Sell on Walmart with BigCommerce
BigCommerce Merchants Can Now Sell Efficiently on Walmart Marketplace with CedCommerce

BigCommerce Merchants Can Now Sell Efficiently on Walmart Marketplace with CedCommerce


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With online sales at an all-time high, the eCommerce industry has grown beyond expectations in the last few years. Today CedCommerce is proud to take the next big step by teaming up with Walmart and BigCommerce in empowering sellers to succeed.

Both eCommerce giants are dedicated to creating a haven for entrepreneurs of all stripes. Hence, we’re delighted to partner with them and share a common goal: to help merchants grow and streamline their business.

This integration app comes free for a month and aims to help merchants find more effective yet efficient ways to onboard and sell on Walmart Marketplace.

Integration solutions are required for BigCommerce sellers who want to sell on Walmart Marketplace, so our sophisticated app allows you to readily manage your BigCommerce store and the Walmart Seller Panel, all from a singular platform.

Quoting Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal, CEO, and co-founder of CedCommerce, in his response to the partnership, “Post-pandemic, the market is filled with equal counts of challenges and opportunities. The partnership between BigCommerce and Walmart tips the scale in favor of merchants considering multichannel sales. CedCommerce is pleased to work together with these two key eCommerce players and bring forward an integration solution that could be a catalyst to this collaboration.”

A featured Integration Partner for Walmart Marketplace and BigCommerce, CedCommerce is committed to facilitating merchants’ growth and opportunities through our new BigCommerce-Walmart Integration app.

CedCommerce adds to the spirit of ensuring a progressively flourishing climate for merchants to expand in terms of platforms and product range, delving into newer premises with new categories. All BigCommerce merchants, new or existing, can enjoy selling through the app at zero cost for an entire month, ensuring frictionless adaptation. This also aligns well with the Commission free month of selling on Walmart for new sellers under The New Seller Savings Campaign.

What can the BigCommerce-Walmart Integration App do for you?

CedCommerce has always believed in the mantra of “making business simpler,” especially in e-retail, which is precisely what the BigCommerce-Walmart Connector promises for sellers.

The app simplifies your selling process and eases the multichannel aspect by condensing the two stores onto a single platform and establishing a back-and-forth synchronization of data. It allows primary store operations to be managed with the app through a comfortable and easy-to-use UI. It empowers you to perform bulk operations, automate order management, and facilitate easy product upload, profiling, syncing of data, and promotional campaigns, and much more!

Now you’re freed from a mountain of manual and time-consuming menial tasks while allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Speaking about the opportunities of eCommerce and CedCommerce’s role in helping BigCommerce sellers grow, Sharon Gee, GM of omnichannel partnerships at BigCommerce, shared a piece of her mind: “Extending a branded storefront to an industry-leading marketplace like Walmart presents an incredible opportunity for merchants to open themselves up to a significant new audience, but merely existing on a new channel isn’t enough,” she said. “Working with CedCommerce gives BigCommerce merchants the functionality to easily list products on Walmart and manage orders from within our native Channel Manager, which can lead to a better customer experience and, ultimately, more sales over time.

Interested in finding out more about selling on Walmart Marketplace with BigCommerce? Click here.

Here are some of the features of the BigCommerce-Walmart Connector that’ll simplify your sales process. Although the benefits of an integration app are endless, using this app will help ease your sales process almost immediately:

One-Click Installation:

The BigCommerce-Walmart Integration App by CedCommerce is remarkably straightforward to install. A few clicks, and you’ll be ready to start importing your catalog. Not just that, the onboarding process is made simpler through our detailed guide and an expert team that will help you every step of the way.

Real-Time Synchronization:

Update inventory and price-related information in a single go on both platforms. Any changes made in the BigCommerce store will immediately be reflected on Walmart Marketplace, making it easy to check and keep a tab on inventory orders.

Product Profiling:

The Product Profiling feature allows you to create general templates for products, segment them into different profiles and handle updates, prices, and more in one go! You can bulk update products by creating profiles and avoiding the work behind manual product mapping.

