Progressive Web Apps
Progressive Web Apps – Future of Online Business with Mobile

Progressive Web Apps – Future of Online Business with Mobile


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A progressive web app is a very promising solution for online business & aspiring entrepreneurs.  If you plan to develop your own successful business today, it is not possible without an online business model. As the usage of mobile internet is becoming more and more popular, a new spectrum of market opportunities are emerging along the way. 

An average website does not offer a similar browsing experience on the mobile as they do on computer screens. Progressive web app may just be that solution you need to turn your business fortunes. If you have not paid attention to PWA by now, you are missing out on an opportunity that can make your fortunes. 

What is Progressive Web App or PWA?

Progressive web app or PWA is simply a web application that transforms an ordinary website with an interactive feature-rich web app. The user experience of PWA resembles closely with the native apps.

“The mobile internet is on rise and at the rate at which dependency on smartphones is increasing, the scope of growth for any business is infinite.”

PWA brings a very reasonable balance to the eCommerce transition to the excessively growing mobile business. There was an inevitable advantage for native mobile apps when it came to wooing mobile users.

Progressive web app

Source – Statista

Small scale businesses do not have the required budget for developing and maintaining their own native mobile apps. Progressive web apps give a viable option to such businesses to create a similar appeal with comprehensively customized web apps that can enhance the interactions with the users. 

Unique Features of Progressive Web App or PWA for Business

PWA for business

Progressive web app effortlessly organizes the content in a very intuitive and responsive way. The layout is presented as per the device being used to open the website. This is a formidable asset for eCommerce and hence you can easily portray your business in a much better light. 

These are the major reasons that pull people towards Native Mobile App:

  • 34% of people consider the native apps because it gives better features,
  • 28% use apps solely for its user experience
  • 38% use apps to avail better deals and offers.

Source – BizReport

PWA allows you to serve app-like feeling interactions with the users. All this without downloading any app from nowhere. PWA can captivate the mobile users landing on your website with its unique attributes. Some of these unique attributes are

  1. Responsive Web Application: This provides lucidity required for the effective transformation of the website depending upon the device of your user. The application is able to respond to the configuration of the screen size of every visitor.
  2. Connectivity independent: The PWA includes progressive & enhanced service workers. A few selective functions can work even if there is no internet connection available for the time being.
  3. App-like-interface: PWA incorporates an interactive user interface that resembles native mobile apps. The navigation and responsiveness of PWA provide an app-like-feel to the users.
  4. Functional transparency:  The framework of PWA is evenly divided into three distinct parts. Each of the functions in synchronization without altering each other. This distributes the workload of the website and keeps PWA a transparent web design.
  5. Easy to Discover:  The PWA is treated as apps by the search engines & search visibility can be enhanced easily by simply following the basic SEO guidelines.  This makes it easier for the user to explore products on PWA compared to an ordinary website. 
  6. Push to Re-engage: The progressive web apps are better equipped with tools that make it easy for you to re-engage genuinely interested users. For instance, PWA allows your eCommerce website to send push notifications like the way mobile apps can. This enhances your chances of converting a visitor incredibly.
  7. Adding a Home Screen Icon: PWA can create shortcut icons over the home screen of your mobile. This gives one-touch access to your eCommerce website like the way app icons are placed after installation.

Why your business needs Progressive Web Apps? 

PWA for eCommerce

Source – ComScore Mobile Metrix 2.0

When you look at the online business, you have two essential platforms to work on. The first is through the website and the other is mobile apps. But you must also consider another aspect accounting for the target audience on respective platforms. It is generally divided into two sets of audiences. 

