Walmart's Pro Seller Badge
Boost your online business with Walmart’s Pro Seller Badge

Boost your online business with Walmart’s Pro Seller Badge


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Quick Review: Running a successful online business is challenging, particularly on competitive platforms like Walmart. Successfully selling on Walmart entails overcoming unique hurdles: you must offer exceptional service, maintain a stellar track record, and now, earn the coveted Pro Seller Badge. In this blog, discover everything about Walmart’s Pro Seller Badge: how it’s awarded, its benefits for your Walmart store, and how you can attain it. Keep reading to learn how to boost your visibility on Walmart and solidify your brand’s reputation as trustworthy.

Read on to find out how you can increase your visibility on Walmart and establish yourself as a trustworthy brand.

What is Walmart’s Pro Seller Badge?

Millions of buyers trust Walmart’s commitment to quality and affordability. The Pro Seller Badge is Walmart’s latest initiative, symbolizing excellence and trustworthiness for top-performing sellers. As competition grows among sellers on Walmart, the badge becomes essential for buyers to identify reliable brands.

The Pro Seller Badge prominently displays next to a seller’s name across various Walmart pages, including search results, item pages, and cart confirmation pages. This badge is strategically placed to enhance buyer trust and boost conversions for sellers offering high-quality services.

Customers can now easily identify reliable brands through the Pro Seller Badge, making their purchasing decisions more straightforward and confident. As a customer, wouldn’t you prefer to buy from a Walmart-verified and reliable brand? Certainly!

Who gets the Pro Sellers badge? How is it awarded?

Walmart’s Pro-Sellers Badge is awarded to all sellers who qualify the following criteria:

  1.  Maintain seller standards:
    – Complete more than 250 orders in the last 90 days.
    – Maintain an active seller account for at least 90 days.
    – Have no Trust & Safety or Performance Standards violations.
  2. Keep cancellations low:
    – Ensure cancellations are ≤1.5% in the last 90 days.
  3. Stay on top of your Seller Response Rate:
    – Maintain a response rate of >95% in the last 30 days.
    – Address customer concerns promptly and respond to messages within 48 hours in the Seller Center inbox.
  4. Maintain high shipping standards:
    – Meet the promised delivery time by maintaining a ≤2 calendar day difference between the actual vs. promised delivery date.
    – Maintain an on-time delivery rate (OTD) of ≥95%.
    – Ensure the lag time between order placement and order shipment is ≤1 business day for your entire catalog.
    – Enable Saturday and/or Sunday delivery.
    – Monitor shipping experiences and meet customers’ delivery expectations by checking your Order & Fulfillment dashboard.

PRO TIP: Accelerate your path to Pro Seller status by utilizing Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) for reliable, cost-effective shipping at scale.”

How to maintain a great Seller Score Card?

  • Cancellation Defect Rate- The percentage of orders you cancel after receiving the order from Walmart. Avoid initiating cancellations once you accept orders from Walmart to reduce defect rates.
  • On-Time Delivery Rate- The percentage of orders delivered on or before the Expected Delivery Date.
  • Seller Response Rate- The percentage of orders with valid tracking information provided.
  • Actual vs. Promised Delivery- The percentage of orders delivered within the promised timeframe compared to the actual delivery dates. It’s essential to meet your promised delivery time by maintaining a ≤ 2 calendar day difference between your actual vs. promised delivery date. Ensuring an on-time delivery rate (OTD) of ≥95% is critical, reflecting your commitment to timely fulfillment and customer satisfaction.
  • Lag Time- The time it takes for you to ship an order after it has been placed by a customer. Walmart Marketplace requires sellers to ship orders within two business days, but there may be times when you need to request an extension to exceed that timeframe.
  • Weekend Delivery- The availability and proportion of orders fulfilled during Saturdays and Sundays by your shipping carrier, influencing Walmart’s ability to precisely calculate the Estimated Delivery Date (EDD) for Marketplace orders. Evaluating the percentage of orders shipped over weekends in comparison to the total order volume provides insights into operational efficiency and supports strategic adjustments to meet customer expectations for timely deliveries.

Note– The seller’s performance data is refreshed on the 5th and 20th of every month. You can check your score on Seller Center on

What are the benefits of Walmart’s Pro Seller Badge?

