How to choose a PWA theme for Magento 2
How to Choose A PWA Theme for Magento 2 – All You Need to Know

How to Choose A PWA Theme for Magento 2 – All You Need to Know


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Progressive Web Applications are witnessing a surge in eCommerce because of the amount of convenience these offer for online stores. Companies like Twitter, Pinterest, Uber, Starbucks, etc. have switched to PWA because of its features, and security. Also, start-ups are transitioning towards PWA for its affordability. Most importantly, PWAs are result-oriented which increases conversions. To further strengthen the performance and outcomes of a PWA, PWA themes are the newest inclusion here. But, choosing the right PWA theme for your Magento 2 PWA store is not that easy. In order to choose the PWA theme rightly, you need to consider a few things as listed below. 

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How to Choose A PWA Theme for Magento 2 – A Step-by-step Guide

How to Choose a PWA theme for magento 2

The purpose of a PWA theme is a bit different – it not only aims at making your eCommerce store visually appealing but also enhances the overall performance of the store. So, to make your Magento 2 store better than before, you need to be careful in choosing the PWA theme. Here are a few factors to consider while picking the theme for Magento 2 PWA store: 

List Down Your Requirements

In the very beginning, you have to define what you need from the PWA theme for Magento 2. So, list all your expectations from the PWA beforehand to make your PWA theme purchase successful. Outlining the requirements will help you to narrow down the options available in the market while choosing the best PWA theme. 

With the list of your requirements, you can easily eliminate the least relevant PWA themes available. Also, you will be able to focus on the more important themes. So, begin with listing what you want from your PWA theme for Magento 2 store. Be it better views and navigation, better sales, or better page loading speed – be specific to your requirements. 

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Consider Your Budget

Budget is the second important factor while choosing a PWA theme for your Magento store. There is a possibility that you may have a strict budget. In that case, you may need to compromise with your requirements. 

In eCommerce, budget constraints are pretty normal. So, this should not be a cause of concern. However, having a limited budget and expecting a cutting-edge PWA theme can be misleading. Also, you may end up with a theme that does not match your store or hampers its speed. So, make sure your requirements are aligned with the budget you have.

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Check the Demo

Once you get a PWA theme that is related to your store and suits your budget. Your next action has to be checking its demo. While taking the demo, you have to check the theme:

  • Boosts the speed of the overall store
  • Makes navigation smoother
  • Offers Multiple filter options 
  • Provides catchy pages (color schemes)
  • Offers multiple product categories, etc

In a nutshell, you have to check how the store is performing after using the PWA theme while taking the demo. In case you find any difficulties across your Magento PWA store, you can be sure that it is not the right choice for you. So, test the PWA theme you choose thoroughly before purchasing it. 

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Look for a Suitable Design 

The theme has to relate to your overall store. For example, the theme you are using must compliment whatever you are selling in the store. In case the theme is not related to your store, it will not attract buyers. 

So, do not consider a theme that does not match your store. To find the best match, either you increase the budget or reconsider your requirements. It is always recommended to choose a PWA theme that enhances your store’s appearance. Choose the color schemes carefully for this. 

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Compare Different Themes

You do not need to worry even though a PWA theme does not offer the expected performance for your Magento PWA store. You can try another theme as well. Comparing the options is also an essential step in choosing the right PWA theme. 

In case you find more than one PWA theme suitable for your store, do not get confused. Conduct an end-to-end comparison of both themes. Analyze which one looks more appealing and which one makes the store fast. Check how mobile-friendly the themes are and how compatible these themes are with the browser.

If you still cannot figure out which is the most suitable one, engage a third person and get perspectives. 

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Know the Post-purchase Support

There is a possibility that the theme works fine during the demo. Is that enough to purchase a PWA theme? Well, the answer is no!

No matter who the service provider is, check the post-purchase support of the provider because any PWA theme may experience sudden disturbances. The service providers have to fix it and assist you whenever needed. So, do check the post-purchase support facility of the company and ensure that you get urgent support from them before choosing the PWA theme. 

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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing PWA Theme for Magento 2

common mistakes while choosing a PWA theme for Magento 2

Now, you must be wondering why we are making a guide on theme purchase for a Magento PWA store. The purpose of this guide is to ensure that you can avoid common mistakes while purchasing a PWA theme. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid these: 

Strict Budget

Budget constraint is a common phenomenon in eCommerce. Well, you can get a theme for any Magento PWA store even with a limited budget. But, sometimes a strict budget creates many restrictions. 

In case you need high-end features with a limited budget, you may end up with free themes. These may conversely slow your page and make navigation glitchy. 

Therefore, to get a premium theme within a limited budget, you may choose a PWA theme to fulfill your topmost requirements with the theme. Also, you can get seasonal discounts on the themes. As a result, you can get a premium theme on a low investment. 

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Theme Irrelevant to the Store 

Many store-owners pick the wrong theme for their stores. As a result, the store becomes less appealing to the buyers and it increases the bounce rate. Sideways, reduces the organic traffic in the store. 

To avoid this mistake, you can choose a color scheme to attract your potential customers. You can consider choosing a color palette of the PWA theme closely related to your brand identity. Also, you may choose a simple theme to prevent it from becoming a slow-performing store.

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Incomplete Demo Testing

Store owners often ignore the demo testing once they get a theme related to their store within their budgets. As a result, either the store becomes slow or fails to grab buyers’ attention. 

