6 Simple Steps to become a seller on Walmart in 2019
6 Simple Steps to Become a Seller on Walmart in 2019

6 Simple Steps to Become a Seller on Walmart in 2019


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Become a seller on Walmart in just six steps: Here is a simple six steps compilation on how to sell on Walmart. It also includes instructions regarding how to get approval to sell on Walmart and prerequisites to Walmart’s onboarding Process. 

In the year 2019, Walmart has brought in several new features, making the process simpler.

 Steps in Walmart’s Onboarding Process:

1. Apply to start Walmart’s Onboarding Process and seek Approval

2. Complete Walmart Seller’s Registration Process after Approval

3. Complete Partner Profile

4. Complete Item Set up

5. Complete Item and Order Testing

6. Launch Your Account as a Walmart Seller!

Walmart’s Onboarding Process is a simple one once you get approval to sell. Before the registration process, it is crucial to check out the current stats that affect a Walmart seller.

A glance at Walmart marketplace

Started as a small discount store, with the significant concern of selling more for less, Walmart has grown into one of the largest retailers on the planet.

Why you need to become a Walmart seller?

Source: Statista

Why sell on Walmart?

  1. Selling on Walmart can be a promising prospect for you to emerge out as a leading seller in 2019. The third-party sellers on Walmart have earned a lot and will most definitely, make even more upon store automation.
  2. Nearly 270 million weekly customers visit more than 11,700 Walmart stores under 65 banners in 28 nations and eCommerce websites.
  3. Walmart has about 100+ million unique visitors per month.
  4. It allows the sellers to reach out to 260 million users across the world, making it the second most visited e-commerce website across the globe. Thereupon, it leaves very little to question why you should become a seller on Walmart.

How to get approved to sell on Walmart?

For the longest time, Walmart’s onboarding process had a long wait time in place after the initial application. Merchants were supposed to wait for the approval to become a Walmart seller. The waiting time could take up to 4-6 weeks before sellers received the green flag. 

Not only the waiting time was a long one, but the criteria for getting approved were also too difficult to crack. 

The acceptance requirements have not been modified much to preserve quality. 

Nevertheless, the sellers can seek relief from the fact that Walmart has renewed the process of application. 

Sellers no longer need to wait for 4-5 weeks to get approval. Within 15 minutes of their initial application, sellers get an account which they need to set up and use for testing dummy orders.

To get approved successfully, Walmart sellers should qualify a few requirements to sell on Walmart.

Requirements to sell on Walmart Marketplace

Walmart is indeed an incredible opportunity for sellers to reach yet another enormous audience of ready buyers. Walmart marketplace allows third-party sellers to sell out on its platform.

Offering your products on Walmart ought to be on your agenda for 2019 If you are an online merchant. However, before that, there are some pre-requirements to selling on Walmart, which you have to fill.

If you make attempts to meet these requirements, this would most definitely help you in your quest for how to get approved to sell on Walmart.

1. One needs to have their warehouse based in the US with US Tax ID and Business Bank Account.

2. Sellers should be able to ship orders and receive returns from a Warehouse located in the US.

3. Walmart works with established online sellers, so new sellers might not get a chance to onboard to Walmart. They should have at least one year’s experience of excellent performance on US Marketplaces.

4. By all means, Walmart considers only those sellers, who have a stellar brand image and performance index on all its touchpoints.

5. Dedicated customer service, compelling product assortment, competitive pricing, and fast, reliable fulfillment are all the essential requirements. That need to be accomplished before becoming a Walmart marketplace seller. 

6. The sellers should be able to provide UPC or GTIN code for each SKU.

If your product assortments bring value to the buyers at a moderate and competitive price, then you’ll be a good match for Walmart. You can check out these instructions in detail when you start your registration process. It is all there on the Walmart form.

Perks of becoming a seller on Walmart

There are no account fees on Walmart. It only charges a Referral Fee, which ranges from 6-20% of your product’s selling price, depending on the category. 

Walmart pays sellers after the goods are shipped. However, Walmart doesn’t offer in-house order fulfillment service; sellers must handle order fulfillment themselves.

How to sell on Walmart?

The journey of a Walmart Seller can begin in two ways. Either, they start the registration after receiving an invitation from Walmart itself, which is rare. Alternatively, applying voluntarily on Walmart Marketplace and then getting approved to become a seller on Walmart.

When you start applying to Walmart, the first step is to create an account and gain access to Walmart Seller Center. Once your registration is complete, and you access Walmart Seller Center, a Walmart Launch Checklist/ Onboarding Checklist becomes available for you.

It contains four steps, and the first step on that list is Complete Registration, which is well elaborated in the sections to come.

