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Quick Bulk Order [M2]

Quick Bulk Order is a Magento 2 supported B2B extension which have a feature to order in a bulk amount without performing whole page surfing and avoid unbearable product description at a time of checkout.This extension provide a quick review of product and Customer can quick purchase product from category listing page from frontend.

Key features :

  • Optimising a buyer time and cost

  • Fully intangible for the shop

  • Avoiding a complicated add to cart process

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x
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Quick Bulk Order is an extension which allows front-end users to purchase a single or multiple products directly from the product listing page, by adding all of them to their shopping cart. Also, at the same time, they can define the respective number of quantities they wanted to buy.

It means, rather than adding products one-by-one to their shopping cart, they can add all the required products with their respective quantities at the same time.


Quick Bulk Order extensions for store owners by allowing customers to purchase bulk products quickly of products in order to save their shopping time

The complicated ordering process is simplified and customers do not need to visit product pages one by one to add products to cart as normally but just buy in an order form easily and conveniently.

It reduces the Customer efforts to order products in a lesser amount of time

In short it is a precise ordering system to quick order product in a less amount of time.

They provide a Separate Category where you purchase product without any distraction

It's not only supportive but also intangible for shop customization.

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