Meet Magento India 2022
Meet Magento India 2022 was everything we expected and more

Meet Magento India 2022 was everything we expected and more


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The Meet Magento event was a huge hit, full of learnings, experiences, and opportunities. International events like Meet Magento India 2022 bring business professionals from all over the world together, particularly in times of quarantine keeping people isolated and six feet apart. Though we streamed the event online, it didn’t dampen our spirits at all.

You’ve definitely missed out on a lot if you didn’t attend the biggest Magento event of the year. But, we’re not here to make you feel guilty about it. In this article, we’ll take you through the key highlights of different sessions from the best in their field.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Key highlights from Meet Magento India 2022

Listing down the best of best sessions from Meet Magento India 2022:

Vijay Gilani and Brent Peterson started the event

First off, Vijay Gilani and Brent Peterson kick-started the event. They encouraged people to join the event and gave a sneak peek into the event.

The future of Indian eCommerce

Secondly, we had an astonishing session with Emily Stannard, Senior Customer Success Manager at DotDigital, Matthew Mcclelland, Head of Growth at Dotdigital, and Gurpreet Singh Sr. Manager – Digital at Chessbazaar at Meet Magento India 2022 who talked about the future of Indian eCommerce.

  • The Indian eCommerce market is expected to grow by 21.5% and hit $74.8 billion in 2022.
  • The online shopper base in India is expected to be the 2nd largest in the world by 2030, with almost 500 to 600 million shoppers.
  • The online food delivery market is expected to reach $8 billion by 2022, a growth of 50% from 2020.
Meet Magento India 2022

Key highlights of the session from Emily Stannard, Matthew Mcclelland, and Gurpreet Singh

All about PWAs and headless stores

Sonal Puri, CEO of Webscale, talked about PWAs and headless stores.

  • How Webscale is offering Magento security compliance for Magento and headless stores
  • What developers demand from simplifying headless and PWA stores

Sudhanshu Rawat talked about personalization and marketplaces

Then we had Sudhanshu Rawat, Magento Practice Head at McFadyen Digital, who had the following points to share.

  • The benefits of a marketplace to brands, sellers, and customers
  • How personalization can enhance customer experience
  • A look into the user interface of a marketplace, focusing on relationship building and easy navigation

Covering the technical aspects, we had Chris Partica

Chris Partica, Product Manager, Integrations at Adobe Commerce, walked us through the following aspects in his session at Meet Magento India 2022.

  • Presented a roadmap for GraphQL
  • Reasons why investing in headless is worth it in the long run
  • Factors to consider when opting for multichannel multi-experience
  • The values APIs adds to headless commerce
  • Everything you need to know about modern and extensible headless commerce
  • Comprehensive ways of leveraging the rich API schema in GraphQL

The most awaited session on multichannel retail strategies

Then, we had Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal, the Co-Founder of CedCommerce, talking about Multichannel retail strategies to scale your D2C eCommerce business.’

  • How marketplaces have helped customers in discovering and comparing products
  • Benefits of adding a new marketplace to your growth channel
  • Retail strategies for multichannel success
  • How multichannel and marketplaces will drive sales in the future
  • Factors influencing the right choice of marketplace for your business
  • The transformation journey of retail
  • The difference between traditional retail, direct-to-consumer retail, and multichannel retail
Meet Magento India 2022

Highlights from Abhishek Jaiswal’s session

Different challenges facing Indian service companies

Mahadevan Gopalkrishnan, Director, Payoneer – South Asia Middle East at Payoneer, delivered an extensive session at Meet Magento India 2022, covering the following points.

  • Common challenges facing the Indian services companies
  • Challenges Indian companies face on export payments

Eye-opening session on digital catalogs

The session from Digital Catalogs at Retail Outlets Boosting Customer Experience & Sales, Kamlesh Sharma, was genuinely insightful.

  • Introduction to digital catalogs
  • The role of digital catalogs in transforming the shopping experience
  • The difference between single, multi, and omnichannel
  • Benefits of digital catalogs
  • How digital catalogs in retail outlets are boost sales and customer experience
Meet Magento India 2022

Highlight from Kamlesh Sharma’s session

Emphasizing the importance of meaningful content

Zenul Jinwala, Digital Marketing Head at Krish, had our heads nodding in agreement with the following points.

  • The need for creating meaningful content for humans and not search engines
  • Personalized messaging; customer-centric experiences

The contests we organized

We also organized a couple of interesting contests. Vijay Golani was one of our participants.

Highlights from when our developers joined the event

Concluding the event

Finally, Vijay Golani and Brent Peterson concluded the event on a high note.

  • 26 exhibitors with 2500+ exhibitor visits
  • 33 sessions with 5000+ session viewers
  • 1000+ attendees with over 13000+ messages exchanged

As the figures above suggest, the Meet Magento event engaged the business community in a refreshing way. The event brought forward budding and established entrepreneurs to share their experiences and ideas for the future.

We are already looking forward to the next Meet Magento event. But, we hope to meet all of these and other exemplary business professionals in person at Meet Magento India next year.

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