Why CedCommerce is best?
Why CedCommerce’s dedicated integration solution can be the best solution for Walmart.

Why CedCommerce’s dedicated integration solution can be the best solution for Walmart.


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As an eCommerce retailer, you strive to give your customers the best, satisfying, and hassle-free experience.

To sell on a giant marketplace like Walmart you may need a big team, a lot of time, and a lot of capital investment. There are more chances of human error and other hurdles to your business if you aren’t using integration.

This is the time to look for a fully integrated eCommerce solution that could benefit your business in all possible ways. CedCommerce integration can be a one-stop solution for all your concerns.

The eCommerce industry is evolving and with new trends, new ideas are always next door. In today’s time, adaptability is the core need, leading to your business growth in more possible ways.

Why does your online store need an integration by CedCommerce to sell on Walmart?

It’s never easy to manage everything when you are selling on a giant marketplace like Walmart, apart from other channels. Setting up an online store, uploading products, category mapping, and a lot more comes in the way and demands so much time. To give your customers an effortless experience you need fewer human errors and more quick services. That’s why you need integrations. The integration lets you connect your stores directly to the marketplace and makes your task easy.

How integration benefits your business?

It connects your store with the marketplace and enables everything to communicate seamlessly and bi-directionally, i.e., information and data can be utilized freely and automatically, and chances of human errors reduces. This ends your manual work and saves your time making your operations more efficient.


When operations run efficiently and fewer human errors take place, you get to plan your business strategy with ample time, resulting in the growth of the business.

Why CedCommerce but not any other solution provider?



Any other solution provider

Frequent updates at no additional charges



Dedicated account manager



Advanced Features to simplify sales



Free Client Support



CedCommerce’s integration solutions for Walmart are the best solutions available. Let’s find out Why?

Integrations streamline your work process and reduce the pressure of manual work. And with less pressure, you can definitely strive towards your business operations in far better ways. Getting into the details of how integration benefits your business:

Why are CedCommerce’s integrations better than other available integrations?

Walmart marketplace integration by Cedcommerce provides various benefits to the users in comparison to others:

Free Upgrades – CedCommerce provides totally free upgrades to its customers for the version they are using. Customers get notified when the new version is available through email or in the notification section of the app.

Dedicated account manager– Cedcommerce provides a dedicated account manager to the customer related to any query & this service is available 24*7. You are free to connect no matter what time.

Free installation – We provide free installation of the solution. Installation can be done from the installation guide that will be provided to the client after the purchase of the product. The guide is easy to understand.

Support Period – With paid extensions, CedCommerce provides free 24×7 support for 3 months.

Cedcommerce offers integration for various e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, Opencart, Prestashop, BigCommerce, etc. With these integration solutions, merchants can sell on various marketplaces effortlessly. Additionally, a dedicated account manager is given to assist you in the process.

Features of CedCommerce’s Integrations

  • Easy Bulk Upload– Uploading your products can take a lot of time. With the app’s bulk upload feature, you can practically do it in minutes.
  • Order Automation- The app automatically acknowledges orders. Not only saving time but also manual effort!.
  • Real-time Synchronization- The app provides an automated synchronization of inventory and their prices between your store and Walmart.
  • Profile Mapping- With the app, you can also map your store’s Category and Attributes to Walmart’s effortlessly!
  • Automated Shipments- With Walmart integration, you can handle all your shipments from a single platform using shipping extensions such as- ShipStation, ShipRush, etc.

At CedCommerce, we believe in the most economical pricing plan in delivering quality under reasonability. Hence, our app is one of the most affordable and functional solutions out there.

Features of CedCommerce integration

Final Words

Although there are a huge number of solution providers in the eCommerce industry, CedCommerce is uniquely positioned. Apart from being partners with eCommerce giants like Walmart, OnBuy, Fruugo, Facebook, it continuously aims for better customer experience and enabling smooth selling experience. CedCommerce strives to make eCommerce easier and better every day. CedCommerce gives you the solutions to your specific needs.

We believe to provide such integrations that enable everything to communicate seamlessly and bi-directionally, meaning information and data can travel and be utilized freely and automatically. Considering CedCommerce as your right hand, Walmart sellers will help you enable a hassle-free selling experience.

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