The first set of audience reaches you through computers. The computer users constitute a majority in the eCommerce landscape ever since it started. The second set of target audience uses mobiles to reach you or rather smartphones to be more precise. 

eCommerce websiteThings Users Consider Problem in Mobile Engagement

Source – DynamicYield

mobile app

Things User consider to important for Mobile Shopping

Source – DynamicYield

The native mobile apps enjoy a commendable lead over an average website when it comes to user engagement. Captivating user’s interest is a tough task for an average website on mobile browsers. Frankly, It was not even close to the user experience provided by a native mobile app.  ( Read more – What is the difference between Native apps and Progressive Web Apps?”)

For any business, it is very difficult to capture the mobile audience without a native mobile app. And native apps consume a hefty time and money on development and maintenance which was not viable for small businesses.

Why PWA for eCommerce is considered the future of Business?

PWA future of business

Source – Quixey

ECommerce websites need to reach out to mobile users soon. For this, they need a mobile-friendly approach. But there are a few aspects to consider about PWA before adoption. First and foremost comes the budget. The second thing you need is the ability to integrate data & consistency in the personalized user experience on multiple platforms. The third is to serve effective user engagement.

Learn more in our webinar – “Considerations before implementing Magento PWA for your business”.

The concept of the Progressive Web App turned out to be an ideal solution. There are undeniable reasons that make us believe that PWA will continue to grow with time.

  • 74% of consumers say they prefer the mobile web for ‘instant gratification and having everything in one place
  • 69% of consumers say the user experience of apps is what they value most
  • 83% of consumers use some kind of ad-blocking
  • 51% of people say they prefer the web if they get everything in one place

Source – BizReport

PWA has changed the one-sided dominance of native mobile apps by providing more of the same user experience on mobile browsers. PWA enables small businesses to compete and entice mobile users without developing their own native app.

What are the Benefits of PWA for eCommerce?

Benefits of PWA

The concept of Progressive Web App turned out an ideal solution for business websites. There are reasons that make us believe PWA will keep growing with time. PWA is changing the one-sided dominance of native mobile apps by providing more of the same experience to users on mobile. PWA enables small businesses to compete and entice mobile users without developing their own native app.

PWA creates some intricate changes to the website and its interactions with mobile commerce by enhancing some practical aspects of the website. PWA eCommerce website effectively competes with the mass visual appeal of a native mobile app. 

This is breaking the barriers offering certain features that were only found in native mobile apps. This enabled intuitive and interactive features of the website on mobile browsers making it more appealing for users. 

Mobile users are frustrated about downloading mobile apps. Most online businesses impose their mobile apps to download for availing services. PWA offers an edge to leverage this psychology of users to your benefits. You can reach out to a whole new segment of customers of these users who are fed up with downloading new mobile apps every other day.

Provides a responsive & dynamic web design

PWA eCommerce

The mobile app like website interface is the most exciting aspect of Progressive web apps. This feature of PWA alone has caught the interest of many eCommerce websites and why not! The dynamic user interface of PWA is a massive boost for any eCommerce website.

Cross-platform consistency in personalization

User interface

The personalization is often missing on mobile-optimized websites. It is a very small but influential factor to maintain consistency across all platforms. This ensures behavioral information of a user gets utilized for the interactions irrespective of the platform used. PWA maintains consistency with the user experience by implementing personalization across all platforms whether it is through a mobile, tablet or computer.

Interactive app-like user interface

Responsive Web App

The mobile app like website interface is the most exciting aspect of Progressive web apps. This feature of PWA alone has caught the interest of many eCommerce websites and why not!  The native mobile app has had the most impact on mobile audiences. PWA ensures a similar interactive experience on mobile platforms too.

Gives cost-efficient & effective solution

It takes a hefty investment to develop & maintain a native mobile app. This makes native apps a risky prospect for small businesses. The progressive web app does it all within the budget limit of a small business. PWA enhances web layout and creates a better opportunity to nurture your target audience towards sales. This makes PWA a good option for small scale businesses as it offers the appeal of native apps at a much lower price. 

