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How to Start Selling on Walmart: Onboarding Checklist

How to Start Selling on Walmart: Onboarding Checklist


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Selling on Walmart Marketplace is one step away. You need to mark this one item off the Walmart Onboarding checklist and Voila! Your store is live. 

In order to understand how to sell your product on Walmart, you can start with how to start selling on Walmart. And then find out how to create a remarkable Walmart Product Listing as well as do so with Walmart Integration API.

This guide will walk you through the steps that have to check on the onboarding checklist. Let us relegate the Walmart onboarding process on a map and find out where we are.

What are the steps to start selling on Walmart Marketplace? 

You need to get access to Walmart Seller center to start selling your excellent product. These involve all the steps you need to complete your Registration:

  1. Apply and get approved
  2. Account Creation-Create Login Credentials
  3. Accept Walmart Retailer Agreement
  4. Set up Company details and tax forms for Partner Profile
  5. Set up payment details with Payoneer
  6. Provide further information about shipping.
  7. Complete registration and gain access to Walmart Seller Center

Considering you have completed steps till registering your payment details and shipping information, let us move to the next level.

Once the shipping details ( a very detailed form divided into several stages) are all submitted, review all your details.

Make sure you recheck every detail, although it might sound like a time-taking task to do. All aspects should be as per the guidelines to avoid rejection at a later stage. 

Yes, Walmart can deactivate your account later, if they find something not falling in line with their guidelines. Submit your form and return to the seller center. Here, you will find your onboarding checklist with just four steps.

What is Walmart Onboarding Checklist?

The Walmart onboarding process has four sections. 

You can start selling on Walmart once you complete this checklist which contains the following steps:

  1. Complete your registration
  2. Complete your Partner Profile
  3. Verify bank deposit
  4. Complete order and item listing

Once all these steps are marked as done, the seller can launch their account and start selling. 

It is worth noting that all these steps are mandatory. But once you finish these steps, your account becomes ready to go. You can start selling immediately after 48 hours of launch. 

Walmart Onboarding Checklist

Source: Walmart

How to complete Walmart Onboarding Checklist?

Completing Registration is the first stage of the Walmart Onboarding Process.

Well if you have got access to the Seller Center, you have already completed the first item on your list, which is to complete registration. Now you need to go through the following actions to finally launch and start selling on Walmart Marketplace.

Complete your Partner Profile

In the seller center itself go to the settings section and find Partner Profile. Completing your partner profile lets you create a representation of your company on Walmart. It is pretty obvious at this point, as to what that Partner Profile contains?

Albeit, here is the list of pages you will have to update:

  1. Company info
  2. Customer Service
  3. Shipping
  4. Returns
  5. Privacy Policy
  6. Tax info

1. Information about your company: Company info

a. Display Name

What name of your company, do you want to display for your customers once you start selling on Walmart Marketplace? 

b. Logo

Upload your company’s logo to represent your brand. Make sure the size of the file is 400×50 pixels in either JPG or PNG format.

c. Description

Write a short description of not more than 4000 words (maximum limit of the field). Walmart also requests to not use any links in this field. Writing a description creates a story that works in creating a little emotional bond with the customers once you start selling on Walmart.

2. Your contact details for customers: Customer Services

a. Customer Service Email

An email address, preferably the one you use dedicatedly for customers only while selling on Walmart. Don’t worry your email address will be hidden with encryption as will be the emails of your buyers.

b. Customer Service Phone Number

If possible, add a number dedicated to your customers only, so that you can always prioritize their calls.

c. Customer Service Escalation Email

This email is only for Walmart’s Customer Service team to work on the escalation process. It would not be visible to customers.

d. Customer Service Policy

Customer Service is one excellent way to start building a relationship with your customers. It also participates in your trust-building campaign. Describe your customer service policy, hours of service, phone, and email contact details, etc.

The policy can only be 4000 words long. Carefully plan your policy to make sure all important points Itare covered within the word limit. Make sure you do not place any links or URLs to any website.

3. Set expectations for customers: Shipping Options

a. Shipping Rates

Make sure you consider all facts and research properly before setting the rates. Your customers find shipping time and cost as a very crucial entity before buying something. With the cost, comes expectation.

They wouldn’t want to spend extra only to receive the delivery a week later. Update all the information related to methods, regions, time, price range, and the corresponding date.

b. Standard Processing Schedule

Specify the time for processing the order and if there are days when you do not process orders. It once again helps in setting expectations beforehand. The more informed your customers are the more patience they retain while waiting for delivery.

c. Shipping Policy

Walmart, to protect both customers and the sellers, make sure that all policies are in place. Expectations should be clear before you start selling on Walmart Marketplace. Like all other policies, the Shipping policy is of 4000 words only.

