B2B Marketplace for Magento 2
B2B Marketplace for Magento 2 – CedCommerce

B2B Marketplace for Magento 2 – CedCommerce


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The B2B or Business-to-Business landscape has been through significant digital transformation in the last few years. According to Forrester forecasts, is expected to even outperform B2C or Business-to-Consumers sales by at least two folds in 2020.

US B2B Ecommerce Sales, 2014-2020 (billions, % change, and % of total B2B sales) Source: eMarketer

B2C giants like Amazon and Alibaba have already set the bar so high that the customers will not engage with a brand or website which isn’t robust and user-friendly, and B2B companies are now beginning to realize the importance of Customer Experience in eCommerce strategy.

B2B buyers are familiar with brands and interfaces like Amazon. They expect the same user experience in their online purchases, even for more complex products (heavy industrial equipment, configurable hardware, etc.) and other professional purchases.

Meanwhile, marketplaces continue to take market share and encroach into B2B space with a digital edge forcing manufacturers and distributors to become a one-stop shop and serve all customer needs as they have the benefit and an upper edge of being more advanced.

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Moreover, B2C Marketplaces understand their customers and customer behavior far better than any average B2B company as they already have their platforms in place to back up a huge eCommerce effort, and their customer experience is already well established.

Consequently, B2B companies must create a lucrative relationship with marketplaces to expand their reach and help boost sales.

Considering the inevitable future of B2B and Marketplaces, CedCommerce has meticulously compiled a complete B2B Marketplace for Magento 2 solutions in two packages that will convert any Magento 2-based store into a full-fledged Marketplace while enriching it with advanced B2B capabilities.

We propose you check our B2B Basic Marketplace package and the B2B Pro Marketplace package, which has all the benefits of the basic package plus additional advanced B2B features for more professional buyers.

What’s inside the Package?

Marketplace Platinum Package

Marketplace Platinum Package consists of all the advanced features of a typical marketplace that will transform your single seller online store into a Multi-Vendor Marketplace, enabling vendors, wholesalers, or retailers to create an account on your website to manage their inventory and process complete orders from their dedicated vendor panel.

This package contains 9 additional add-ons designed to enhance the overall user experience of sellers, store owners, and end customers.

Sellers can sign up through their social media account and add to their inventory all 6 types of products allowed in Magento with custom attributes.

The store owner can exercise miscellaneous conditional commission rates on each sale of vendor products depending upon the product type and its category.

Customers can rate and review vendors according to their delivered products and service.

Vendor Mass Import Export Add-on

Managing the catalog becomes arduous when the products tally swell and the process of adding new items or updating the existing ones individually is in itself a big challenge.

Vendor Mass Import Export addon tackles this ambitious challenge by allowing sellers to add, delete or update bulk products through CSV. Moreover, sellers can also import bulk product images.

B2B Pro Marketplace for Magento 2 Extensions

Request For Quotation


For any B2B business, negotiating prices and terms with your customers play an important role in closing the deal.

Request For Quotation extension will allow specific customer groups to request a quote and negotiate the price/quantity of products with the store owner. Products can also be sold in parts through a partial payment option.

Purchase Order System

Purchase Order System will allow end customers to request store owners for products that aren’t currently listed in their store’s catalog. Customers will have to provide necessary details about the product while making its request, like name, images, quantity, product URLs, etc.

Both parties can negotiate the price and quantities of the requested product and close the deal accordingly.

Quick Bulk Order

Speed up the checkout process of ordering various products in bulk with the Quick Bulk Order extension by avoiding adding products to the cart individually.

With this extension, products eligible for bulk purchase can be listed under one category. The customers will have to simply select the desired product with their respective quantities and directly add them to the shopping cart all at once.

Configurable matrix

Configurable Matrix extension streamlines the process of creating configurable products. Configurable products are the one which has multiple attributes, for example, a t-shirt that might come in various colors and sizes.

It displays all the configurations of a product in a matrix format and customers can add bulk quantities of each configuration to the shopping cart in one click.

Note: Quick Bulk Order and Configurable Matrix extensions are only available in B2B Marketplace for Magento 2 Pro Package.

The average consumer experience and business buyer experience are now converging, and companies that deliver a great experience from beginning to end are winning with CedCommerce’s B2B Marketplace for Magento 2 solutions one can easily engage and retain their B2B customer base by delivering them an optimal B2B experience with all the benefits and convenience of a modern B2C marketplace.

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