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Which is the best B2B marketplace in India? How to build one?

Which is the best B2B marketplace in India? How to build one?


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In this blog, we will guide you through about the B2B eCommerce trends, top B2B eCommerce marketplaces in India and how you will create a B2B E-commerce Marketplace for your business.


Table of Contents:

1. B2B eCommerce Trends in India

2. Alibaba

3. Indiamart

4. TradeIndia

5. How to create a B2B eCommerce Marketplace?



B2B E-commerce Marketplace experience in India is growing fastly. According to Statista, In 2017, the B2B Businesses have earned $7.66 trillion which is three times more than B2C. Its uniqueness and success have to lead to the establishment of intermediaries that design the online business portals and bring complementary business together under one podium.


Most of the B2B Companies in India have a transactional B2B Website. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the most trending technologies in Indian B2B E-commerce. Here is a survey by Econsultancy that shows the state of B2B E-commerce Marketplace In India.


When asked to B2B Marketers whether their company has a transactional website or not 82% of B2B Marketers responded that their B2B e-commerce websites already handled transactions.



B2B Online Website

Source: econsultancy



The second question asked to B2B Marketers was if their B2B eCommerce sites have investment and support from the business for continuous improvements? In this case, 93% of respondents said that their companies were committed to investing in the B2B eCommerce Experience.


b2b e-commerce marketplace in india

Source: econsultancy




And the last question asked to respondents was that what they want next or what is the most exciting technology-related trend in B2B E-commerce for them 24% of them said the Internet of things and 23% said Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.




Now Let’s See Top B2B E-commerce Marketplaces In India:


1. Alibaba


Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce giant founded in the year 1999. It is leading in global whole trade and its USP is cross border trade. Alibaba is the largest B2B E-commerce Marketplace In India. Millions of products listed on Alibaba in more than 40 product categories which include machinery, electronics, and apparel. On Alibaba, You can purchase wholesale products from Indian Suppliers as well as foreign suppliers too.



2. Indiamart


Indiamart is an Indian B2B Online Website founded in the year 1996. You can sell or buy wholesale products online across the world or India. Indiamart has more than 21 lakh suppliers from all around the world selling different types of products and services. It is reliable for SMEs, Individuals and large enterprises. The unique selling point of Indiamart is that it is providing information on small and medium enterprises to the global audience.



3. TradeIndia


Tradeindia is India’s largest B2B Online Website with more than 33 lakh registered suppliers. It operates both in service as well as the manufacturing sector. TradeIndia helps business enterprises or small businesses in promoting their business globally through online services, directory services, and trade events. It was founded in the year 1996 and its Unique selling point is shaping a worldwide system of remote producers, exporters, specialist organizations and providers separated from Indian makers and specialist co-ops.



How does one start a B2B E-commerce Marketplace? Or How to create a B2B marketplace?


To begin with B2B Marketplace, first, you have to comprehend that what really a B2B E-commerce marketplace requires. B2B (business-to-business), which is otherwise called e-business, is the trading of items, products, or services between organizations, rather than between organizations and shoppers. In your day to day activity, it very well may be comprehended with the idea of trade of products or services among wholesalers and retailers.


For dealing with a B2B Online Website, you will require a stage that can deal with the multivendor marketplace. An eCommerce marketplace where various sellers will have the capacity to trade the items and balance out a B2B Online Website.


Indeed, there are various open-source stages accessible which permit wide adaptability and transparency. You can likewise broaden or upgrade the functionalities and can alter it as per your prerequisites.

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