4. Make your customers feel protected while shopping: Returns

a. General Return Settings

This section has two parts:

i. Refund Processing

While selling on Walmart, some customers may request a refund. When that happens, you will be required to start processing the refund process as soon as possible, and manually refund the amount.

If you fail to do so in 48 hours, the amount will be refunded automatically. In case this happens too many times, your ratings will be affected.

ii. Label Printing

Walmart will auto-generate a shipping label for return from the seller’s account to the customer. It contains PO# and RMA# for tracking.

For this label, you need to declare the shipping service that you want to use for returning purposes. You can choose between the Return Shipping Service and Carrier Account.

b. Choose Return Centers

i. Return Centers

Before you can start selling on Walmart, you have to decide at least one return center. And you can either choose Returns Shipping Service (RSS) available on Walmart or use one of yours.

In case you choose one of yours, you will have to add account details. It will take 48 hours to verify the details before you can use it.

ii. Return Rules

Before making these rules, go through Marketplace Return Policy. Your rules cannot go against the rules laid down by Walmart’s policies. This section can be used to define rules regarding Return Window, Restocking Fee, Return Shipping Fees, etc. before you start selling. 

iii. Return Window

Return window is the period within which the Walmart Marketplace sellers are required to return the item. This window starts seven days after the date of shipping. The date on which they receive the item is of no consequence here.

iv. “Keep it” Rules

Sometimes letting your customers keep the item instead of going through the shipping process and incurring costs. This rule applies that without creating a label and shipping the item back to the seller they will process the refund.

This kind of policy greatly influences the trust between seller and customer. Customers feel safe, and they convert faster.

5. Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy helps your customers in trusting you better. Since this is shown to your customers, while shopping, they get a chance to read and understand the risks. You can describe how you aim to keep the privacy and information of your customers safe. The limit to this is 4000 words as well.

6. Taxes

a. Nexus

Nexus is where you fill in details about whether or not you are eligible for Sales Tax. It is the seller’s responsibility to file nexus, and Walmart relies on this information. Every seller has a different sales tax obligation.

b. Shipping Tax Codes

This information helps Walmart in deciding what Walmart should charge the customers for shipping. 

c. Sales Tax Policy

Describe your tax policies in not more than 4000 words so that customers understand why they are paying certain taxes, and what are they meant for?

The Tax forms can sometimes be intimidating and confusing but it once all fields are understood it turns out to be an easy enough process.

This step marks the end of your Partner Profile set up and marks it off the Walmart Onboarding Checklist.

Verify Bank Deposit

To receive your payments, once you start selling on Walmart, you need to perform a test on your transaction means under this test on Walmart onboarding Checklist.

1. Walmart’s Penny Test

Walmart Penny Test

Walmart asks the seller to perform a test called Penny test where you need to cover the following steps:

a. Log in to your Bank Account

b. Walmart Marketplace Penny Test will deposit a penny, which is 1 ¢ ( $0.01) in your account

c. Mark as done in the Walmart Onboarding Checklist

d. Wait for four days, if penny doesn’t appear in your account recheck your account details, but try to submit the correct ones in one try.

Once these steps are covered, you move on to the last stage of the Walmart onboarding checklist.

Complete Item and Order Testing

The Item and Order Testing can be taken as a simulation training for sellers to get a feel of what selling on Walmart would be like. 

There are three steps in this last stage.

  1. Item Setup 
  2. Test Items
  3. Order Testing

We can start with this last stage. Prior to which, there are particular demands laid down by Walmart, which they expect the sellers to fulfill. These are based on your catalog and are called “Catalog Go-live Criteria.” Below are those criteria, verbatim:

  1. Upload 10% or 1000 (whichever is fewer) of the items in your catalog in sellable condition (i.e., with inventory and price).

Out of the total Sellable items (As per the instructions laid down by Walmart) on your catalog, upload 10% of it if it is lesser than 1000 otherwise 1000 products. Thereby, make sure you have all the cost and count ready beforehand. Take advice from someone experienced, and they would say, Research some!

  1. At least 95% of your items classified correctly.

You must get at least 95% of your items to follow Walmart’s guidelines precisely for Walmart to approve them. Hence, make sure you do not list products under the prohibited product category. Keep the cost low, competitively. There are several other very precise guidelines that your Product listing needs to follow. Thus, Research!

Walmart Product Listing- Tips and Guidelines

1. Item Setup

Before you can go live, you need to update a product listing. While creating your Product Listing keep in mind that you are communicating with your customer base and this will be your chance to make the first impression.

