights sellers’ products and gives them a definitive edge over 13000 regular Cdiscount sellers. Moreover, it showcases products to the most loyal customers of Cdiscount.

All Cdiscount sellers eyeing to expand business among French shoppers by cutting through the competition should opt for the Cdiscount Express Seller program.

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