Pwa magento for eCommerce website
Why should you choose PWA Magento for eCommerce website?

Why should you choose PWA Magento for eCommerce website?


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PWA Magento is a technology developed to engage the number of internet users on smartphones. Smartphone presents a clear opportunity for businesses. Indeed, it is already being leveraged by the far-sighted ones. If you have an intelligent mind for business, you should not let this chance slip away. All you need to do is find a way to leverage this growing internet traffic coming from smartphones. To do so, PWA Magento might be the solution for you to consider. Why and How? You will know all this and more in this post. So, make sure to be there and give new wings to your eCommerce business.

Why PWA Magento?

Any business needs a website today. When you have to make one, why not develop one that suits mobile as well as computers. Talking about  best you can afford. build eCommerce PWA because average websites can not create the same impact on smartphones as they do on computer screens. Yes, it is true and as simple as that. Business can try native apps which do engage users but not until user downloads and installs their app. You can not force users to download an app without having a brand value.

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PWA Magento is conceptualized to fill this gap wherein you don’t need to rely on different solutions for mobiles and computers. PWA resolves this issue as it serves an engaging web interface for audiences across the board. Whether the user comes from mobile, computer, or any other digital device, Magento PWA provides the same precision and impact over the users.

Source – Statcounter

It must be noted here that Progressive web apps are delivering some truly astounding results for the businesses who adopted it. This is why it is lauded and hyped as one of the revolutionary technologies for the eCommerce industry in the foreseeable future.

Business opportunities mobile commerce

As we can see, mobile has more traffic than computers in 2019. So, a small business can not ignore mobile users today. It needs a multidimensional online strategy to penetrate both the mobile and computer at the same time.

In a recent report by the Mobile Report, more than 80% of first-time visitors landing on eCommerce pages are coming from mobile browsers. This means mobile commerce has become a dominant part of online business. And just to let you know, first online engagement is a very important one.

Your approach for mobile commerce is going to play a significant role to create an impression on the mind of your new visitors. If you are not prepared to engage them on mobile browsers, this can ruin many potential sales.

Around 47% of online users bounce off a website if page fails to load within 2 seconds.

Source –

So to engage users on all platforms including mobile, you can not make things better for PWA. The progressive web app is interactive. This web solution meant to engage visitors from computers or mobile at the same time. Magento PWA Studio has the features and abilities that serve all these requirements of SMEs with precision

What are the benefits of PWA for Business SMEs?

The progressive web app provides similar features used by Native Apps. It certainly adds a competitive edge to the website. The chance of attracting and increasing your online visitors is increased by a large gap. So as a business, you just build eCommerce PWA and a lot of things turn in your favour.

When you start eCommerce PWA, the user outreach of your business will surely level up. This gives you a playing field that is square once again. You can easily penetrate mobile audiences with interactive webpages and generate a more positive impression on visitors. It is important to ensure your decision when to adopt PWA for business is comes sooner rather than later.

When you build eCommerce PWA, it helps your business grow very organically by providing these key factors.

Cross-platform consistency

A business must follow a similar pattern and that shall be used all along. Websites have a lot of small details that need optimization for different screen sizes. The recommended products, search results, shopping carts & account data, everything needs consistency. PWA works on mobile and computer browser equivalently well.  When you build eCommerce PWA, it gives your business a more wholesome online selling approach. A user sees consistency in the eCommerce website whether he is using a computer or mobile.

Provide app-like experience on a Website

With PWA for business websites, you can get the visual appeal of a mobile app but you don’t have to do app development. You don’t have to push your visitors to download the app. The progressive web is driven by an interactive and dynamic web structure that is rooted in a server. PWA optimizes and organizes the website in a responsive manner that makes the website adaptable to the size of the mobile screen.

Enhance user interaction

The Progressive web app uses to cache data to enhance website performance. This makes the website fluent and delivers a seamless user experience. This has an inadvertent impact on the conversion strategy of an eCommerce website. This makes your eCommerce website more impressive and user-friendly for online visitors.

Penetrate target audience 

Progressive websites offer various tweaks such as recently viewed products, similar products, also bought and various other segments on the webpage. You can stay relevant in the mind of the user with these specially targeted & personalized messages taking them back to the kart. This can pull the user back to the product if the user is keenly interested in purchase.

Run at slow connection speed

You can buy a better connection for the Internet but can not make sure it delivers. Poor internet speed spoils the interest of the user. PWA is full of dynamic features but this does not put a burden on the internet for loading. Progressive Web App can keep cache and re-uses the data from the next visit of the user. 

Enable offline use

The eCommerce PWA makes the webpage accessible even when the user is offline. The information collected in the form of cache memory on the first visit of the user is used from the next visits. In cases where the internet is unavailable, certain functions of the web application can still be done and progress is saved. This progress updates as soon as the internet connection is re-established.

Satisfy with web experience

Any mobile user gets a very similar experience on the Progressive web app. The mobile app-like user interface makes it more enjoyable for users to visit and explore the website. Interaction with mobile shoppers becomes much more engaging. This enhances the user engagement and your website conversion strategy becomes sharper and effectively helps to create customers out of visitors. 

Re-engage with Push notifications

There are some ways for retrieving those users back to complete the transaction. Notifications can play a very important role in retrieving the interested users back to the site. Push notification is an effective re-engagement tool that native apps use. PWA for business websites brings the same thing to mobile. It makes a huge impact if used intelligently. An enticing notification is a great trigger for genuine buyers.

How PWA Increases Business Growth? 

To grow in today’s market, small businesses have to make the best use of online traffic. It is an effective channel to tap your target audience by using your online presence intelligently. 

  1. Engaging & responsive website with the interactive feature.
  2. Optimizes the web experience for mobile browsers in a cost-efficient way.
  3. Enhances the impact of user engagement. 
  4. Starts interaction by using user analytics. 
  5. Re-engagement with users who have a genuine interest to buy a product. 
  6. Increases business outreach to the mobile audience without investing in native apps.

If you are a small business looking to leverage mobile platforms, you must not undermine the benefits of PWA. A progressive web app is a perfect canvas to setup eCommerce. To learn more, check out this webinar will help you understand the transitions to a mobile-first digital strategy

Concluding Remarks

An eCommerce website needs not only compatibility but engagement too. The websites designed for desktops and laptops don’t create the same impact on a small screen. Progressive web app enhances the user engagement for mobile users and boosts the website experience with an intuitive & responsive interface.

88% of mobile users will not install mobile apps if they get the same features on a website. 26% of mobile users cite lack of storage space as excuse to avoid new apps.

Source – Google Stats

Small business needs to offer better web experience to the mobile audience for competing in the age of native apps. This is vital for not only engaging the viewers but also convert interested users into customers. You may not have the budget to develop native apps but you have a very good alternative for it. PWA for business is an alternative that reaches and engages the mobile audience effectively. So if you have not to build eCommerce PWA yet, do it now because any business will want an edge in the market. PWA helps in creating the edge which helps you in connecting to your potential buyers, irrespective of the medium they come from. The progressive web app offers a perfect feasibility to create web experience which eventually has a good impact on business beyond any doubt.

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