Want An Easy Fix For Walmart Buy Box? Try Walmart Repricer!
Want An Easy Fix For Walmart Buy Box? Try Walmart Repricer!

Want An Easy Fix For Walmart Buy Box? Try Walmart Repricer!


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How many times have you faced the struggle of winning and retaining Buy Boxes at Walmart? While retaining Walmart Buy Box, do you also fear for your pricing to ensure the profits are within rights? It is a no-hidden fact, that the product that appears with the Walmart buy box is positioned to maximize the most revenue for that particular product. So how do you handle the pricing for thousands of products at once? There is an easy solution for you: Walmart Repricer Tool. Walmart Marketplace Repricer can help you win and retain Buy boxes at Walmart for all your products and maintain profits at the same time.

What is Walmart Buy Box?

Walmart Buy Box is simply the “Add To Cart” Box that you see right next to the listings on Walmart. It looks simple enough to be a natural part of the Product Listing itself. 

While, in reality, it is something that can cause zero sales for some sellers. 

The thing is since there are multiple sellers intending to sell the same product, they are all presented in one listing, the one that the Winner of Buy boxes on Walmart has placed. Under this listing, customers can see a section that draws attention to other sellers and their costs associating with the product. The chances that a customer will select a higher cost for the same product is rare to none. The chance that a customer is not going to click on “Add to Cart” and check out other sellers is also low.

So the key to higher sales is Winning Walmart Buy Box. 

Undoubtedly, this could be a challenge, since a difference of even a cent can cost you a great deal. So, when dealing with a few hundred or thousands of listings, is it possible to handle every cost individually and win buy box? You can answer that for yourself, but if the answer is no, then here is a little trick for you. You can hire a personal elf to do your bidding. Or not.Get Walmart Integration

What can a Walmart Repricer Tool do to help?

The Walmart Repricer is embedded in Walmart Marketplace Integration. It employs algorithms that dynamically evaluate and automatically adjust pricing for each product. Thus, even if the competitors have changed their prices, it follows the process again to win the buy box.

Key Actions of the Walmart Marketplace Repricer

The algorithm compares the product pricing with that of competitors and then, based on the set of input values by the users, recommends the changes in the cost of products to help it win the Buy box or the top position.

  1. Enables vendor to view the marketplace price
  2. Dynamically Reprices the product once competitor lowers or increases the prices
  3. Removes the hassle of monitoring competitors pricing
  4. Enables intelligent repricing for each product

How does the Walmart Repricer Algorithm Work to win Walmart Buy Box?

The process starts by sending a request to Walmart to fetch the prices of all the existing Items by competitors. Post which, it compares this data with the pricing of your products. Thereafter, depending on the inputs provided by you, the app calculates the new pricing. Which inadvertently helps you win and retain the Walmart Buy Box.

Finally, the last check ensures that the new value lies between the limit you set. This is to ensure that you do not suffer a loss on the sale of this product. A minimum and the maximum value is defined by the users initially. This acts as the limit between the cost that will vary. Then, the price is uploaded to Walmart and is made live as the new price for that product. 

Illustrating the Algorithm:

Let’s look at two scenarios.

  1. Some other seller is winning the buy box
  2. You are winning the buy box, where it narrows down the deficit to help you maximize the profit.

Scenario I:

If the price of your product is higher than the buy box price.

Buy Box Price: $15
Seller-1 Price: $16
Seller-2 Price: $18
Seller-3 Price: $19
Your product price: $17
Your product Min Price: $14
Your product Max Price: $20

In this case, the repricer tool will update your product price to $14.5. The value is greater than your product’s min price and less than the buy box price. Then your product will win the buy box and the buy box price is now $14.5.

Scenario II:

If the price of your product is less than the buy box price.

Buy Box Price: $22
Seller-1 Price: $23
Seller-2 Price: $24
Seller-3 Price: $26
Your product price: $17
Your product Min Price: $14
Your product Max Price: $20

In this case, the repricer tool will update your product price to $20. And conclusively, the value is the max price of your product. Therefore, the buy box price will now be $20 and your product will win the buy box.

How to implement Repricer in the Walmart Integration?

Follow the steps mentioned below to perform Repricing for your products at Walmart:

Step 1: From the Walmart Integration App, go to Product and then click Repricing. The following page opens up:repricing

Step 2: The repricing is disabled as of now. You need to enable it at this step.

To enable Repricing for your products on Walmart, you need to click the text where it’s written here. Clicking here redirects you to the following page:repricing

Step 3: Now click on Product configuration and scroll down the page where you will find a section to enable repricing. From the dropdown menu, click Yes, and then Save your settings.repricing

Step 4: Now go to the Product section of the dashboard and click Repricing. The following page opens up wherein you need to click the Fetch button to fetch products for repricing.repricing

Step 5: Now, to create the Repricing rules, click on the Add New Rule button. The following page opens up. Add the Rule Name, Price Type, Min & Max limit, and Price difference on this page. Then click the Save Button.repricing

Step 6: Next, add Conditions. Conditions can be set by Product Type, Title, Tag, or Vendor. Click Save once the conditions are added.

The rules are created. Now your products are moved to the Assigned Products section.

Step 8: Now you need to update the price on Walmart. For that, Select Repricing rules and then select Update Price from the Select Bulk Action dropdown, and then click Action. With this, the product prices get updated on Walmart.

To check for which products you have enabled repricing, click the Assigned products column.

All in All

With your very own Walmart Repricer Tool, or say Super Elf, for all its excellent and helpful features, Walmart Buy Box is yours for the taking. That too with no extra efforts on your part whatsoever. So, while these elves sort out your hundreds of product listings, ensuring that your buy box goes nowhere, you can kick back relax, and count profits.

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