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Onboard Walmart with CedCommerce and sell Commission-Free for 30 days!

Onboard Walmart with CedCommerce and sell Commission-Free for 30 days!


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You can sell on Walmart commission-free for 30 days with the recently introduced- New Sellers Savings campaign. Yes, you read that right! This campaign will run between 23rd February 2021 – 31st March 2021. With New-Seller Savings, Walmart is aiming to entice more sellers and create a better and more-seller-friendly ecosystem.

For all the new sellers who’ve been considering Walmart, this campaign is a golden opportunity! With CedCommerce’s integration, and features like bulk upload, inventory management, real-time synchronization, will become easier for you to onboard

Walmart is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading and most trusted marketplaces. For sellers in the US, Walmart has always been a great option because of its commission-based payment system. However, to make merchants even happier, Walmart is waving that commission fee as well!

Walmart’s New Sellers Savings Campaign: Sell Commission-FREE for 30 Days!

The New-Seller Savings campaign is aimed towards new sellers who will onboard and go LIVE on before May 1, 2021. Once LIVE, sellers will be able to enjoy selling at zero commission for the first 30 days of onboarding. With this fantastic offer and Walmart’s 400 Million+ sellers, you can enjoy straight profits for 30 days, not key- no catch!

According to Walmart, last year brought tremendous growth for many sellers and triple-digit growth for the marketplace itself. Walmart has launched this campaign to create new business opportunities for sellers and to encourage more sellers to join the marketplace. This campaign will result in a massive growth opportunity for the marketplace and sellers simultaneously.

What will you get out of the campaign?

30 days of zero-commission for all new sellers who register between 23rd February 2021- 31st Mar 2021. All sellers who onboard Walmart before 1st May 2021 can also reap the benefits of this campaign. Any seller who went live around the same time and wants to reap the benefits of the New Sellers Savings Program’ can create a case with Walmart to enroll in the campaign.


  1. You must be a new seller on Walmart.
  2. You must fulfill all the requirements to join Walmart.
  3. You must register between Feb 23 – Mar 31, 2021.
  4. You must go live before May 1, 2021.

Onboard Walmart to take advantage of the new campaign!

To make the most of this campaign, you need to apply and get approved to sell at Walmart. Then you’ll receive a link to register through email. After which the process gets divided into the following five steps:

Account Creation Here you will create a username and password to access your seller account.

Company Registration This step involves providing all the necessary information regarding your business.

Taxes (W-9) In this step, you need to fill out a tax form for essential purposes.

Payment information As Payoneer is a Walmart payment partner, you’ll need to register with it to process payments.

Shipping information This section lets you choose pricing models and shipping methods, and regions for your business.

And finally, you’ll be ready to sell on Walmart.

Register Today!Walmart Integration

How can CedCommerce assist you in the process?

Cedcommerce, as an efficient online-solution provider, provides the best tools for selling on Walmart, helping you expand your business with efficiency. Being a preferred Walmart partner and one of the top-rated e-commerce platforms globally, CedCommerce enables you to expand your e-commerce business by facilitating easy and hassle-free onboarding.

With over 30,000+ satisfied clients across several countries around the Globe, CedCommerce is known for its impeccable customer service and reasonable industry-grade solutions.

How can CedCommerce help you with easy onboarding?:

Easy Bulk Upload– Uploading your products can take a lot of time. With the app’s bulk upload feature, you can practically do it in minutes.

Auto Acknowledgement of Order– The app automatically acknowledges orders. Not only saving time but also manual effort!.

Real-time Synchronization– The app provides an automated synchronization of inventory and their prices between your store and Walmart.

Profiling: With the app, you can also map your store’s Category and Attributes to Walmart’s effortlessly!

Automated Shipments– With Walmart integration, you can handle all your shipments from a single platform using shipping extensions such as- ShipStation, ShipRush, etc.

Most economical pricing plan– At CedCommerce, we believe in delivering quality under reasonability. Hence, our app is one of the most affordable and functional solutions out there.

To sum up

The New Sellers Saving Campaign is an excellent opportunity to onboard an eCommerce giant like Walmart. With the great zero commissions offer, sellers get a package deal- the vast audience and reach of Walmart and a tremendous discount! On top of that, CedCommerce is here to make your onboarding easy and your selling experience hassle-free! With CedCommerce Integration, you can onboard the marketplace quickly and start selling like a PRO!

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