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What are the methods to generate leads in B2B marketing?

What are the methods to generate leads in B2B marketing?


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It’s imperative to say that the credibility of your business plays an important role in deciding how effective your marketing strategy would ultimately be. If you have an already established brand name then half your job is already done. I frequently hear from customers that their B2B marketing lead generation techniques are not producing enough leads that they need for their organization.

According to research 50% of B2B search queries nowadays are made on smartphones. Boston Consulting Group expects that this figure is going to increase to 70% by 2020. With the constant development of social media, online devices and tools, and new B2B marketing lead generation techniques, B2B organizations don’t lack lead generation opportunities. The thing is that you just have to try to center around those systems that will give you the most benefits.

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Before we move on to exploring lead generation techniques, here’s a quick guide to get a complete understanding of B2B eCommerce.

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Here are some of the techniques using which you can generate more leads for your B2B eCommerce Platform:

1. Content Marketing

It’s a great strategy to start writing blogs on blogging websites. Blogging is just one form of content, you can create more variants like videos, convert blogs into audios, whitepapers, infographics, PPT, etc. and submit on other websites. You have to create different types of content keeping in mind the media preferred by your audience.

The key is to be constantly aware of how your adopted strategy is turning out to be and making the required changes well in time. Regardless of whether you utilize microsites, blogging, statistics, or infographics, the critical aspect is to test what does and doesn’t work with the goal that you can progressively refine your lead generation with after some time.

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According to Statista, 91% of B2B marketers used content marketing in 2017.

B2B Marketing

Source: Ironpaper

According to Hubspot Research, B2B companies that blogged 11+ times per month had almost 3X more traffic than those blogging 0-1 times per month. 49% of B2B Marketers think that articles are the most effective way to convert leads.  Nowadays Marketers Prioritize Content Quality over Quantity.

Personalize User’s Experience on your site however much as could reasonably be expected. Request that you recognize their job (CEO, sales, marketing, and so on.), and tailor the experience likewise. This could mean making distinctive blog content, landing and product pages, and offers as indicated by users’ personal preferences.

B2B Marketing

Source: Ironpaper

2. Personalize Your Emails for Generating More B2B Marketing Leads

Email Marketing is still one of the oldest strategies that are used by B2B businesses for lead generation. The trend in the email marketing industry nowadays which is still generating good results for B2B organizations is because of Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation is an email marketing hybrid tool that connects with Your CRM and enables you to send personalized emails for generating quality leads.

If you don’t use CRM and then there are various approaches to personalizing your email marketing. Utilize name tokens inside the headline and body of your email. Incorporate individualized email content basis individual behavior.

The tone of your messages is another essential factor in your email marketing achievement. A hardened, entirely business tone can appear to be cool and unwelcoming. While it’s imperative for B2B emails to convey a certain level of professionalism, this doesn’t mean they ought to sound robotic. Rather, add warmth and life to your email with a tone of friendliness.

According to statista, 53% of B2B Marketers still think Email Marketing is the most effective way to generate leads.

B2B Marketing

Source: Ironpaper

3. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is fairly new. LinkedIn, for instance, has groups around just everything that you can envision. You can publicize to these groups, or you can essentially join and take interest in discussions to fabricate validity and trust. A standout amongst the clearest approaches to produce B2B marketing leads from social media marketing is utilizing LinkedIn. Social Media Marketing is still necessary because there is a thought that social media is a necessary piece of content marketing, and to some extent, Search Marketing.

According to Iron paper, 94% B2B organizations use LinkedIn to distribute content and Instagram is the fastest-growing major social network, yet used by only 29% of B2B marketers.

social media marketing

Source: Iron Paper

4. Organic Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is apparently a standout amongst the most important long haul techniques for producing B2B marketing leads.

Search engine optimization helps in increasing the revenue of your company, with just from a bunch of keywords you can rank #1 on Google.

Getting to #1 in Google is much harder today than it was five to ten years prior, and it can scarcely be outlined in a couple of sentences.

Most Website Development Platforms have built-in templates and SEO Plugins that make SEO generally simple. It’s vital to pursue SEO best practices as Google and other web indexes constantly refine how they choose what pages to rank. What ranks today on google or other search engines might be penalized by Google or other search engines tomorrow.

According to MarketingCharts, the search engine optimization budget last year increased 55% in comparison to 2016 of 1%.

B2B Marketing


5. Engaging Landing Pages

All the strategies told above are linked to only place and that are landing pages where visitors seek to get information about whatever he/she has been looking for. He/She can give their contact information for inquiring about the thing they are looking for. That’s how you get new leads.

A landing page is essentially a website page which gives the general information about what the user was looking for and it includes a contact fill up form so that user can enter their contact data. You can offer more educational content, a membership to your email newsletter or blog, or a discussion with a support person.

b2b marketing lead generation techniques

Source: Slideshare

6. Try Lead Generation Softwares

Lead databases can help you immensely to grow, especially when your business is still in its nascent stages and you’re struggling to find leads.

Lead generation requires proper identification of your target customer base and then going ahead and connecting with them by putting your best foot forward.

There must be a large number of people simply visiting your website and leaving without any queries which means you do not even find out who these people were. This software helps you make sense of the kind of audience that is visiting your website in addition to quantifying them for you to assess the total visits. It’s necessary to invest in good lead generation software to have strong heads up about your prospective clients without even having your first interaction. You may also get hold of multiple verified emails to reach out to your target customer base.

All said and done in order to step us your B2B game find out the best lead providers and set the ball rolling for your upcoming marketing campaign.

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Regardless of whether your lead generation procedure is new or old, I trust these most recent patterns to revive your regular techniques and generate new opportunities for your business.

Lead generation for your B2B Online Business is a tough task but it is also the most important element for your Online Business.

Please let us know through your comments below about the new B2B Marketing Lead Generation Techniques.

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