STEP 1: Apply to become a Walmart Marketplace Seller

To start Walmart’s onboarding process, you need to apply for approval/ account creation.

You need to fill the form that appears with correct details and then wait for an email from Walmart with further information for your Account. This takes around 15-20 minutes.

It is crucial to start Walmart’s Onboarding Process from this page so that CedCommerce can be your Solution Provider.

How to sell on Walmart-Walmart Seller's Application

Source: Walmart

Once you finish the form, click on Start Application to become a seller on Walmart. 

STEP 2: Complete your Registration Form

Once you receive details for your account, start the process of filling your registration form. Be prepared with all the details beforehand and make sure you fill out details accurately.

Keep in mind, before filling the Walmart Seller Form; you need to be ready with information such as:

1. US Business ID (SSN is not accepted in the form)

2. W9 or W8 and EIN Verification Letter from the Department of Treasury that verifies your US business address or place of physical operations.

3. US business address

4. Planned integration method for your product catalog (bulk upload, API, Solution Provider)

5. Primary product categories, catalog size, and related information

For a smooth process:

1. Complete the whole application on a laptop or tablet in one go. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes.

2. Use Google Chrome for completing the form. It is highly recommended.

3. Do not close the browser tab in the middle of the process. The progress will be lost.

The Registration process of Walmart consists of 5 sections:

1. Account Creation

2. Company Registration

3. Taxes (W-9)

4. Payment Info.

5. Shipping Info.

How to sell on Walmart-Walmart Seller's Application

Source: Walmart

1.  Account Creation

In this step, you need to create a username and password to access the Walmart Seller Center. Your username which happens to be your email address will be auto-filled based on the application you submitted to become a Marketplace Seller.

Make sure you complete this process in one go, or you will lose access to the seller center. Henceforth it would not be possible to restore your account, thus fill out all details carefully and remember them for future use.

How to sell on Walmart-Walmart Seller's Application

Source: Walmart

Following this step, you will see a legal agreement titled “Walmart Marketplace Program Retailer Agreement.” Please read it carefully and check the box at the bottom to declare your agreement. This is a legally binding agreement that every seller has to accept.

2. Company Registration

You need to provide your company’s information so that Walmart could create your Partner Account.

You need to fill out the following details to complete this step:

a. Display Name: The name you want to show to customers on Walmart. This name will be how your customers will recognize you as a seller.

b. Corporate Address: The complete address of your company, including the zip code and phone number. Update your location as per your business address on tax files.

How to sell on Walmart-Walmart Seller's Company Registration

Source: Walmart

After filling out the details, click on “Save and Continue.” Once you complete this step, you will come across a copy of the Walmart Seller Agreement. Please read it carefully and when you find it fitting only then accept and move to the next step.

c. Taxes (W-9)

Sellers are required to provide a Form W-9 for tax purposes. You need to fill out the required fields, including your name, address, and TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number). Filling out tax-related information is easy at this step. To avoid unnecessary hold-ups, provide accurate details as on your tax forms. 

Also, you will find some boxes in the form are disabled. Which means, these changes cannot happen at this point and will remain same for all the stages of the form. However, when the form is complete, and your account is live, it is possible to apply for the change.

How to sell on Walmart-Walmart Seller's Tax Details

Source: Walmart

d. Payment Info

Walmart has partnered with Payoneer to process the payments of Marketplace partners. To receive your payments from Walmart, you must register with Payoneer.

How to sell on Walmart-Walmart Seller's Payment Details

Source: Walmart


In order to avoid any additional withdrawal fees charged by Payoneer on each fund withdrawal, you must start this process from the seller center itself. Means, don’t try to register on Payoneer directly, instead try setting up your account from your Walmart Seller Center.

There are some points that you should take a minute to review, relevant to the Payment information. These will help you better understand how the integration of Payoneer and Walmart works.

i. Although the account setup of Payoneer start while you are in the process of registration at Walmart Seller Center, it occurs at the site of Payoneer.

ii. Walmart.com is committed to protecting the sellers. Only the people in your team with Access to Partner ID and Admin account will be able to manage monetary affairs.

iii. When registered through Walmart Seller center, all transfers will go to to your bank account through Payoneer. No extra charges will affect the total amount. No limit on the maximum amount exists either.

Walmart is committed to protecting its Sellers and only relevant data is distributed to the third party.

Upon finishing with this step, click “Continue to Next Step.”

e. Shipping Info

This section represents your default shipping price models for all your items on Walmart.

