Automatic Pricing Rules Overview at
Explained: Automatic Pricing Rules Overview at

Explained: Automatic Pricing Rules Overview at


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Since, Walmart thrives for more savings to its users, it encourages 3rd party sellers offering the product at its marketplace website to economize their products in a best possible way. For this Walmart has drafted two rules that identify and unpublish all those items which are highly uncompetitive-ly priced.


The Two Rules are:


  • Price Parity Rule
  • Price Leadership Rule


Price Parity Rule:

This rule unpublishes an item from their marketplace if a user can purchase the same item of the same seller from the competitors’ website. This include the standard shipping rate of the product as well.


Price Leadership Rule:

Under this rule Walmart, automatically, unpublished items from its platform, when it finds the prices of the items DRASTICALLY lower than that of a similar item offered at In this case, even if the sellers are different, the product(s) will be unpublished.



How does Automated Pricing Rule works?


  1. regularly monitors the prices of the items being offered at their marketplace and compares them with that of competitors’. And if they’re in violation of any of the two rules, Walmart unpublishes them and informed the sellers through MANAGE ITEM REPORTS section of the Walmart Seller Center
  2. Walmart automatically republished the orders within 15 minutes if the price changes are made of Walmart’s website or on competitor’s website under acceptable range.
  3. The price of the item is taken as original pricing + Standard Shipping Charges



What to do when Items are Unpublished:


1. Once the products have been published, you can access the information through Manage Item Reports in Seller Center and look at Status Change Reason Field

– However, if you feel the item was identified, first verify that Product Id is correct and if it’s incorrect fix them.


Remember that packs should be created with their own Product ID, not using the Product ID of the items inside the pack.


– If you believe the items have been priced competitively, then create a case with with following details:


  • Item ID
  • Current Price
  • Feed ID in which that price was sent
  • The Status Change Reason from the Item Report
  • A screenshot of the Buy Box for this item (if you have it and it’s relevant to your dispute)


2. If possible update the price of the items to be more competitively


3. Whenever price changes within acceptable ranges are made, the items are republished, it generally takes 15 minutes at max. However if it takes more, create a case with


4. Even if the price has remained the same for a prolonged period of time, the items may be unpublished as market conditions change. You should review prices on an ongoing basis to ensure they are competitive on Walmart Marketplace.


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