Win Buy Box:

Our integration’s Repricer feature automates price matching and frequently checks the winning Buy Box prices on Walmart Marketplace. It then updates your item prices accordingly (concerning the minimum and maximum price set by you). This helps your product win the Buy Box without you having to keep tabs on updated product prices.

Shipping Exceptions and Features:

The app also simplifies shipping exceptions and features. You can also create general shipping exceptions and profiles for items depending on their weight, shipping method, and warehouse distance. We’ll help you manage Special Shipping Features such as 2-day and 3-day shipping and save you from manually updating each product and delivery solution.

Okay, so why should you choose CedCommerce?

To sell on Walmart Marketplace through BigCommerce, you need an integration partner. We at CedCommerce believe in fitting our clients’ specific needs and specializing in customizations to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Our BigCommerce-Walmart Integration app comes with a promise of dedicated support, sophisticated features, and a reasonable price.

However, the benefits don’t end there. Here are countless benefits of using the CedCommerce Integration App:

Dedicated Account Manager & Expert Training Sessions

Once you install the app, you’ll be in touch with a Dedicated Account Manager. This expert can essentially train you to understand the integration app better and maximize its utility. They’ll also help you understand the app’s nuances, the panel, and its navigation to increase usability.

Recurring Updates

Much like other enterprise-grade software, our app is updated and fine-tuned regularly. This becomes especially important since Walmart releases updates regularly. Hence, our tech geniuses make sure everything is up to scratch. However, the most remarkable aspect of it all is that all our updates are FREE of charge, i.e., you won’t have to pay endlessly for in-app purchases and product updates!

Why is selling on Walmart Marketplace an excellent idea for BigCommerce Sellers?

With more than 120 million unique monthly visitors and triple-digit Marketplace growth in 2020, is a titan in the world of eCommerce. Walmart is a highly competitive and extremely successful marketplace that believes in providing tremendous growth opportunities to all businesses.

Since Walmart’s application process is more rigorous than other marketplaces, the competition is comparatively less, and the audience pool is huge. Plus, Walmart is a highly trusted name. Hence it is a dependable choice for sellers who’re looking to expand their multichannel sales strategy.

New-Seller Savings alert! 30 Days of Commission-FREE selling!

Did you know that Walmart Marketplace is running a limited-time promotion called New-Seller Savings? This grants all new sellers 0% commission fees during their first 30 days of sales on Plus, there’s a live virtual event on March 18 that any interested sellers can join to learn more and ask questions.

As a valued customer of CedCommerce, we wanted to let you know about this exciting offer (the first of its kind from Walmart Marketplace).

For more information about the promotion, deadline, and requirements, view this page.

To learn more about, view the Walmart Marketplace home and Sell Better Blog, plus follow them on LinkedIn and YouTube for more.

BigCommerce works for over 60,000 businesses; it’s time you give it a try!

BigCommerce is a leading eCommerce platform that enables merchants of all sizes to curate, innovate, and expand their businesses online. As one of the ultimate software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers, BigCommerce powers 60,000+ online stores (as of Feb 2021) with sophisticated functionality, customization, and simplicity. Tens of thousands of businesses across hundreds of countries and industries use BigCommerce to create beautifully engaging online stores. Ben & Jerry’s, Molton Brown, S.C. Johnson, Skullcandy, Sony, Vodafone, and Woolrich, are some of the stores powered by BigCommerce.

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CedCommerce: simplifying e-retail through clever Solutions

Founded in 2010 and conceptualized as a one-stop-shop for all eCommerce and business-related solutions, CedCommerce is a leading eCommerce solution provider. With a slew of experienced professionals and decades of experience, CedCommerce has served in 25+ countries, with over 800 products and 30,000+ clients!

To create solutions that make it easier to sell online, CedCommerce is dedicated to providing functional solutions that are easy to manage and don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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If you’re looking to seamlessly connect your two stores and find a hassle-free approach towards selling on Walmart, you should check out the BigCommerce Walmart Integration by CedCommerce here.

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