Walmart Fulfillment Services + Item Spec 5.0
Driving Success With Walmart Fulfillment Services and Item Spec 5.0

Driving Success With Walmart Fulfillment Services and Item Spec 5.0


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Walmart Marketplace is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms in the world. With its wide selection, competitive pricing, and convenience, it’s a trusted destination for shoppers globally. But beyond its products, Walmart’s end-to-end services, continuous improvement, and customer-centric approach truly drive its success. Offering comprehensive services from product discovery to delivery, Walmart streamlines every aspect of the selling journey. One key offering is Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), enabling easy order fulfillment management leveraging Walmart’s extensive network of fulfillment centers. With remarkable growth boasting an average of 50% GMV growth, on key items, Walmart WFS guides sellers to success.

Additionally, Walmart’s introduction of Item Spec 5.0 enhances item listing by prioritizing customer search intent, driving improved discoverability and sales performance for you.
CedCommerce has expanded its collaboration with Walmart Marketplace to offer seamless WFS integration and expert Item Spec 5.0 support to sellers. In this blog, we’ll delve into WFS and Item Spec 5.0 and explore how CedCommerce can assist merchants like you in maximizing your benefits.

What is WFS?

Selling on Walmart Marketplace offers tremendous potential, but managing efficient order fulfillment can be a significant hurdle, impacting both your time and resources. WFS is here to change that! With 2-day delivery fulfillment services available and access to Walmart’s nationwide fulfillment network, WFS ensures streamlined operations across the country. Whether fulfilling orders for fast-moving consumer goods or managing bulk shipments, WFS has you covered. WFS has seen remarkable growth, boasting an average of a 50% increase in GMV on key items shifted to fulfilled by Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS). This rapid expansion makes WFS an attractive option for those of you aiming to scale your operations on Walmart Marketplace.

Why Choose WFS?

Compared to other fulfillment alternatives, WFS offers a range of comprehensive benefits and cost-effective solutions that set it apart. Let’s take a closer look at how Walmart WFS stacks up against your other options in this tabular guide:

Walmart WFS vs Others

The WFS Difference

WFS goes above and beyond to provide you with a range of advantages that contribute to your success on Walmart Marketplace:

Low-cost, 2-day shipping:

WFS offers 2-day shipping on orders shipped to anywhere in the contiguous United States (excluding peak season). This attracts price-conscious buyers and keeps them coming back for fast deliveries.

Dedicated seller support:

You get expert assistance anytime, ensuring smooth operations and quick resolution to any issues.

Free shipping for customers:

WFS items are eligible for free shipping for Walmart+ members. This removes a major purchase barrier for potential customers, leading to more sales and a significant competitive edge for you.

Real-time insights into your business:

Gain valuable insights to track sales trends, manage inventory effectively, and adjust strategies based on real-time data.

No commingling:

Your items are stored separately from other sellers’ items ensuring your products are never mixed with others – minimizing errors and protecting your brand.

Discounted rates on inbound shipping:

Walmart offers reduced inbound shipping rates for small parcels and Less-than-Truckload (LTL) deliveries leading to significant cost savings and improved profit margins.

Fast inventory receiving at WFS fulfillment centers:

WFS maintains a 2-day Service Level Agreement (SLA) for getting most items from the first scan in receiving to the shelf and ready for sale during non-peak season. This not only ensures that your products are available for purchase sooner, but it also accelerates sales cycles, helping you increase your revenue.

How to Use Walmart Fulfillment Services?

Walmart WFS Guide

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Product Requirements for WFS

Check out this guide of criteria that products must meet to utilize Walmart WFS:

  • Non-perishable and non-regulated items.
  • Maximum weight of 500 lbs.
  • Maximum dimensions of 120’’x 105’’x 93”.
  • Capable of shipping to Walmart fulfillment centers within the contiguous U.S. using ground transportation.

What is Item Spec 5.0?