Access for slow internet & offline functions

PWA for businessProgressive web does not need heavy internet usage to work. They are certain functions that can be operated without internet connectivity. Various tasks can be saved and the information gets updated when the internet is available. Slow internet is never a problem for Progressive Web Apps.

No Forced App Downloads

Huge leverage with PWA websites is that users do not need to download mobile apps. Mobile users generally dislike downloading the new mobile app just for buying one or two products.  There are a plethora of mobile apps in the market and devices have limited storage. This increases your eCommerce outreach compared to mobile apps.

Makes the website easy to explore

Being SEO friendly web design, PWA makes your website becomes easier to rank on search engines. The users also find it very comfortable to search through the products for finding the product they are looking for. PWA does make it convenient for mobile users to explore new products.

Re-engages with interested users

Push Notifications

There are a bunch of handy features in PWA but one that stands out the most push notification. Push notifications are truly effective tools for creating user interest in mobiles. These notifications can draw user’s attention and most likely successful in retrieving interested users if used smartly. Another good feature of PWA is the ability to create an app icon on the home screen.

Magento PWA

PWA uses content & data in a very intelligent way. This helps by enhancing user engagement and presenting relevant options based on the user’s interest. But one key aspect which many websites undermine is the personalized experience that needs to be the same whether the user is browsing your website on mobile or computer.

Safety & Security of HTTPS

Progressive Web Apps are relatively safer when you compare them with the native apps, both for the company and the users. Even though PWA is interactive like an app but PWA is essentially a website having its own URL. Thereby it can leverage the much secure HTTPS for service workers. This makes PWA safe from security threats.

Successful PWA transitions by some influential brands

Progressive Web Apps are a pretty recent innovation. Yet they have already produced several successful transitions to the progressive web. This has been a game-changer in most cases.

The successful examples include a wide range of websites from eCommerce marketplaces, social media platforms, online booking platforms to local listing sites and plenty of others. You will be aware of most (if not all) of these examples. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Twitter Lite PWA

Progressive web app TwitterSource – Widely

Twitter is a popular social media website that adopted the Progressive web in 2016. After the PWA switch, twitter shows an increase of 40% in the average time spent users. The progressive web app also up-scaled their user engagement metric by 60% and boosted its ad revenues with a hefty 45% increase. Twitter emerged as one of the most influential social media platforms, especially for the politics and entertainment industry in spite of the restricted word limit.

Flipkart Lite PWA

PWA for eCommerce

Source – Widely

Flipkart is the biggest eCommerce marketplace of India today but that was not the case a few years back. Only after Flipkart’s shift to Progressive Web Apps, it ran away from its competitors by a hefty margin. Flipkart was struggling to retain the users who installed their mobile app but removed it after successfully purchasing it. Flipkart PWA managed to pull 60% of users to return back to the platform but not without necessarily installing their native mobile app. 

About Cedcommerce Magento PWA Studio Theme

Magento is one of the premier eCommerce development platform and it makes it a very reliable option for any business. Cedcommerce Magento PWA Studio theme tries to captivate all the good aspects of Magento and creates a responsive web application with it. The responsive website serves a flawless user experience to mobile users and gives you the best chance to convert the mobile audience into your consumers.

If you wish to exploit the opportunity provided by the mobile web for your business, you can understand it with this helpful webinar by the tech expert from Magento & Cedcommerce respectively.

“Expanding future mobile commerce with Magento PWA Studio”.


Mobile users have increased exponentially in the last few years. This trend is most likely to continue at an even quicker rate in the future. While the giant brands have already invested heavily in native apps, smaller businesses can hardly manage to do the same. 

While smaller businesses can not put everything on risk for the native apps, they still have an option to engage an increasing segment of consumers reachable on mobiles. PWA can be a savior for small businesses and enable them to compete with the bigger brands with their own native apps.

Online businesses can gain a lot by just adopting PWA. Progressive web app seems effortlessly well organized and offers intuitively responsive web design. It transforms the layout as per the device being used. 

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