  • Increase in conversion rate– Walmart’s pro sellers badge is designed to be eye-catching, it invokes buyer trust and increases your visibility in the search results, resulting in higher conversion rates.
  • Gains Customers Trust– The pro seller Badge showcases you as a consistent, trustworthy brand. It ensures the customer that you’ll provide a great shopping experience with easy returns and on-time delivery.

Boost exposure- Since you’re almost getting Walmart’s nod of approval with the Pro-Seller Badge, your sales are boosted, and the brand gets optimal exposure.

Referral Fee Discounts for Pro Sellers- As a Pro Seller, you can enjoy exclusive benefits, including referral fee discounts for both seller-fulfilled orders and Pro Listings. Enjoy a 5% discount on referral fees for seller-fulfilled orders, allowing you to save more on each transaction. Additionally, benefit from a 10% discount on referral fees for Pro Listings, further maximizing your profitability and competitiveness on Walmart’s platform. These discounts not only help you save on operational costs but also incentivize you to optimize your product listings and expand your offerings as a Pro Seller.


How can CedCommerce help you win Walmart Pro Seller Badge?

Being Walmart’s official channel integration partner, CedCommerce helps you boost your listing game, lower the chances of defects, and understands the metrics that Walmart considers while alloting a Pro Seller Badge.Walmart Integration

Using CedCommerce’s integration solution, you get all your sales insights on Walmart. The app’s inbuilt analytics panel shows your current sales metrics. Consequently, it is broken down into sub-sections that ease your tasks of managing your Walmart listings. With it, you can work on the areas that need input from your side.Pro Seller criteria

Listing Quality

The listing quality section of the app reflects your product’s listing quality on the Walmart marketplace. You get a detailed analysis of the quality of your listings, including content discoverability, offer, ratings & reviews. If there is an issue with your Walmart listings, it shows you there itself. So, from here, you can quickly work on improving your listings in a way like never before.Listing quality

Seller analytics

The seller analytics section of CedCommerce’s app provides essential information on the metrics required to qualify for the Pro Seller Badge. It displays info on your current sales metrics like delivery defect rate, percentage cancellations, your active days, number of orders received in 90 days, and the percentage of catalogs having a listing quality score higher than 60%. By tracking these metrics, you can identify areas for improvement and take proactive measures to meet Walmart’s eligibility criteria for the Pro Seller Badge.

If any of these metrics fall below the required eligibility criteria for achieving the pro seller badge, you can quickly learn about it and work accordingly to improve that eligibility metric on Walmart.

Seller Analytics

Improving Delivery Promise and Expedited Delivery

CedCommerce’s tools are designed to assist sellers in improving their delivery promise, including two-day delivery options. Therefore, boosting their chances of earning the Pro Seller Badge. By aiding in efficient order management and smoother logistics processes. Also, offering real-time tracking capabilities, CedCommerce ensures prompt and dependable deliveries to customers. Furthermore, CedCommerce offers insights and suggestions to refine shipping strategies, reduce delivery times, and adhere to Walmart’s standards for expedited delivery.

Competitive Pricing for Pro Listings Discounts

To qualify for Pro Listings discounts, sellers must maintain competitive pricing on the Walmart marketplace. CedCommerce’s integration solution offers pricing intelligence tools that enable sellers to monitor market trends. Additionally, analyze competitor pricing strategies, and adjust their prices accordingly. By leveraging these insights, sellers can ensure their products are competitively priced. Consequently, maximizing their chances of earning Pro Listings discounts and driving sales growth.

Additionally, the following salient features of the integration app allow you to maintain a healthy seller scoreboard and aid in the process of qualifying for the pro seller badge.

  1. Product Listing: This feature of the app allows you to import products from your store to Walmart and helps you list your products on the marketplace in a few clicks.
  2. Inventory Synchronisation: The app syncs your store with Walmart Seller Center and updates all inventory and stock-related information.
  3. Bulk Product Upload: This feature helps you upload your products in bulk without going through the arduous process of listing products individually or mapping their categories with that of Walmart.
  4. Auto Acknowledgement: Another advantage of using our integration solution is that you never miss out on any orders as the app fetches and auto acknowledges all Walmart orders for you.


To Sum Up

Walmart’s Pro Seller Badge is a surefire method to distinguish yourself as a top-tier seller in the marketplace. It enhances your visibility, reliability, and relevance, fostering a stronger connection with your customers. With the Pro Seller Badge, you can expand your reach and earn the trust of potential buyers. As a recognized brand, you’ll attract more visitors and increase conversions.

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