And as mentioned above, this product listing would have to follow those criteria. Here are certain tips for setting up your Walmart Product Listing:

a. Categorization: Choose the right category and subcategory for your item.

Categorization defines the referral fees you pay to Walmart. But that is not it. How much you sell depends upon how Walmart displays your product. Hence, the display at the end depends upon your selection of categories.

b. Product Image: Review the item requirements

The image plays a significant role in selling products on Walmart. Walmart has laid down very detailed rules and tips to help with suitable images for products. Image size, file format, file size, Aspect Ratio, Image URLs, etc. are all elaborated well for the seller’s help in guidelines.

c. Item Specifications: Fill the Full Item Spec

Walmart provides a complete workbook with detailed instructions and tabs for each category available on Walmart. On opening sheets, you can find sub-categories just as well. Hence, careful categorization before reaching this stage is crucial. 
For updating items on Walmart, there are several methods to reduce the work for sellers. Sellers can either choose to do it themselves, or they can get assistance from Solution Providers. While doing Walmart Product Listings by themselves, they would have to fill out the Item Specs Worksheet.

How to fill the Item Spec Form?

  • Properly Categorize Products before starting.
  • Open the worksheet and makes sure you enable the macros. Macros are recordings of your clicks, commands, and series of actions in excel that you can repeat with just one click next time. These help in saving time when you are required to repeat something over and over again.
  • Select the sheet of your matching sub-category.
  • In the toolbox at the top, find Walmart Toolbar, and choose “Show Required Field Only.”
  • Fill out all the details precisely and make sure the data you enter are a valid one to avoid an error during the upload.
  • In case you need help with a particular column, or you are not sure what to fill in a cell, go to the Data definitions tab. You will find a complete guide for all the Attributes required.
  •  Add Main and Additional Images as per your need. To add more than one Image go to the Walmart toolbar once again and select Show All Fields.
  • Manage Variant Groups for your products. Variant Groups are Products varying by only a few attributes (Color, size, print, etc.).
  • Once you are done filling out the details, you need to Validate your data to avoid small or big errors. Although they are not enough, still help you in finding most of the mistakes.
  • Once all these steps are successfully covered, upload the file to Seller Center.

d. Refurbished Items: How and What “used-item” to sell on Walmart?

When it comes to selling used items on Walmart, they should be restored to like-new condition and should be working perfectly well. You must mention “Refurbished” in both the title as well as the description. Every attribute indexed about that item should indicate that it is a refurbished item.

No part of the listing should confuse the buyers into thinking that the item is new, which would eventually lead to disappointment in the buyers.

e. SEO: Sell more simply by gaining more visibility in Walmart and Google Search Results.

Walmart Product Listing SEO

Source: Walmart

Apply SEO by working on your Title, subtitle, images, selection of categories, etc.

i. Product Name/ Title

  • Keep it unique, precise, and up to 50-75 characters long.
  • Walmart offers a general formula for writing the best title, SEO wise, as:


ii. Description

  • Write a paragraph 150+ words with Keywords used tactically in the passage. 
  • Keep the whole content richly informative and useful for the sellers.
  • Do not over advertise the product. Maintain Authenticity.
  • Make sure it doesn’t look repetitive with the same words used again and again.
  • Keep the description conversational and engaging. Buyers must feel a connection.

iii. Attributes

  • Research the top qualities people look for while buying the product you are listing.
  • Use highly relevant attributes that help buyers in making a better as well as well informed decision before buying the item.
  • It is essential to realize that detailed attributes make for higher conversion rates by driving the most targetted and “ Right” Traffic.

iv. Key Features (Highlights)

  • List the most important features that people look for while attempting to buy these products.
  • Mention more than two and not more than 9-10 features of that product.
  • Do not use vague phrases, keep it crisp and to the point.
  • Tactically implement Keywords.
  • Once again, it goes without saying, do not repeat.
  • Do not mention unnecessary details such as high in demand for most top-selling products, etc.

v. Images

  • Always take an extra mile to yield better results. Add more than one image from a different angle than the main image.
  • Images should strictly abide by Walmart’s Content Policy. No image should be uploaded which might offend someone in anyways.
  • There should be images with zoom enabled features, i.e., images, when zoomed, should carefully show the features of the product instead of pixels breaking or blurring.
  • Naturally, the resolution should be high.
  • If possible, think broadly, and upload not just the image of the actual product but some extra details about it. Such as a size chart, product review, certificates, user manual, size depiction. Machine diagram, product application, etc.

An effective SEO rich listing is the quick sure way to boost your sales. If you want to understand the tips in detail and create an excellent Walmart Product Listing, find out a few great tips to do so.

