How To Get More Reviews on Walmart
How to Get Reviews on Walmart? 6 Sure-shot Ways to get more reviews!

How to Get Reviews on Walmart? 6 Sure-shot Ways to get more reviews!


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Quick Brief – Customer reviews are incredibly influential in boosting your sales. As per the Local Consumer Review Survey, 79% of online shoppers trust online reviews as much as someone’s recommendation. Reviews act as trust builders for shoppers. Most sellers are clueless about how to get reviews on Walmart. If you, too, are a perplexed seller wondering how to get more reviews, you will find everything on how to get reviews on Walmart in this blog.


  1. Importance of Reviews on Walmart
  2. How Reviews Affect Your Sales
  3. Interesting Facts about Online Reviews
  4. Types of Reviews on Walmart
  5. 6 Best Ways to Get More Reviews on Walmart!
  6. Conclusion

Importance of Reviews on Walmart

Reviews from different buyers act as a digital word-of-mouth strategy that can have an immense impact on your business directly or indirectly. At, these reviews serve as the hallmarks of success on the product pages.

Search Engine Land's Study

How Reviews Affect Your sales?

The number of reviews on a product is directly proportional to a customer’s trust. With a direct correlation between reviews and product discoverability, Walmart reviews help boost products’ SEO performance. Even though they are from random strangers, reviews act as one of the best marketing tools.

    • They help build shopper’s trust.
    • Help you sell your product.
    • Boost the conversion rates.
    • Increase your sales.
    • Provide the details that your potential customer may be interested in.
    • Works like a word-of-mouth strategy.

Interesting Facts about Online Reviews!

  • Buying decisions of 93% of shoppers are impacted by online reviews.
  • Online reviews are trustworthy for 78% of consumers as much as personal recommendations.
  • 90% of people consider reading online reviews before visiting a business.
  • 73% of consumers trust a local business for its positive reviews.

Displaying Reviews increases Conversion rate by 270%

  • 40% of consumers consider the reviews written in the past two weeks only.
  • 68% of consumers are likely to pay 15% more for the same product if assured of a better experience.
  • Online reviews, comments, and forum posts are essential to 75% of businesses’ financial and reputational status.
  • Companies are at risk of losing 22% of business if a potential customer finds one negative article on the first page of search results.

Online Reviews Convince 94% of people

  • 51% of businesses are negatively affected by targeted trolls.
  • 92% of consumers are reluctant to purchase products if customer reviews are missing for a product.

35% of people are affected by just one negative review

Source – Igniyte

Types of reviews on Walmart

  1. Product Reviews: Product Reviews are the buyers’ opinions about the products they have bought from Walmart. Apart from customers, Walmart allows its employees to write product reviews, too; however, their reviews are posted with a Walmart Associate label.
  2. Seller Reviews: Similar to Product Reviews, Seller Reviews are the buyers’ opinions of the sellers they bought goods from. Seller reviews are about the service quality that you as a seller provide.

6 Best Ways to Get More Reviews on Walmart!

Trusted Review Platform such as Bazaar Voice

Use a trusted review platform to generate more reviews. Platforms such BazaarVoice offer tools to assist sellers in adding reviews from different customers to their websites.

What is BazaarVoice →

Used by major online marketplaces and e-commerce retailers to write authentic reviews, Bazaarvoice is one of the world’s leading digital marketing companies. It is a review platform that helps suppliers to gather reviews from the customers, which are later accepted and displayed by on the detailed product pages. Walmart uses BazaarVoice as a review provider for its best UGC Solutions and services.

The Walmart BazaarVoice Partnership →

Bazaarvoice works with the most widespread network of retailers, brands, and shoppers. As a result, the Walmart Bazaarvoice partnership helps Walmart suppliers and marketplace sellers to enhance their conversions on The BazaarVoice is an industry leader in providing exceptional UGC solutions and content authenticity standards.

Reviews also play an integral role in achieving a higher Listing Quality Score. This score comprises four factors that are –

  • Content & discoverability
  • Offer
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Post-purchase quality.

Customer reviews play an essential part in enhancing your product discoverability and conversion rate. Thus, choosing Bazaarvoice’s programs can help you collect these reviews faster. There are four ways to optimize reviews on with the help of BazaarVoice.

