Few things you don’t know about Walmart customers
Few things you don’t know about Walmart customers

Few things you don’t know about Walmart customers


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Selling successfully on the Walmart marketplace requires a proper understanding of your customers. This understanding of Walmart customers and knowledge of their behavior will help you develop healthy seller-customer relationships. This will also help you plan well and sell beneficially for you and your Walmart customers both. The more you know about your customers at Walmart, the better you can serve them. So looking after the significance of this aspect, here is some useful information about the customers of Walmart.com, like- what product categories they shop for the most, their buying habits, and the things that play a critical role in their purchase decisions on Walmart. So let’s begin!

Why should you know your Walmart customers?

Knowing your customers is essential to understanding what their needs and wants are. Selling on Walmart means attracting over 100 million unique visitors each month. To cater to these customers of Walmart, it becomes imperative to know them well. So, taking deeper insights from the research done by JungleScout, below is some useful info about the customers of Walmart.

Key facts to know about Walmart.com customers

They value product pricing

Walmart customers are budget conscious, and product price plays a vital role in affecting their purchases. They shop from Walmart because they prefer the low product prices that Walmart offers. Another critical benefit backed by offering low product prices is the increased chances of winning the Walmart buy box. Therefore, you can boost your conversion rate and sell higher on Walmart by offering low product prices.

They prefer easy returns

An important thing that Walmart customers love is the flexible return policy of Walmart. While shopping online, the biggest trouble comes when a customer happens to return the product. Maybe a product is not as displayed, or there is some variation in the product’s color, or maybe because of the unfit size of the clothes they ordered. Any of these reasons or any other can lead to initiating product returns.

And in such cases, the product return policy of Walmart makes it seamless for Walmart customers to return the product easily by going to their nearest Walmart store. This seamless process of product return at Walmart is what the customers like, and this keeps them coming to Walmart for their needs since they know they don’t need to worry in case they need to return the product.

Reviews help them make an informed decision

A big percentage of shoppers say that reviews play an important role in decision-making. Around 32% of customers stated that good reviews make them purchase a product from Walmart.com. So it would help if you collected good reviews about your Walmart products.

To help generate good reviews on Walmart, you need to make the complete selling and buying process smooth. Also, deliver products that meet up expectations of the customers. If somehow a defective or a broken item gets delivered, and the customer initiates a return, quickly approve and process it to boost customer satisfaction. This will help you in building a long-term relationship with the customer.

They search and shop for gifts in numerous ways

Walmart customers shop for gifts in varied ways. 62% of respondents revealed that they search for a specific gift item, 48% revealed that they shop for a specific gift brand, and 47% of respondents said that they search for gift items with a broader term. With this info in hand, you need to work on keywords and optimize the titles and descriptions for the gifts so that your product appears in the relevant searches when customers search for gift items on Walmart.Walmart Integration

Social media’s impact on them

Social media greatly affects how Walmart customers spend their money and the products they buy. The study reveals that around 40% of shoppers consider buying products online while they are on some social media platform.

While around 50% admitted buying products that are recommended to them. This indicates that it is of utmost importance to make your business presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc., to spread awareness about your products.

These are their most shopped product categories

The most popular product categories among Wamart.com customers are groceries, clothing, beauty & personal care, cleaning supplies, vitamins & dietary supplements, followed by other varied categories. To sell more and cater to most Walmart customers, you need to list products belonging to these categories that Walmart shoppers prefer the most.

They modified their way of living

In 2021, numerous changes were brought up in the habits and living standards of the customers of Walmart.com. And this huge modification can have a direct impact on the way they purchase and what they purchase from Walmart.

As per the study-

  • 12% of respondents have set up a gym at home.
  • 24% of respondents are spending on pet supplies.
  • 20% of respondents adopted or bought a new pet.
  • 18% of respondents moved into a new home. Also, 13% recently renovated their homes.
  • 18% of respondents got a new job, 23% are doing WFH, and 11% set up a WFH office space.

All this reveals that you need to optimize your store right away.

Include the products that can be suited for pets and pet supplies. For those working from home, you need to have something to offer them like office furniture, table, chairs, etc.

For those who moved into a new home or renovated their homes, you need to have something to offer to them that can be an addon to their home renovation.

And for the gym lovers who have established a home gym, list the gym supplies on your virtual store. Optimizing your listings to have at least something to offer to all these customers is a must to boost your Walmart sales.

They have shipping preferences

Around 38% of respondents shop from Walmart because of the fast shipping that Walmart offers. And this indicates the shipping preference of Walmart customers and the role it plays. So offering fast shipping can help you attract more customers. Whereas, around 31% of the customers said they value free shipping and shop from Walmart.com because of Walmart’s free shipping program.

Therefore, you need to offer various shipping options for customers so that they can choose the type of shipping they want. For those who want the ordered products quickly, offering fast shipping is a must. And to whom the delivery time doesn’t matter and who don’t want to spend an additional amount on shipping, give free shipping.

Walmart customers are loyal to the marketplace

A third of customers shop from Walmart because they know what products Walmart offers. They are aware of the products of Walmart and that’s why they always come to Walmart to shop for the products they need. This loyalty helps you overcome the hassle of bringing in customers to your products. And so you need little to no investment in spreading awareness and marketing your offerings to these loyal customers on the Walmart marketplace.

To Sum Up

Knowing your customers is the key to running a successful business on the Walmart marketplace. With the above answers in hand, you can craft a marketing strategy that is aligned with the customers’ buying patterns and preferences. With a proper understanding of the customers and what they like and what they do not, you can excel in your business at Walmart.

Moreover, if you don’t yet sell on the leading marketplace of the US, connect with the experts. From a hassle-free onboarding to establishing a seamless selling experience, the experts will guide you all the way. Let’s get started now!

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