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Sell on Cdiscount with CedCommerce to Upscale your Business

Sell on Cdiscount with CedCommerce to Upscale your Business


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As a result of its broad reach, active customer base, and lucrative seller benefits, Cdiscount has become a leader in French e-commerce. Moreover, it is a catalog-driven marketplace, selling items in almost all product categories except fresh food. Also, with 7,000 pro sellers and €1 billion of sales, this is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in the world. So, do you want to upscale your business on this marketplace?

Selling on Cdiscount – the most popular e-commerce website in France – becomes more profitable and economical with CedCommerce. Also, the sellers get to save some money if they choose CedCommerce as their Integration channel.

So, read on to find out how you can upscale your business on Cdiscount with CedCommerce’s offer.

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Statistics about Cdiscount in France:

Here are some facts and statistics that you should know about the marketplace:

  1. 2015 turnover of €2.74 billion, of which €1 billion is from the marketplace
  2. 11.8 million unique visitors per month
  3. 21 product categories
  4. An average basket size of €110
  5. 28.5% market share in online sales of high-tech electronics, IT, and appliances
  6. 7,000 pro sellers on the marketplace

upscale business on Cdiscount

Advantages to Upscale Business on Cdiscount

Cdiscount is the leading e-commerce marketplace that operates in France and offers significant deals for its audiences. Also, the website provides a wide range of products; such as cultural goods, high-tech, IT, household appliances, personal appliances, and food.

  1. Includes all the popular product segments which translate to all types of products, and buyer personas visit this e-commerce marketplace platform.
  2. 11 million people visit this platform every month to browse the best products and deals
  3. Sellers can terminate their account with the marketplace anytime, and there is a Zero cancellation fee – no strings attached.
  4. Also, sellers get priority-based multilingual support and tools to promote the listings on the marketplace.

Advantages of Cedcommerce Integrations:

The sellers can easily upscale business on Cdiscount with the CedCommerce Integration. It comes packed with these features:

Real-time Synchronization:  The Integration updates all the changes made on the Sellers store on the marketplace in near-real-time. So, the sellers don’t have to do it manually.

Manage Orders: It allows sellers to auto accept orders and import them from the website. Then, it converts them into regular online store orders. So, the sellers stay updated about the new order received.

Bulk Product Upload: Get rid of uploading products individually. The Integrated solution enables sellers to upload all the products and create multiple listings in one go. So, the sellers can save time and effort.

Profile Based Product Upload: This feature makes the listing creation process simple. So, the sellers can create various profiles for different products and assign the profile whenever a relevant commodity is uploaded.

Multi-Channel Plugin Availability and Pricing:

Once the application to sell at Cdiscount gets approved, the sellers can choose the multi-channel plugin as per their framework compatibility.

About Cdiscount:

Cdiscount is the first French e-commerce website with a broad offer: a wide range of products including, among others, cultural goods, high-tech, IT, household appliances, personal appliances, and food. It also operates in Brazil, Belgium, Ivory Coast, Senegal, and Colombia. In 2015, the marketplace employed 1,400 people and had a turnover of 1.764 billion euros.

About CedCommerce:

CedCommerce was featured among the winners of Technology Fast 50 India and Technology Fast 500 APAC for two years in a row. Moreover, it is the official Channel Integration of behemoths such as Walmart, Sears, Best Buy, and Newegg, etc. facilitating the onboarding of e-commerce sellers on these platforms. Established back in 2010, CedCommerce has now become a renowned name for providing eCommerce solutions. In addition to this, it has touched many milestones under the guidance of wise leaders who have been working towards providing a better platform for sellers worldwide. Along with Magento, it provides solutions for other frameworks like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Opencart, and more.

So, you can easily upscale business on Cdiscount with CedCommerce. What are your thoughts?

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      Hello ArtizayIndia,
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      Let me clear it up
      Cdiscount, Bol and Fyndiq are three different marketplaces.
      The only common point is that these marketplaces are based in the same region (around France) hence they usually attract the common audience.
      In short these 3 marketplaces combined, dominates the entire eCommerce of the French region.

      In case you have any more queries, feel free to share.
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