Leverage the Walmart Spark Reviewer Program

The Walmart Spark Reviewer program provides you with the opportunity to send samples of your product to your loyal customers in exchange for their valuable honest reviews. Once the samples are shipped, you can start seeing the reviews on Walmart within three weeks. This is an ideal solution for sellers who need to boost review volume for their products. 

Collect + Distribute

Collect+Distribute is a  successful review strategy used by brands to increase high-quality review collection for their essential products. The collected reviews are then distributed across all the sites where they sell their products. Bazaarvoice provides you all the necessary tools to automate review collection from your customers and ensure they are displayed across sites in the Bazaarvoice Network, including Walmart itself.

Collect + Display + Distribute

Reviews are critical online sales drivers for about 86% of brands. As higher UGC creates higher sales, Collect + Display + Distribute is the best solution for generating a higher UGC on your website and The collect + Display + Distribute solution from the BazaarVoice program provides tools to the sellers that help them in:

    • Collecting authentic reviews from their customers after purchasing a product.
    • Displaying those reviews on their websites.
    • Syndicating reviews to

The reviews published on will display the source and publish date. Collect + Display + Distribute enhances your website’s user experience, automates review collection, drives more user-generated content, which ultimately optimizes the conversion rate of your product pages.

Bazaarvoice also offers a seamless integration solution to support UGC for those Walmart marketplace sellers who have a Shopify eCommerce platform. Through this Bazaarvoice Shopify integration, sellers can easily collect, display, and distribute reviews on Shopify stores and

Walmart BazaarVoice Partnership


Whether or not you already have organic reviews collected on your website, the Distribute-Only tool from BazaarVoice will help you make your reviews visible on To help sellers drive maximum sales, Bazaarvoice partners with several other UGC providers to help sellers reach more customers by increasing the number of places your customers can find ratings and reviews for your products.

To ensure authenticity, all reviews still go through Bazaarvoice’s content moderation and authenticity process.

Emails can help collect reviews.

Emails also help in collecting reviews. All you need to do is create a list of email addresses of your frequent and potential customers to send them email ads that redirect them to the page or website you want. Email follow-up sequences, also known as “drip campaigns,” are necessary for the email review collection process. Though it requires a lot of commitment, dedication, and patience, it is one of the most efficient ways to acquire more reviews on Walmart.

Emails Can Help Collect Reviews

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High-Quality products automatically generate reviews.

Selling high-quality products automatically generate great reviews. Customers will be interested in sharing their experiences with others If your product offers them one.

Learn how to create quality listings; contact CedCommerce now!

High Quality Products generate reviews

Get in touch with the customers directly.

Contacting the customers directly is also an effective way to acquire reviews. All you have to do is:

  • Find the Product Pages.
  • Target the users who once purchased items and left their reviews.
  • Collect their respective details and start contacting them.

Users tend to give positive reviews when contacted directly as it makes them feel valued.

A Great Customer Experience is vital.

Most of the negative reviews are a result of customers being misinformed about the product. Therefore, as a seller, you should be honest about the product you are selling. Ensure to provide the minutest and the most accurate information to avoid false expectations or confusion for the buyer.

Accept and respond to the negative reviews.

Know how to turn negative reviews into positive ones instead of fearing them. With numerous positive reviews, a few negative ones prove that you believe in transparency, creating trust among the shoppers. Though Negative reviews make balance, you need to fix them, as it reflects good customer service and shows that you, as a seller, are concerned about your customers’ satisfaction.

Negative reviews do influence other customers in decision-making. However, they might not necessarily be about the product. Negative reviews could also be about the high shipping charges or anything but the product, which might not be a matter of concern for other customers viewing your product.

Know how to respond to negative reviews

Customer reviews serve the primary purpose of helping potential buyers to make better choices. This is why Walmart welcomes both positive and negative reviews. Customers’ opinions help better in informing others about the product.

What we are saying is

Customer reviews are a great testament to your product quality. A good review has the power to increase your conversion rate and establish you as a trustworthy brand. However, some sellers may face issues in getting customer reviews. Are you one of those sellers wondering how to get good reviews on Walmart?Get Walmart Integration

To receive good reviews, you can invest in good SEO practices or speak with experts. Polishing your digital presence for better visible results, our marketing experts provide cutting-edge Digital Marketing Solutions. So Contact us now! And talk to our experts.

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