cenia pro pwa theme 1.0.8
Cenia Pro PWA Theme 1.0.8 for Magento 2

Cenia Pro PWA Theme 1.0.8 for Magento 2


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The features integrated into the previous version brought immense comfort to the user. Our team did not stop there but worked more on adding to it. This time, along with the preceding features of the theme, some recently added ones together compile up into the new version of Cenia Pro PWA Theme 1.0.8 for Magento 2.

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Infinite scroll on the search page

Similar to the infinite scroll on the category page, the search page also automatically loads more products as we come to the end of the page. In Cenia Pro PWA theme 1.0.8, we have inserted infinite scrolls both on the category page and on the search page. This feature of infinite scroll replaced the page numbers. The infinite scroll in the search is important as the user can quickly select and purchase as he enters the search field. He does not need to click on a page number every time to view more search results.

infinite scroll on search page

infinite scroll

Translation coverage for ‘My Account’ and ‘Checkout’ section

In the previous version, the user was not able to view his ‘My Account’ and ‘Checkout’ section of the website in his preferred language. This drawback is not present anymore. In this new version, the user can view each of the sections in his preferred language. The user can select the language from the drop-down menu after clicking the current language tab situated on the right-hand corner of the web page. This feature appears not only on the homepage but on all the pages of the website. The image below shows the drop-down menu displaying the language options on my account page.

Cenia Pro PWA Theme 1.0.8

Optimization of the item image at the ‘Checkout’ page

Along with the order summary and email address of the user, the ‘Checkout’ page now consists of the product image for his assurity. It is now optimized enough to load the image as soon as the ‘Checkout’ page appears. The user can view the images of the final product on the checkout page before proceeding to the payment process.  This keeps him aware of products left behind at the time of purchase and reduces his chances of abandoning it. 

item image in checkout

Updated page titles for ‘My Account’ pages-

People using the earlier version found difficulty in tracking their whereabouts on the website. They were confused as to which page they are viewing. That confusion is over because the web-pages under the ‘My Account’ section in the recent version now bear its titles. The user can see the page title on top of the web browser tab.


Cenia Pro PWA theme 1.0.8


Cenia Pro PWA Theme 1.0.8

Added wish-list option on category and search pages

The new version of the Cenia Pro PWA theme for Magento 2 offers the user to bookmark his favorite products and create a wish-list for himself in this way. By creating a wish-list, he is keeping aside the product that he wants to consider later. He just has to click on the heart underneath the product image and to add to the ‘Wish-list’ instantly. The products can be wish-listed on all products, categories, and search web-pages. This feature was only limited to the product page before. 

Cenia Pro PWA theme 1.0.8

Cenia Pro PWA 1.0.8

Bug Fixes

We have worked on fixing issues related to infinite scroll on category pages and filters and sorting attributes. Other issues in CSS and typing errors are also resolved.


Elevate the status of your marketplace with the latest and exciting features that Cenia Pro PWA theme 1.0.8 offers. Want to know more about the theme and its previous developments? Read here-

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