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In the last two to three years, many business researchers are in awe of Progressive web apps, a new concept for website development. There are many highly inspiring leaps made by this technology that is especially valuable for eCommerce. Therefore, you see development platforms are working hard to walk down the progressive way and Magento PWA Studio is setting an example for others to follow.

To run a business nowadays, you need to build an online outreach. And when you look for an online solution that has a wide reach, Magento PWA Studio is a name you just can’t afford to ignore.

But not just the business analysts, even a chunk of top online brands around the world are fascinated by it. It became clear that mobile usage is going to sweep internet users by storm. In 2017 itself, mobile left computers behind in the number of internet users.

From the topmost eCommerce brands like Amazon to the social-media superpowers like Facebook and Twitter, every online brand is talking about PWA these days. Progressive web apps were introduced as a web development technology developed by a team of Google Developers. Now you can often hear PWA being referred to as the future of the web. But is it really that special or it is all just hype?

Well, progressive web apps might be a new technology but you can’t doubt its potential as an eCommerce solution. PWA for eCommerce is making a huge impact. A survey by Gartner Research suggests that these web apps are destined to replace 50% of the native apps.

But now after about 4 years of release, we do have a clear vision in sight. This technology is making such an impact that has started a chain of change in eCommerce. Just wonder the potential of a solution that is pulling some of the biggest brands in the Corporate sector is unable to resist themselves to shift to it.

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Today, the major tech-development platforms are working their sweat off, to ensure that this omnichannel solution for eCommerce is compatible with their respective platforms. They are preparing for a better web environment. Are you ready to use PWA for eCommerce?

Key Take-aways

So here is a wholesome guide especially curated for eCommerce websites that will take you through every fine detail of the Progressive web app. Here you will be able to explore an in-depth view of Magento PWA Studio which offers one of the most powerful setups for eCommerce PWA you can get right now.

1. PWA is the future.

Mobiles are the most comprehensive developments of the human lifestyle. The internet is no exception to this trend. With the growing internet connectivity, no wonder mobile is turning into a more dominant medium for eCommerce and it will change the way of interaction. PWA comes as a refreshing concept that is curated for the mobile dominant web usage of the future.

2. eCommerce performs very poorly in converting mobile users. 

Many eCommerce platforms may claim to be mobile-friendly but they are not. Just formatting the content of a website for mobile screens does not make it engaging for the users on the mobile web. Poor eCommerce conversion rates speak for themselves. While native apps have done a good job but only as long as user-installed them on their mobiles which is a problem itself.

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3. Rise of Mobile-First eCommerce 

This is now time to switch the way you look at eCommerce. Instead of creating a website for computer screens and then adapting it for smaller screens of mobile, eCommerce needs to make mobile the basis of their primary web design.

4.  Understanding the basics of Progressive web apps

PWA or progressive web app is the way of designing a website that uses the reach of the web and the effectiveness of the apps to ensure Omni-platform compatibility.

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5. What are the Benefits of PWA?

As a solution, PWA is producing some unbelievable results which were never thought to be possible. It is empowering the way eCommerce works and providing benefits to businesses, users, and developers as a whole.

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6. Magento PWA Studio and its advantages

Magento is a profound name in eCommerce and it has provided the canvas for the development of progressive web apps with its Magento PWA Studio. 

Using the Magento PWA Studio and react framework, CedCommerce has created a Cenia Theme, a new solution for eCommerce. It is designed to keep the priorities of eCommerce at its heart. Using the new PWA theme, you can increase sales, get higher revenues, and enhance the user experience of your eCommerce venture. Explore the functional mobile-first eCommerce experience.

It is time to embrace PWA for eCommerce. Download the introductory guide to Magento PWA and take a lead over your competitors.

Remember, the earlier ones make the most of the opportunities. It’s time to move towards a better future for your online business.

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