Convenience over Pricing
Consumer Convenience: Know why consumers are ready to pay more in 2022.

Consumer Convenience: Know why consumers are ready to pay more in 2022.


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Quick Brief – Commodity and convenience costs influence consumer patronage in the present eCommerce universe. The key to understanding shopping behavior is consumers’ increased importance on convenience. The preferred convenience varies in different age groups. From Gen Z looking forward to instant food products to Millenials demanding premium customer service, consumer convenience has been a significant element for deriving eCommerce growth. We understand the numerous questions that arise in your mind over consumer convenience and purchasing. Therefore, we are here with all the answers that will further assist you in influencing your buyers’ decisions.


  1. How does convenience influence consumers’ shopping behavior?
  2. How does Convenience Derive eCommerce Growth?
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  4. Grab the key of convenience to unlock your business growth
  5. Conclusion

How does convenience influence consumers’ shopping behavior?

Consumers’ lifestyle has become busier over the years.

Consumers’ lifestyle is becoming busier with each passing moment. They have less free time compared to what they had five years ago. This is probably why most consumers emphasize the importance of convenience while shopping now. Consumers sometimes might not even be aware of convenience’s role in their lives until it’s gone. Most of them might say that quality and price are the most critical factors in their shopping decisions, yet they tend to back out purchases because they are inconvenient.

Consumers are willing to pay the convenience cost that comes along.

As time is money, shoppers are willing to pay for a convenient experience. For this reason, retailers are consistently working on innovations to save consumers’ time for which they are willing to pay. According to a survey conducted in 2020, two-thirds of the current shoppers pay for a delivery service such as Amazon Prime. This figure jumps to an impressive 82 percent when the consumer group is parents. More than half of parents pay for more than one of these services. As consumers, especially parents are willing to pay more for groceries, personal care items, and pet supplies, it concludes that convenience matters the most for routine purchases.

Convenience develops a competitive edge.

Consumers are also likely to choose a brand that provides a convenient experience. Therefore, nine out of 10 brands deeply focus on consumer convenience. Since more than 52% of shoppers are influenced by convenience, it offers retailers an extra advantage when competing on criteria like price and quality alone becomes challenging.

How does convenience derive eCommerce growth?

The convenience of shopping helps develop loyal customers who further purchase more in the future. It acts as the backbone of e-commerce and is one of the major reasons behind the growth of online shopping over the past few years. Online shopping provides the convenience of purchasing products anytime from any corner via your choice’s payment and delivery method. Therefore, no wonder convenience is changing the way people shop and perceive certain shopping options.

What matters the most while shopping

Research conducted by the National Retail Federation shows why e-commerce brands need to consider consumer convenience more than the quality and price of their products to showcase their proposition.

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Importance of convenience to customers

Grab the key of consumer convenience to unlock your business growth

Consumers look for immediate gratification, especially when they’re ready to spend. Therefore to help you fulfill your consumers’ needs and assist you in business growth, CedCommerce’s seamless integration features layout convenience most competitively.

S. No.  Integration Features Seamless Convenience for consumers
1. Delete Out-of-Stock Products Delete out-of-stock products to avoid canceling failed orders.
2. Repricer tool Set competitive pricing for your products and win the buy box to provide consumers with the ease of purchasing. 
3. Order Threshold Limit Set order threshold limits to avoid overselling and canceling orders.
4. Auto acknowledgment of orders Automatically acknowledge your new orders within no time for confirmed orders. 
5. Shipping Templates Apply 2day, standard, and other relevant shipping tags on your eligible products to let customers order at their convenience. 

CedCommerce’s carefully devised integration solution for the Walmart marketplace provides these aforementioned amazing features and many more. These amazing features help you stand up to consumer expectations and boost your brand’s growth by maintaining a perfect seller score. An ideal seller score further helps you gain a pro-seller badge, which helps grow your business by gaining consumers’ trust.

What we are saying is 

The consumer customs of buying cheap and best have faded in the current scenarios. They are willing to pay more while looking for the convenience of purchasing any product. Especially For online shopping, convenience matters most during the beginning research portion of the journey.

Though shopping has been made more convenient over the past five years, there’s still more to come. It is so because Shoppers continue to look forward to additional ways to save time and effort by creating shopping journeys that are as convenient as possible.

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