Walmart's Listing Quality Dashboard
Everything about Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard to Boost Your Sales in 2021

Everything about Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard to Boost Your Sales in 2021


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Quick Brief – Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard was recently released to empower sellers to achieve more sales and better visibility for their product. It helps you gain insightful recommendations to drive sales to your product and grow your Walmart marketplace business. To know more about how it works, let’s first understand Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard.


Walmart's Listing Quality Dashboard


  1. What is Walmart Listing Quality Dashboard
  2. Navigating the Listing Quality Dashboard
  3. An Overview of the Listing Quality Dashboard
  4. Post Purchase Quality
  5. What is the Listing Quality Score on Walmart
  6. Profiling
  7. Conclusion

What is Walmart Listing Quality Dashboard?

Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard is an “easy-to-access.” panel dedicated to Walmart sellers. The Dashboard offers sellers insights into Post-Purchase Quality, which focuses on various factors of your customer experience to impact your Listing Quality Score on Walmart. The goal of the Listing Quality Dashboard is to empower you as a seller to see how you can optimize your listings more effectively and efficiently.

The easy-to-use Dashboard lets you discover your Listing Quality Score on Walmart, how to make impactful improvements, and visualizes all the factors that drive a successful, optimized listing.

Navigating the Listing Quality Dashboard →

To navigate Walmart’s listing quality dashboard:

  1. Log into Seller Center
  2. Select Growth Opportunities under the heading Analytics & Reports
  3. Select the Listing Quality tab to view the Dashboard.

An overview of the Listing Quality Dashboard

Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard is an essential feature that directly aims at product SEO and improved visibility. The Listing Quality Dashboard assists sellers in analyzing the overall quality of their listings, understanding the components that influence them, and finding unique solutions to drive more sales to their Walmart store.

Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard displays:

  1. Overall Average Quality Score
  2. Breakdown of components that make a quality listing
  3. Post-purchase Quality
  4. Pro Seller Badge status, and 
  5. Item-level scoring for all your published items

Pro Tip: You can choose to view trending items or all published items. If you’re enrolled in WFS, you’ll also see an option that allows you to filter your WFS items.

Post-Purchase Quality

Post-Purchase Quality is an element of the Listing Quality Dashboard that focuses on various factors of customer experience that impact your Listing Quality Score on Walmart. It does not affect your LQ score on Walmart; however, you should keep the number of items with issues low. The items to be flagged are based on the exact reporting dates as the seller scorecard (90-Days, calculated from 120 days ago to 30 days ago, so orders still within the return window are not included). 

The Post-Purchase Quality tab provides additional insights on the post-order performance of your items. The data provided in this tab is based on the exact reporting dates as the seller scorecard.

You’ll be able to click into any of the issues to deep dive into specific orders that caused a low score. If you have no problems with a particular defect, the section will show no problems with a score of N/A. The goal is to reduce your defects to have no issues.

3 Determinants of Post Order Performance of a product


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What is the Listing Quality score on Walmart?

The Listing Quality Score on Walmart is all-inclusive, provided at the catalog and item level. A seller can use this as a guide to help strengthen every aspect of your Walmart store. Using an advanced algorithm, every individual Listing Quality Score is tailored by what matters most for the customer in that item’s specific category. The LQ score on Walmart is an overall measure of how customers interact with an item, from search to purchase and shipping and returns.

Different categories may have differently weighted factors. The Listing Quality Score consists of 4 elements: content & discoverability, offer, ratings & reviews, and post-purchase Quality*. The higher the score, the better the chance your Listing gets noticed, and you make a sale.

4 Elements of Listing Quality Score


These four elements of your item listing are added together to get your Listing Quality score. Different Walmart categories may prioritize one factor over another. For example, the price may be a critical factor for toothpaste, but ratings and images may be weighted more heavily for things like furniture.


Profiling refers to a set of collections where you apply a specific set of rules and customization to your products, such as the Marketplace Category, Variant Attributes, and Optional and Recommended attributes. The details provided in the Profile are later sent to Walmart with the products.

Why is there a need to create a Profile?

Profiling is necessary as it assists in listing your products on Walmart in the appropriate category. The elaboration of the Profile is directly proportional to the ranking on SERP. This means the more elaborate the Profile, the higher the SEO your products achieve.

We can help!

Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard focuses on easing sellers’ load to optimize their listings. It also provides sellers with insights on Post-purchase Quality, updates them about their Pro Seller Badge status, and provides item-level scoring for published items.

To drive more sales to your Walmart store, you should optimize your product display page, listing quality, and customer satisfaction. You need to maintain Your overall average quality score, post-purchase Quality, and constantly enhance and upgrade your product profiling. This leads to enhanced SEO for your products and a higher rank on the SERP.

Walmart Listing Quality Dashboard provides innovative ways to increase your sales; the CedCommerce Walmart integration app helps you attain a higher Listing Quality Score with its numerous easy-to-use automated features.Get Walmart Integration

You can now avail of Easy profiling with the CedCommerce Walmart integration app and streamline your profiling process on the Walmart marketplace for a better product SEO and higher SERP rank.

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