You would also want to know how to sell your product on Walmart in a way to increase your sales before creating Walmart Product Listing.

Methods of Walmart Product Listing: Item Setup

Is the process of item setup too confusing for you? In case you find it laborious, there is another way to do this easily. Eager to know how?

As once mentioned above, to create Walmart Product Listing, there is more than one way. Depending upon, whether sellers do it themselves or seek help, here are the methods:

a. Walmart Integration API Method: Solution Provider

Walmart Integration API method is the most common and advisable method of uploading items for Walmart Product Listing. If you have an extensive catalog of things, this method is indeed recommended. 

How does this work out? 

The answer is Solution Providers. Solution Providers help out the sellers by managing their humongous data across platforms and tracking it for them. 

These services vary from Item and Order Management to Fulfillment, along with handling prices for them. 

Providers can help you out with all or specific needs of your shop depending upon what you want. Walmart categorizes the Solution Providers as Full-Service Solution Providers, Speciality Solution Providers, and Speciality Partners. 

Solution Providers are the third-party servers who are registered Partners with the Marketplaces, for which they provide a solution. Here are some keys that you should consider while deciding which Solution Provider to choose. Whether they offer:

  • Item Integration with complete details such as Variants and Swatches
  • Order Integration along with Cancellation, Refunds, and Shipment Services
  • Pricing Management, including Price Promotion, Product Repricing, etc.
  • Data Management and Synchronization across different platforms to create Multi-Channel Store.
  • What type of support can you expect from them? Over which platforms such as phone, Live chat or Email and how fast do they respond and if they offer dedicated agents or not?

“Working with CedCommerce is the best decision we have made in our business.”

-Rachel & Don, owner & CEO of USAloot

To get all the services mentioned above, you can get in touch with the respective team and figure out the best fit for all your needs! If you need more information find out how to get API keys from Walmart Marketplace.

b. Bulk Upload Method: Walmart Product Listing by sellers themselves

It happens to be the ideal means for Walmart Product Listing. That is if the seller has a small catalog and does not have an issue updating those items manually on the Item Spec form discussed above. 

Now once the Item is Setup in the Walmart Seller Center, you can move onto the next step that includes testing of these Items you just set up.

Items and Order Testing: Walmart Onboarding Checklist

Once the items are successfully uploaded on Walmart Seller Center, you can start testing them. The first step is to check whether the items have been uploaded successfully or not.

Walmart Onboarding Checklist: Item and Order Testing

Source: Walmart

1. Item Testing

One way to find out whether or not the products are successfully listed is to check if they are available in the grid. It looks like a table as in the picture here. 

Walmart Onboarding Checklist: Item List

Source: Walmart

a. Preview Item

Now, if you want to see how the product would look like, or check the price and other details you can go to the Item Page. To do so, click on the Preview Item. 

b. Preview Page

In this case, although your items are not published since you are not live the buyers would not see your listings, but you will see your Product Page as though your product is live. 

It will reflect the product price, features, description, “Add To Cart” Button, etc. just as it would once you win the Buy Box.

One definite advantage of this simulation is that you can explore the prices offered by other sellers and adjust your price accordingly.

Another thing worth noticing is if your product is offered by sellers out there, your product page might not reflect the same content that you updated.

c. Stage Status

The stage status indicates that the product listing is ready to go live, but since the seller is not live, and the product is not visible to sellers.

If all is up and about precisely the way, you want it to be. Moving on to the next step, you need to test the orders next.

2. Order Testing

Performing Order Testing works more like training to understand how the order flow works, from Order Acknowledgement once an order arrives to Refund Request, through all the steps in between.

There is no actual limit to how many orders you have to test. It is preferable to try more than just one to get a feel of things. Since there are three different types of actions that you need to perform on your orders.

Testing orders involve the following steps:

1. Order Cancellation

2. Order Shipping

3. Order Adjustment

Before completing these steps, you need to create a customer account on Walmart in preparation to make a live order, which you will then test as a Walmart Marketplace Seller.

Once again, coming back to Walmart Center, go to your item page and click on Publish Item. Once the item is published, the feed status changes from Stage to Published, which appears in green color. 

But this is not the only change that appears in the grid. A new link titled, Purchase Item appears. Click on it and use the customer account you created to purchase your test item. Now, Walmart has several anti-fraud checks in place. 

If one customer places more than three orders in one hour, the anti-fraud check cancels the said orders assuming them to be fake.

The process of purchasing this item is very real, and you will be required to register your credit card and buy the item as a real customer would.