So, the store owners should check a complete run-through of their store with the theme to stay away from committing this mistake. In case, there is any obstruction, they can choose a different PWA theme. 

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What happens due to incorrect selection of PWA theme

PWA Trivia – Did you Know?

Here are the attention-grabbing results of PWA, summarized by Forbes

  • Increased the mobile sessions by 80% on an average
  • Increase organic traffic on the sites by 134%
  • Increased the engagement rate by 137%
  • Page load time reduced to 2.75 seconds
  • Increased conversions by 52% 
  • Reducing the bounce rate of the site by 42.86%

In a nutshell, the use of a PWA can enhance all these results to a different level and choosing a PWA theme takes these results further. That’s why purchasing a smart PWA theme for Magento stores and using it to the fullest is very important. 

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Success of PWA 

Brands using PWA

Due to the cool features of PWA, one can easily see a steady increase in investment in Magento PWA. Emergen Research has found that the global PWA market is estimated to get a revenue of $10.44 billion by 2027. Also, PWA reduces the development and maintenance cost by almost 70%. Pretty amazing, right?

Not just that, there are even more! So, let’s take a look at what the companies achieved after using PWA:




Reduced uploading data requirement by 70%, Average load times reduced by 30%65% higher session, 75% more Tweets, and a 20% low bounce rate, Site loads under 3 seconds


User engagement rate grew by 60%. 


2x active users and orders.


104% higher conversions, 2× page visits, 74% more sessions


76% higher conversion and 15% increase in users


3× sessions, 40% higher user re-engagement, 3x lower data consumption50% new customer acquisition, and 60% more visitors


Page loading speed – 0.8 seconds, 43% increase in sessions, 6× completion rate, and 20% more impressions


39% higher session time, 15% more daily views, and 77% more conversions


80% increase in conversion, pages load in less than 3 seconds, and the size of their PWA became 54 to 180 times smaller apps


250% more re-engagement, 80% lower bounce rates, and 146% higher click-through rate on ads


30% higher conversion and a 68% increase in mobile traffic


3× increase in conversion, 160% increase in sessions, 38% faster page loading


Page loading speed reduced to 3 seconds on 2G


3× faster page loading speed and 5-% low buffering time

By choosing an excellent theme, any store can get results like these, so, get one today. 

Benefits of Choosing the Best PWA Theme – Why Do You Need to Choose a PWA Theme for Magento 2?

Why should you choose a PWA theme For Magento 2

Now, moving on to the most important part – The benefits of choosing an ideal PWA theme. Magento 2 Store owners often cannot figure out why a custom theme is needed for their PWA. Here, the answer is because of the design and technical attributes of PWA themes for Magento 2. 

A Magento 2 PWA theme can benefit the store owners in multiple ways – here are a few to list

Add to Homescreen Option


The PWA themes come with a “Add to home screen” option, so wisely choosing an ideal PWA theme is very important. With its icon, users can get a shortcut to your Magento 2 PWA store on their browsers. This icon occupies little space on the mobile too. 

Also, it will not ask the users to download and install it – the “add to home screen” option pops up, and by clicking on “yes”, buyers can add this to their home screen. 

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Native App-like Performance

PWA or progressive web apps are not exactly like native apps; however, it delivers an app-like performance. So, by choosing a good PWA theme, the web stores offer a dynamic performance just like the apps. It also means that buyers can get a seamless browsing experience with easy navigation by using a PWA. 

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Find out how PWA looks and functions: 

Cross-browser Compatibility

PWAs run seamlessly on any browser – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. The themes available for PWAs make it compatible for all these browsers. As a result, users will have no complaints regarding their browsing experience. Unless you choose the PWA theme wisely, it may not give you expected result – so choose one. 

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Easy Navigation

Choosing the best PWA theme makes the navigation of the store even smoother, as a result, the users can go “back” and “forward” anytime. Additionally, it comes with custom filtering options that make product searches easier. 

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Fast Page Loading

Because of the compact size, pages of PWA load really fast. Additionally, the PWA themes complement this fast page-loading speed to upgrade user experience. 

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Low Internet Functioning

PWAs take minimal internet to load because their compact size. So, even in fluctuating network zones, the best PWA themes keep functioning.  

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Push Notifications


Just like the native apps, PWAs also send push notifications to the buyers. Also, PWAs send AI-powered notifications to the users by analyzing their previous searches. Additionally, choosing the best PWA themes is very important as it helps to customize these notifications to make them more appealing. 

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Automatic Updates

PWAs never ask the users to update their stores – it automatically updates itself whenever any new version is released. Therefore, users can see updates on the theme as well after PWA updates itself.  

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SEO Friendly

PWAs are web stores loaded with SEO-friendly content and tags. As a result, search engines crawl these pages faster and offer a high rank to these stores. Above all, the eye-catchy themes make the buyers hooked on to pages that can increase the session duration. 

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You can convert your marketplace into a PWA too! Check out how

create marketplace


Not only these cool features but also, PWA stores are built with excellent security features. Advanced security features are added here to fight against all the security threats. Users again spend a longer time on the stores, as a result, the stores are secure and themes are catchy. 

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So, a PWA theme improves the overall performance of the store and how to choose the best PWA theme. Though it mainly aims at making the store functions dynamic, it also works to engage the buyers. But until you choose the PWA theme wisely, you will not be able to get its benefits. So, we would highly recommend investing in choosing the most relevant theme for your Magento 2 PWA store. 

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