How to sell on Walmart-Walmart Seller's Shipping Details

Source: Walmart

  • Select Your Pricing Model
  • Select Your Shipping Methods and Regions

It is advised to research all the rates and processes before filling out the form. Although you can make changes later, it is essential to go live with accurate and wanted details to avoid any inconvenience.

Shipping types preferred by Walmart include next day and 2-day deliveries. In case orders cannot be delivered next day, it would help your ranking if you could ensure 2 day delivery on entire order.

 Once you have set up your shipping settings, review your selections, and then click on “Submit.” These settings can be changed later on if needed.

With this step, you’ll be logged in to your Seller Center, wherein you’ll need to complete the Launch Checklist items.

This completes your Registration for Partner panel on Walmart.

 STEP 3: Complete your Partner Profile

The third major step is to complete the “Launch Checklist” that outlines the requirements to launch your account on Walmart.

So as now you have created your Partner Profile at Walmart, you will have access to the Seller Center, where you’ll find the checklist.

The first checklist item will be to “Complete your Partner Profile.” This is a public page from where customers will be able to know about you such as your company name, description, company logo, policies, tax information, etc.)

 The main steps of this first item on the Checklist are:

  • Company Info
  • Customer Service
  • Shipping
  • Return Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Tax Info
How to sell on Walmart- Walmaert Seller's Profile

Source: Walmart

As soon as you complete all the steps, the checklist item will be checked off as complete.

A more detailed all-encompassing guide for a complete Walmart Seller’s Journey is available in case of more queries or issues.

STEP 4: Complete Item Setup

It is an essential part of your Walmart account creation and onboarding process. This is the step wherein you need to input all the product-related data such as images, titles, long and short descriptions, attributes, etc. This step involves saving your item before going live.

Steps to be followed for Complete Item Setup:

  • Identify the right category and subcategory for your items
  • Have your image URLs or files ready
  • Prepare the Item Setup Feed with all the item details
  • Ingest/upload your Item Feed files
  • Preview your items on Walmart and Complete Item & Order Testing.

 Once you upload all your item feed on Walmart Seller Center, it will move to Staged Status.

Moreover, you need to perform item and order testing before your products pilot on Walmart.  

STEP 5: Complete Item & Order Testing

To complete this step, you need to click on “Complete Item & Order Testing” link in your Launch Checklist.

How to sell on Walmart- Walmaert Seller's Launch Checklist

Source: Walmart

In Seller Center, select “Preview Item” to verify the item info and pricing in Staged Status. The same info is shown to your customers once they will be live, so make sure everything looks good.

How to sell on Walmart- Walmaert Seller's Product Listing

Source: Walmart

Then move ahead to your Walmart Seller Center, click on “Publish Item.”

How to sell on Walmart- Walmaert Seller's Product Listing

Source: Walmart

Once you click on Publish Item, it becomes available to Walmart Customers. After your item is published, click on “Purchase Item.”

How to sell on Walmart- Walmaert Seller's Product Listing

Source: Walmart

As soon as you click on Purchase Item, you’ll be redirected to the live item page where you can purchase your item on Walmart. However, before that, you’ll have to create your customer account on Walmart.

STEP 6: Launch Your Account

The last and final step for selling on Walmart Marketplace is to launch your account. After, checking all the items in the Launch Checklist as “done” select confirm on the popup message that will appear to confirm if you’re ready to launch.

The Walmart Marketplace Integration team will review your profile, and if everything seems fine to Walmart, your products will be live within 24 hours.

These steps sum up the complete process of onboarding Walmart Marketplace.

You’re All Set to Go live on Walmart Marketplace Now!

The steps after Completing your registration and gaining access to Walmart seller centre can be a little befuddling, but with a third-party Solution Provider that can help you with the process smoothly.

In the event that you still got some more questions? Get the all-inclusive Step-by-Step Guide to Start your Walmart Journey!

All in all

Since Walmart is an invitation-only marketplace, therefore one needs to get the approval to become a Walmart seller before listing on the platform. Make sure you abide by the selling terms and conditions and meet the eligibility criteria and requirements to sell on Walmart.

Now if you meet all the requirements to sell on Walmart, you should take advantage of the opportunity of listing as a third-party seller on one of the biggest marketplace on the planet. It’s a platform with millions of loyal customers.

Getting a jumpstart on building your reputation and presence on the Walmart marketplace will help you increase your customer base for the future. If you haven’t already applied to Walmart, Get Started Now!

For the ultimate solution on the best way to excel on Walmart Marketplace in 2019, check out our eBook: Step-by-Step. Look for regions of improvement yourselves, or let us help. CeCommerce partners with with Walmart. com and is committed to help you out in every step of the way. Reach us with your query at apps@cedcommerce.com. Let us help you with your journey! Contact us.

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