Magento PWA studio – An overview and its importance in eCommerce

Magento PWA studio – An overview and its importance in eCommerce


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Magento has presented Magento PWA studio for quite a while. It should present to us a pack full of tools that you can use to build online commerce stores and can carry on business just like they do with native-apps. So, we’re here before you with Magento PWA studio – An overview and its importance in eCommerce.

Why is PWA developing going generalized? This is a step by Google to widen up the scope in the future of commerce and technology. It is a nice blend where technology meets the satisfaction and requirements of customers.

Also, where you can become familiar with the Magento PWAs? This article will reveal some insight into those inquiries.

What is Magento PWA?

PWA represents Progressive Web Application which was initially discussed by Google in 2015. A PWA is basically a site that can be made to closely resemble a native application on a cell phone, tablet conveyed through the web. It takes into account an application style experience, for example, push notifications and low network use.

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Alongside this pattern, Magento 2 is turning into a Progressive Web Application theme developer. Magento has declared the PWA Studio, a lot of tools utilized for creating and keeping up a PWA retail facade over Magento 2.

Get familiar with the challenges of adopting a progressive web app, the way to implementing Progressive web apps for your business, and how it will propel your business growth?

Why does Magento PWA Studio matter?

In its center, Magento PWA Studio is relied upon to be the next big thing for the versatile web.

Rather than independent sites and applications crosswise over iOS, Android, PWA permits to make an application symbol simply like an easy route to the site on the customer’s gadget. PWA is still only a site, anyway, it can bring local applications like execution and the advantages of native customer experience.

Contrasted with a great App Store model, generally, the local application includes duplication of improvement exertion crosswise over platforms – sites and applications. It likewise gives organizations trouble to pull in and keep a hold of their customers.

>What’s more, another basic hindrance still exists – both native applications and the responsive web isn’t a huge game-changer.

progressive web apps

Magento PWA Studio

PWA Studio uses present-day program highlights, for example, service workers (a help specialist is a content that your program runs out of sight which is liable for pulling in notices, reserve material, and store information), and a web application show (concentrated spot to store metadata about your store).

Considering the present suite of instruments that PWA Studio gives, it will bring new highlights like message pop-ups, full-screen mode, offline or low-network mode, secure EMI installments and so forth. As an outcome, online stores need another arrangement of the answer to handle such hindrances all the more proficiently.

In the current situation, your primary objective should be to bring about stability in your business. While the offline market is going through a hard time, it’s the correct choice to choose the online platform and make your excel in every situation.

It’s time to make it evergreen your business module by switching over to PWA and leaving native apps.

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How is PWA a better choice over native-apps?

Easy and Simpler to Launch

Beginning a PWA App is a lot simpler than propelling a Native App. While in PWA App, all customers need to do is click on a connection and dispatch the application. On account of native apps, it turns into a multi-step process beginning with finding an application store to downloading it and pursuing it giving it different consents.

Worldwide Compatibility

PWAs chip away at the capacities of HTML5, which is the thing that customers need to get to the web on current programs.

Envision this, there are over 3.7 Billion customers who get to the Internet through their cell phones. Presently regardless of whether half of them open your Progressive Web applications, your business will be in a lot higher benefit than what you will arrive at when you limit yourself to the 700 Million Android and iOS customers.

Know everything right from gaining erudition about exploring the future prospects of the Progressive Web Apps.

Lesser development expense

Perhaps the most compelling motivation why PWA is considered as the best choice to drive organizations for SMEs is that since PWAs depend on the web and don’t need to fulfill the guidelines set by Android and Apple App Store, the improvement cost is a lot lower than their native partners.

Likewise, in light of the fact that they are planned for giving a brisk in and out choice, detail savvy as well, it is substantially more financially savvy to make a Progressive web application utilizing top improvement structures.

The expense of Progressive Web App Development will come to someplace around $3,000 to $9,000 while Native App Development begins with $25,000.

Zero Interference from App Stores

PWAs are propelled through a URL connection and internet browser, it shouldn’t be transferred on either Play Store or App Store, which spares the expense and time to market to a tremendous degree.