Selling on Walmart Marketplace helps reach millions of potential customers. But with so many sellers competing for attention, it’s important to make your products stand out. That’s where Item Spec 5.0 comes in. Think of Item Spec 5.0 as a detailed instruction manual for your product listing. It provides Walmart with all the information they need to understand your product and display it accurately on their website. The more accurate and complete your listings are, the easier it will be for customers to discover your products, making it more likely for them to buy them.

So, what’s new in Item Spec 5.0?

Walmart has made some key changes to Item Spec 5.0 to help sellers create better product listings. Here are a few of the most important ones:

Product Type Groups and Product Types: These new features help to organize products into more specific categories. This makes it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for and for Walmart to display your products in relevant search results.

Focused Attributes: Item Spec 5.0 focuses on the attributes that are most important to customers when making a purchase decision. This means that you’ll spend less time filling out unnecessary information and more time highlighting the features that will make your product sell.

New and Enhanced API Experiences: The new API makes uploading and updating your product listings easier. This is especially helpful for merchants with a large number of products.

How does Item Spec 5.0 benefit merchants?

By using Item Spec 5.0, you can expect to see several benefits, including:

Increased product discoverability: More accurate and complete listings will help your products get seen by more potential customers.

Improved search ranking: Walmart’s search algorithm favors listings that comply with Item Spec 5.0, so your products are more likely to appear in relevant search results.

Reduced errors and returns: Complete and accurate listings help to reduce errors and returns, which can save you time and money.

Increased customer satisfaction: Happy customers are more likely to come back for more, so providing accurate information about your products is essential to foster trust and loyalty.

How to Access Item Spec 5.0 Update?

With the introduction of Item Spec 5.0, accessing and leveraging the update requires you to take proactive steps to enhance your product listings on Walmart Marketplace. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of Item Spec 5.0:

List Products in Category > Product Type Group > Product Type

When accessing the Item Spec 5.0 update, ensure you list your products in the most detailed categories possible. Specifically, categorize them under Category > Product Type Group > Product Type. By doing so, you’ll have a clearer understanding of the available product types, their definitions, and what’s required for item setup and maintenance based on product type specs.

Update Product Attributes:

In addition to listing your products in detailed categories, you must also pay attention to the attributes associated with each product listing. Item Spec 5.0 introduces more detailed attribute requirements, necessitating you to provide comprehensive and accurate information about your products. If you’re an existing seller, it’s advised to review and update your product attributes accordingly to ensure compliance with the new standards. This proactive approach will not only improve your content quality score but also enhance the overall shopping experience for Walmart customers. By providing detailed and accurate product information, you’ll increase customer satisfaction and drive more sales on Walmart Marketplace.

How CedCommerce Supports WFS and Item Spec 5.0?

CedCommerce streamlines WFS integration and optimizes product listings for Item Spec 5.0 compliance, guiding sellers like you on Walmart Marketplace. Here’s how we help:

WFS Integration:

CedCommerce ensures seamless integration and management of WFS for sellers, simplifying inventory management and streamlining order fulfillment.

Item Spec 5.0 Optimization:

We offer tools to optimize product setup and content quality, enhancing discoverability and driving sales on Walmart’s marketplace.

Support and Assistance:

CedCommerce provides dedicated support to sellers, guiding them through WFS integration and Item Spec 5.0 compliance effectively.
With CedCommerce’s assistance, sellers can maximize their success and thrive in the competitive landscape of Walmart Marketplace.


Walmart Marketplace offers opportunities to enhance your business in both the short and long run. Whether your goals involve increasing customer lifetime value, streamlining operations, attracting new customers, or boosting sales. With essential services and features like Walmart Fulfillment Services and Item Spec 5.0, Walmart Marketplace is here to equip you with the tools you need to succeed. Aligned with the vision of simplifying eCommerce and advancing multichannel selling, CedCommerce emerges as the perfect integration solution provider. CedCommerce and Walmart Marketplace with WFS integration are dedicated to guiding sellers to success. Therefore, there’s no better time than now to start selling on Walmart Marketplace.

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