add stock status in product page in pwa studio
Magento PWA Studio: How to add stock status in product page

Magento PWA Studio: How to add stock status in product page


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When you go to purchase something from a store and they have no stock, it’s so disappointing. Knowing the product is not available and when it will be restocked makes things easier for the shopper. So here we have come up with a blog that will show you how to add stock status on the product page in Magento 2 PWA Studio. This will allow your customers to see stock availability messages on the product page.

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Why learn to add product stock status on the product page in Magento 2 PWA Studio?

By learning how to add stock status on the product page in Magento 2 PWA Studio you can assign statuses like in stock and out of stock for an inventory situation and products can be aligned either automatically or manually. This will help to keep your customers informed with precise information about stock availability.

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How to add stock status in product page in Magento 2 PWA Studio

  • Step 1

First, you need to create a Venia project through scaffolding

yarn create @magento/pwa

Once you have your scaffolded Venia project Then go inside your project directory

  • Step 2:

Then we need to add our custom component for stock status in the Product Detail component

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For this we need to add our code in local-intercept.js [YOUR_PROJECT_NAME/local-intercept.js]

function localIntercept(targets) {
const { Targetables } = require('@magento/pwa-buildpack');
const targetables = Targetables.using(targets);
// Create a targetable component linked to the productFullDetail.js file
const ProductDetailsComponent = targetables.reactComponent(
// Add an import statement to the productFullDetail.js file and
const StockStatus = ProductDetailsComponent.addImport(
"ProductStockStatus from '/src/components/ProductStockStatus'"
// Insert the StockStatus component after the product name
'<h1 className={classes.productName}>',
`<${StockStatus} productSku={productDetails.sku} />`
module.exports = localIntercept;
  • Step 3:

We then need to add our component inside the src directory

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index.js [YOUR_PROJECT_NAME/src/components/ProductStockStatus/index.js]

export { default } from './stockStatus.js';

stockStatus.js [YOUR_PROJECT_NAME/src/components/ProductStockStatus/stockStatus.js]

import React from 'react';
import useProductStockStatus from '../../peregrine/lib/talons/ProductStockStatus/useProductStockStatus.js';
const productStockstatus = props => {
const {productSku} = props;
const {stockStatus} = useProductStockStatus({
sku: productSku,
return (
{stockStatus && <p>{stockStatus.replace(/_/g,' ')}</p>}
export default productStockstatus;
  • Step 4:

Now add talon to get product stock status

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useProductStockStatus.js [YOUR_PROJECT_NAME/src/peregrine/lib/talons/ProductStockStatus/useProductStockStatus.js

import { useMemo } from "react";
import { useQuery } from "@apollo/client";
import GET_PRODUCT_STOCK_STATUS from './productStockStatus.gql.js';
const useProductStockStatus = (props) => {
const { sku } = props;
const { error, loading, data } = useQuery(GET_PRODUCT_STOCK_STATUS, {
fetchPolicy: "cache-and-network",
nextFetchPolicy: "cache-first",
variables: {
sku: sku
const stockStatus = useMemo(() => {
if (data && data.products.items[0]) {
return data.products.items[0].stock_status;
return null;
}, [data]);
return {
isLoading: loading,
export default useProductStockStatus;

productStockStatus.gql.js [YOUR_PROJECT_NAME/src/peregrine/lib/talons/ProductStockStatus/productStockStatus.gql.js]

import gql from "graphql-tag";
query getProductStockStatus($sku: String!) {
products(filter: { sku: { eq: $sku } }) {
items {

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After that run your project

yarn build

yarn start

This is what your end result should look like

add stock status in product page in pwa studio


This is the procedure that you can follow to add stock status on the product page in Magento 2 PWA Studio. We hope we were able to share it in a simple way and would encourage you to give it a try.

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You can expect similar articles as we want to share what we have learned, things that have made Cedcommerce what we are today.

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