Expanding future mobile commerce with Magento PWA Studio
[Webinar] Expanding future mobile commerce with Magento PWA Studio

[Webinar] Expanding future mobile commerce with Magento PWA Studio


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Portland, Oregon [24th September 2019]: To help you out with the ways to increase your conversion rates with the usage of Magento PWA Studio, CedCommerce is stepping forward to host a live webinar on “Expanding future mobile commerce with Magento 2 PWA Studio.” The live streaming is to be held on October 15th at 11:00 a.m. EST.

Focusing on all aspects of getting started with Magento PWA Studio, the webinar will majorly cover the global impact of PWAs on mobile commerce.

Why you should not miss this webinar?

Know everything right from gaining erudition about exploring the future prospects of Progressive Web Apps to advance your conversions and mobile commerce, our Magento PWA Studio tutorial in the webinar will enhance your understanding.

We are glad to welcome our guest Patrick Toothaker, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Magento Commerce at our webinar by CedCommerce.

Get familiar with the future aspects of PWA, and how we can build a gap between the web and apps for better customer involvement.

Boost your conversion rates using Magento PWA Studio from our experts

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    Witness how Magento PWA Studio will help eCommerce merchants who require lesser time consumption fairly followed by the cost reduction in a single app that is available for all OS.

    Avail your customers and get familiar with what CedCommerce is doing to increase the scope of Magento PWA Studio. Get a chance to clear your queries right from the experts through the Q&A session.

    “CedCommerce being an official Magento Community Member, is profound to host this webinar. I am sure this step would deliver answers and solutions to a lot of queries and hurdles faced by retailers” said Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal, Director & Co-founder at CedCommerce.

    About Progressive Web Apps

    PWA or progressive web apps are basically a step towards obscuring the fringe between native and mobile web by providing the users an uninterrupted and smooth browsing experience.

    It has been just a couple of years since PWA came into existence and it has drastically the way the mobile web operates now. 

    A brief about CedCommerce

    Founded in the year 2010, CedCommerce is one of the leading online solution providers. Aiming to make the internet a better place to sell, CedCommerce is revolutionizing the way eCommerce is perceived and performed.

    Driven by a team of veterans, helping customers sell, expand, automate, and integrate their business to a number of marketplaces. CedCommerce develops marketplaces, integration extensions, online stores, smartphone applications, and everything eCommerce.

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