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Giant retailers such as Walmart tend to introduce significant changes in their sales approach as per the shift in consumer shopping trends. Since the pandemic forced more and more customers to shop online, e-commerce saw an unprecedented boom. This radically changed shopping patterns and consumer behaviors. Because of this- Walmart Marketplace introduced numerous new policies and features in the past six months. These aim to remove obstacles and create more opportunities for marketplace sellers. Hence, it becomes essential for sellers to stay in touch with Walmart Marketplace news and updates. These updates often benefit their business and can help sellers beat the tough competition.

As a global service provider and a preferred Walmart Partner, CedCommerce works closely with sellers to help them stay updated with marketplace news.

Sellers have consistently inspired us to find better communication methods, bring richer facts and better updates through new mediums. As a result of our persistent efforts-we are glad to announce the release of our new Walmart Newsletter- “Walmart Marketplace’s Mid-Year Recap.” An annual newsletter that will keep you in touch with the latest Walmart Marketplace news.

The First edition of our newsletter is out now! Furthermore, it will be sent out to Subscribers every year with all significant marketplace updates and happenings.

It also enables us to address the updates that may not have been discussed via our blogs or case studies.

A quick glimpse into the past six months at Walmart Marketplace

As a part of our upcoming newsletter; we’ve curated briefings that will provide you a glimpse into all the latest happenings at Walmart Marketplace. We hope this will enrich your selling experience and be a welcome addition to your inbox.

Walmart welcomes non-US International sellers.

Removing the shackles of U.S. address or Tax ID, Walmart invited non-US international sellers onboard. Non-US-based sellers can now quickly sell on Walmart without U.S.- registered businesses or websites. Read More 

BigCommerce CedCommerce Walmart Partnership

With the enormous growth of the eCommerce industry, CedCommerce teamed up with Walmart Marketplace and BigCommerce to empower marketplace sellers.

Both eCommerce giants are dedicated to creating a haven for all types of sellers. Hence, CedCommerce gladly partnered with them to help merchants grow and streamline their business. Read More

Walmart’s New Sellers Savings

Walmart Marketplace introduced the “New Sellers Savings ” campaign in March. With the campaign, Walmart aimed to onboard more sellers and create a more-seller-friendly ecosystem. The new sellers saving campaign gave sellers a chance to leverage the opportunity of selling Commission-Free on Walmart for 30 days! Read More

With the Walmart newsletter, CedCommerce aims to provide Latest News that benefits you as a Walmart seller. Since marketplace updates are of great importance, we highly recommend subscribing to the newsletter.

The first issue of our Walmart newsletter is out. Subscribe now! to get access to the full issue.

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