Once the order is placed successfully, you can finally start with the testing process.

a. Order Cancellation Testing

This is your chance to see how the order would appear to you once you start selling on Walmart. So, it is crucial that you pay attention to every little detail of the order to avoid any future inconvenience.

To see all the orders placed on your products, check the Dashboard of Order Management section.

i. How to perform Order Cancellation Testing?

  • Ensure all information related to the order appears precisely as you want it to including taxes and costs related to the process.
  • If everything is okay, acknowledge the order. This is done by merely altering the Order status to Acknowledged.
  • Now, change the status to Canceled to decline the order.
  • Note down the PO number for this order and once again check the status of this order on the Dashboard of Order Management section. Search the order using the PO number and double-check the order status.
  • If the order is successfully Cancelled, then the Order Cancellation Testing is done.

b. Order Shipping Testing
Now, go back to the other order you placed from Walmart Customer Account and check all details related to it. Verify its correctness.

i. How to test Order Shipping?

  • Follow the same process as in the Order Cancellation process, and Acknowledge the order if everything is correct.
  • Please understand that although, you do not have to go through the process of shipping this item physically, however, you are required to supply real and authentic tracking details. This might sound a bit difficult to understand. Even when you search for how to sell your product on Walmart, you will find that giving valid tracking details to buyers is necessary. 
  • Go through the whole process as you would in the real case. First, modify the Acknowledged status of the order to Shipped.
  • Then supply all details pertaining to shipping such as Carrier Method, Shipping Method, Tracking Number, and URL as required by Walmart.
  • Like you did in the Cancellation Testing, recheck the change in Status for this order through Dashboard and verify if it is Shipped now or not.

Once the details are verified, related to the shipping and tracking of your items, you become eligible for Order Adjustment Testing.

c. Order Adjusting Testing

For the Item, you just shipped, make a note of all the details in a place and move to Order Management and find Adjustments.

  • Once you have entered the details for the order, its summary will be displayed.
  • For the item shipped, there will be an active link titled Issue Adjustment.
  • Once you reach taken to the refund item page, refund the total costs involved.
  • Like you have done before, recheck the status from Order Management Dashboard.

Well, there you go! If all of the above steps are complete you are done and ready to launch. Your Walmart Onboarding Process s about done. Mark the Complete Item and Order Testing as done.

Are you ready to launch checklist, here is how you find out.

Last-Minute Checklist

  1. Is your staff ready to start selling on Walmart once you go live?
  2. Have you decided on what shipping method you are going to involve? Make sure it is all set and ready to use.
  3. Recheck all your form details and be very sure everything is correct and within the lines of Walmart policies before going live.
  4. Recheck your bank details and Payoneer account. See if everything set up already.
  5. Are all your inventory updated with the right pricing and details?

If yes then, go ahead and click that Ready to launch button on the bottom of Walmart onboarding Checklist. 

In case you chose a Solution Provider, the process of onboarding might differ a little bit. To understand the process again, make sure you contact the right solution provider and let them take care of it all!

After placing the request for launch, wait for Walmart to approve your application. You will receive an approval mail from Walmart and 48 hours post which your account will be live. Congratulations!

Walmart Onboarding Process At a Glance

So, once you decide to take your store on Walmart, you will find yourself on the quest for How to sell your product on Walmart? Well, the answer to that is a very long one.

But to start selling on Walmart you need to start the registration process and gain access to the seller center, once you are approved to sell. As soon as you gain access to the seller center, you can upload your inventory either by yourself.

Or choose a third-party solution provider to meet your needs through Walmart Integration API. 

You will get the Walmart Onboarding Checklist with four steps which you will have to complete to go live.

By this point, your registration is done so that would mark the first step off the checklist. Finish setting up your Partner Profile, perform item and order testing and viola! Ready to go. 

Check out some enlightening videos if you want to know more about third party solutions we provide: 

1. Walmart Magento2 Configuration Settings

2. Walmart Magento2 Profile Management

3. Walmart Magento2 Product Management

4. How to manage Walmart Magento2 Orders?

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6. How to set crons for Walmart Magento2 Integration?

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    Please help if you can!

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      hammad, you must check in with your account first, if it is live or not as this may be the reason for "stage" products so you can create a case. if the problem still persists, you can contact us at or you can share your email id so we can reach you and help asap.

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      Thank you for getting in touch with us through the blog. The process of uploading feeds automatically takes not more than 5 minutes. Uploading one feed is good enough. The processing period takes around 24 hours before you GO LIVE. In the current scenario, being the official partner of Walmart, we can communicate with them on your behalf to resolve the issue. In order to do that, we require the Shop URL and email ID with which you have registered your Walmart Seller Account. You can get in touch with us at
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