This absence of impedance from the App Stores enables organizations to spare a ton as far as application improvement and dispatch.

PWAs solve the issue of migration, in general, high versatile application advancement cost, and the need for a quicker time to advertise, yet then there’s the issue of associating with the cell phone – something that straightforwardly impacts how customers see the presentation.

In the present time, the exhibition of an application has become legitimately relative to how in a state of harmony it is with the gadget’s center highlights like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Camera, and so on something that Native App development ensures.

How is Magento PWA Studio a better business choice?

Magento released PWA studio as a major aspect of the Magento 2.3 discharged this in November of 2019, however, its beta variant is presently accessible on the internet.

benefits of magento pwa studio

Magento PWA Studio

SOURCE: AppInventiv

Despite the fact that PWA Studio is still in early advancement, it shows a ton of guarantee by giving conceivable outcomes to decouple the frontend from the Magento 2 backend. It should give front-end developers an adaptable toolbox for making PWA subjects for Magento 2.

How would you start utilizing Magento PWA Studio?

Get your hands on the Magento PWA studio. While it doesn’t offer full PWA utility yet, it’s sufficient to get acquainted with this innovation. The advent of PWA has tackled multiple challenges that eCommerce website owners face while developing native mobile apps to capture the ever-increasing pool of mobile users.


The Magento PWA Studio provides the tools for the development of a Magento 2 PWA Storefront that works on both iOS and Android.

Fast Deployment

PWA saves your precious time as you don’t need to develop separate applications for Android and iOS.

High Conversion

Instant discoverability, one-click installation, and optimized user experience help promote conversion rate.

The PWA Studio documentation is a decent spot, to begin with, that offers all of you kind of specialized direction, instruments, methods, and segments to construct better-working PWA frontends.

What is inside Magento PWA Studio?

We trust that it won’t take too long until Magento 2 altogether moves it into a PWA platform and locally underpins Magento 2. PWA is unquestionably a positive development to develop online stores with applications, all with fundamentally less improvement exertion than a conventional independent application.


Magento module gives module aides, server-side usefulness and goes about as an establishment for all subjects made utilizing Magento PWA Studio. PWA studio additionally utilizes GraphQL which is a piece of the advancement variant of Magento 2.3. It renders an application shell, handles RootComponent assignments and installs GraphQL payloads into a server render (improvement).


Buildpack is a lot of Webpack modules and apparatuses which are utilized for the advancement of Magento PWA topics. It is additionally used to arrange and design nearby advancement conditions for the Magento 2 stage.

magento pwa structure

Magento PWA Studio

Service worker

A service worker is a sort of web program. It’s basically a JavaScript record that runs independently from the fundamental program string, the blocking system demands, storing or recovering assets from the cache, and conveying push messages or notifications.

Since workers run independently from the fundamental string, service workers are autonomous of the application they are related to.

Service workers empower applications to control arrange demands, store those solicitations to improve execution and give disconnected access to the reserved substance.

Service workers rely upon two APIs to make an application work disconnected: Fetch (a standard method to recover content from the system) and Cache (a reserve element stockpiling for application data). This cache is persevering and free from the program database or system status

Since PWA studio is a work in progress, it’ll be a great choice for you to opt for this innovation and switch your web business or native apps to PWA.

You can begin with our demo shop which was developed completely on Magento PWA Studio. Kindly note this demo stays a work-in-progress and doesn’t offer full PWA usefulness yet.

cedcommerce cenia

CedCommerce Can Help

Our team has meticulously worked on the Venia concept available in Magento 2 PWA Studio to give it a fresh new look and add the following features known as Cenia. Currently, our theme is compatible with PWA Studio 3 and very soon it will work for PWA Studio 4 also.

For a remarkable amount of time, CedCommerce has been offering the necessary technical solutions specifically made for building one such platform. These extensions come with a multitude of features to aid in the development of a rich multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace.

Considering the capabilities of Progressive web apps we can say that it fills the gap between a classic web application and a desktop. or a native mobile application. Therefore, Progressive Web Application for Magento 2 from CedCommerce, will help customers to experience app-like features from their website.

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